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  1. lakəˈdāzək(ə)l

    Hm? Care to elaborate?
  2. confessions

  3. lakəˈdāzək(ə)l

    Yeah, I had didn't really know what to do with the background. Just decided on putting a picture of the mountains. Thanks
  4. lakəˈdāzək(ə)l

    Was looking through GI's Canuck picture thread and saw one that I liked of Lack, so I decided to make a wallpaper out of it. Been forever since I made a hockey themed wallpaper. Also been using Illustrator too much and not enough Photoshop. Just trying to get back into the groove of things. CnC would be appreciated, thanks. Full resolution at my DeviantArt page.
  5. At least we don't have Garth Snow as our GM.

  6. Lebrun says Edler to Wings?! Any confirmation??

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    2. ChenWei91


      yeah... I noticed lol I wasn't paying attention... getting stressed

    3. Nicklas Bo Hunter

      Nicklas Bo Hunter

      Damn wish it was true

    4. AppleJack


      I want nyquist or mantha

  7. It must suck being a goalie for us...

  8. [Official] Wii U thread
  9. The Workout Thread

    Take your shirt off, lick your pointing finger, then rub your nipples in a very sexual fashion. That should scare them off np.
  10. The Workout Thread

    Ignore them, and if they do ever start harassing you, just tell the manager. I'm sure there's a zero tolerance on that kind of stuff, so those dudes would get their memberships revoked or something. Edit: Ninja'd by the Beef
  11. Anyone in the Vancouver, Burnaby area willing to let me stay over for let's say a week? ;p

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    2. ChenWei91


      So deal then? :D

    3. nux4lyfe


      yupp, cash up front, pillow, blanket and mattress will be in the garage.

    4. Boeserific


      Gee I would but I have a nymphomaniac as a room mate. Wouldn't want her to take advantage of ya, sorry bud

  12. The Workout Thread

    I've been kinda lazy for the end of July, and start of August, but I try to go almost everyday. I usually eat like two meals a day, and that's about it. I try to stay away from junk food, unless I'm super hungry. I've been doing more strength workouts lately. Cardio is almost non existent right now. Tracking calories soo much work man...
  13. The Workout Thread

    So I weighed myself for the first time in just over a month, and I've lost like 10 pounds... I'm standing at 115 right now... What am I doing wrong?