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  1. I'm not as worried as some whining about the "lost" pick here. Remember - we got Stecher signed, still have a shot at Caggiula, and Boeser next year (probably). If we can get Edmonton to trade us a young center/winger for some of our veteran presence (Higgins and Prust, and maybe Bachman, now that we have Garteig?), we might have enough. We also have Subban making a case for an NHL job next year, along with Tryamkin, Tanev and Hutton. Sutter can't possibly have another season as bad as last one (for injuries), right? knock on wood. We may not have top end talent, but we have a solid core building up that only needs a piece or two to contend. With cap space comes great opportunity. That's what Uncle Ben would say if Peter were a hockey player.
  2. All Canadian Clubs be like: That said, I say we go for Matthews if we get first, unless we can trade down for two picks later in the round. I'm thinking something like Jost and Bean for picks if that is the case. Matthews is the guy, unless we get two for one. If we get second or third pick, I don't see trading down as an option, and we have a clearer choice - Laine or Puljujarvi.
  3. I can't find an image of the guy, but there was an episode of Spike's tattoo nightmare show, featuring a skater dude with a rather badly done outline of a guy on a skateboard on his leg. That dude was almost a dead ringer for Cory Schneider. If someone can snag an image from the show, would be a good one.
  4. Congrats man! You beat me to it, I had no idea you made a thread earlier then me.

  5. If you haven't heard it or seen it mentioned, look for Electric Worry, by Clutch on youtube. wait for the chorus, and you'll see why I think it'd work.

  6. Yeah, it's a cool tribute to a great Vancouver achievement. But it doesn't have enough oomph for a goal song...goal song needs to be more "in your face" to get the proper crowd reaction.

  7. I don't actually care if it's our goal song, entrance music, or playoff song. I just want it to be played at a Canucks game to pump up the team and fans once in awhile.

  8. just personal opinion, Strong and Free is not a goal song. too slow, and needs too much build-up to get the goosebump effect. It's not a celebration moment song. It would, however be perfect for an entrance song, to give Canuckians goosebumps while their team comes out on the ice. do a search for Electric Worry by Clutch, and imagine Strong and Free as an entrance, and "Bang Bang Bang B...

  9. not overly concerned, DJ Dave, so long as I haven't done something to offend you. Just making sure I didn't somehow get on a block list lol

  10. Hey, I'm just curious why my messages are no longer posted regarding Electric Worry, by Clutch...and why I have not received a response to my messages. I have never been impolite or anything, so it is odd to me that my messages were deleted or blocked or whatever may have happened. I also noticed that other messages in support of the song have been deleted...this strikes me as a little odd...

  11. Still want to hear Clutch, Electric Worry, even if not designated as goal song. Good mix though, I'd put all of that stuff on my fact I think I do lol.
  12. Green Day has gotten old, or there wouldn't be so many wanting to change it. Electric Worry > Holiday about ten times over. And has about twice the support over Holiday, and likely as much support as most of the other song proposals combined...
  13. Just so's ya know I'm not full of it, lol...

  14. Yeah, let the Flames rehash that song and the one by The Grid till their cows come home. Leave the RedNex to the rednecks
  15. Also, though I'm not really a George Michael fan, the intro beat and music to his Papa was a Rolling Stone/Killer cover would be an interesting choice for the 'Nucks to skate out onto the ice to. For folks that dismiss it on the basis of it being George Michael, bear in mind he doesn't sing for like the first minute <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='' />