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  1. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    Harvey, I've been lurking this thread and the other real estate thread you were paying in since summer of last year. I've found it to be extremely helpful in that all of the info from various sources is compiled into once nice thread. Thanks for your efforts! The reason I've been interested is that we had a Port Moody townhouse and managed to sell August 9th, just before things seemed to start slowing down. I spent 3 years gutting and renovating the entire place from top to bottom. We were extremely lucky in our timing and as a result made a significant profit, with the intent to use a large portion as a down payment on a new detached home. However, I'm extremely gun-shy due to the market. Any thoughts on when it might be safe to look at entering the market? If a continued drop in prices is forecasted, would this end before the typical Spring buying "rush" that seems to happen every year? I'd like to get out of the rental unit as soon as possible, but watching my hard earned down payment evaporate is not appealing! Any advice is appreciated!
  2. OMG Windy?

    I can't believe I just read this lol. I was on the road to various locations for nearly 4 hours today, and I can assure you, wherever you drove is far from the norm. Once again, this city has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's drivers are shocking. The number of people blowing lights out intersections was nothing short of astounding (though expected). It almost had me questioning whether I was even correct about treating said intersections as a 4-way stop lol.
  3. [GDT] Canucks @ Wild

    Kass! Great shot. Great power.
  4. [GDT] Canucks @ Wild

    That should be a guaranteed suspension. Get your tin foil hats out and wait and see. If he gets 5 and a game, I'll be shocked. Aaaaand he gets 2. Top notch refereeing there.
  5. Lu tweet thread

    Totally random. So I googled. The read is good for a laugh (fyi - the Iron Sheik has a foul....keyboard).... http://canucksarmy.com/2013/1/11/strombone1-versus-the_ironsheik

    Probably been said a thousand times, but Tortorella's timeout call was the highlight of the game for me. It's very clear he's learned the team and its players, and knows when to smash the right buttons. Good on the boys for taking notice. Nice win.