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  1. There I fixed it for you
  2. Same Arlovski is badass
  3. Who you cheering for and who do you think will win?
  4. I know this is UFC but is anybody going to watch Fedor vs Arlovski?
  5. I wish Jason "Mayhem" Miller was back in the UFC
  6. I really wanna see Kongo vs Gonzaga or Alves vs GSP or if Silva move up to LHW Silva vs Machida
  7. Its spelt Kongo and it should be Kongo vs Gonzaga or Cheik Kongo vs Fabricio Werdum
  8. your saying im new here? Atleast my threads get pages yours treads sucks what should i get for the sedins nothing cus they dont care for you queer

  9. Man I wanted Vera to win sooo bad
  10. i don't need to.

    its not a real sport.

  11. Do you know a single thing about paintball no you don't

  12. Anderson Silva should move down to Middleweight and GSP should try to move up to middleweight to face Silva that would be a huge fight
  13. BJ Penn Crazy 2 hes flexible as hell he got outstanding BJJ and Can thow with the best but i still think GSP will win they already fought oce and GSP won and GSP wasnt at his prime yet
  14. Nice Boogie Bots sig too bad there out

  15. Hey man i live in fort mac 2 i live in timberlea