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  1. Ridiculous team that the AVs put up in such a short time.
  2. Definitely good deal for the caps, played a good role on their cup run bringing speed and skill to the team.
  3. Amazing on how long he played and how he still stayed healthy.
  4. I wonder if Nils will take another year in SHL to refine his game and then come over the following year just how Pettersson. Would probably help tremendously.
  5. There's many better choices than Phaneuf...
  6. Looks like we got the better goalie from the 2014 draft, Mason McDonald is also on that list who was drafted higher than Thatcher.
  7. Benning said he'll be going back to play the 1-2 years required. They're figuring out if they could buy out his last year with the team. But I'd rather have him learning from Datsyuk if he's still there next year.
  8. Expecting Jake to build on his good year from last year and figure out how to effectively use his body and speed to get a better advantage over players. For Goldobin, I'm hoping he steps up defensively. He still does coast around when he doesn't have the puck and I find it honestly frustrating when the play is around him and he's just standing there watching the play go by.
  9. Definitely love this kid, his creativity on the ice is just amazing that he's able to do SOMETHING with the puck that generates an offensive chance. His workout ethic is just crazy after taking a look at his youtube videos like his draft video said and holy cow was I amazed on how FIT this kid is. We are definitely drafting these "role" players that we hear so much about that have a huge effect when it comes to the playoffs. Could definitely be a 2nd/3rd liner utility forward who can break speed, grit, and scoring ability. I understand that people are knocking him on his size, but I'm definitely thinking this kid will NOT have an issue just looking at how the NHL is trending into a more puck possession type of game style with smaller dynamic forwards making a huge difference in teams. I wonder if Hoglander and Pettersson will do dual unicycle juggling with them just juggling things between them during practices lol
  10. Come playoff time, You get Virtanen Vasily causing havoc. Dream comes true.
  11. Definitely needed a feisty feature in a player.
  12. Jeez, another top 5 pick that the oilers ruined or is about to ruin. I seriously wonder how many top 5 picks can the Oilers get who requests a trade lol.
  13. I wouldn't mind Perry coming here teaching some of our staff the ways around the net, would be interesting to see him on a scoring line with either Pettersson or Horvat centering him.
  14. We need a wrecking ball like Schenn in the playoffs, his hits is something we've lacked for a while from Guddy.