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  1. What a waste of talent, He's done in this league after the turning himself in for the harassment.
  2. Interesting trade, so they're swapping goalies in the long run eh?
  3. Why would you give up HOMEGROWN ELITE TALENT?
  4. This kid is fast. That separation speed to get away from the defenders on the breakaway is nice to watch.
  5. He didn't look lazy. Lazy players don't use their stick to take away the puck to create a chance on net. What I saw was him going hard into the forecheck, there's numerous times where 2-3 guys were on him and he does that small pass to an open area to set up an opportunity. Overall the video showed numerous things, his offensive awareness and knowing where to be and when to be there for those "Tap in goals" and at the end of the day, goals are goals. Last time I checked, you don't win hockey games with zero goals. He needs to add more strength to his game if he's going to be pulling players towards him like that.
  6. Spending spree for Florida! Deal looks great if he can replicate the same progress he did this year.
  7. I think OP is watching the wrong team =/
  8. The wind from earlier today probably made it into a bigger mess right now, I hope the firefighters stay safe while fighting this fire.
  9. Great to see Winnipeg having a great group of talented prospects to make them into a competitive team within the next couple years.
  10. I'd rather have the media focus on the positive aspects of the team rather then to microscope Evander's fun off the ice schedule with the law. With Evander, I see it as a distraction for our team and would be unproductive for us to obtain him via trade. I'd rather look else where or sign another player through free agency then to consider picking him up. If he changes his attitude as well lifestyle to something that can better suit him rather having these distractions for himself as well the team then maybe we could consider making a pitch for him. But for the time being he has way too much extra baggage for the Canucks to carry. Not only that, but I think he'll be a bad influence to the other younger players that are on our team with his activities off ice.
  11. I hope he's adding more muscle to his frame, he looks quite skinny for his height.