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  1. Surprised that Koekkoek has fallen so much down the depth chart
  2. Smh why do we even let trolls like this guy even allowed to post?
  3. I'd pass on this trade. We have zero need to trade for a dman of Hamilton's calibre.
  4. If you guys check out the subreddit for the Oilers, they're livid about the trade hahahah. Oh boy, just fun watching the Oilers just destroy themselves.
  5. Honeydew

    [Waivers] Dec 28th Dotchin(Ana) Zykov(edm)

    Wonder if Dotchin lost that weight he put on.
  6. Then I'd just go with Koodo or Fido honestly, just save yourself money.
  7. Fido, Virgin, Koodo is the consumer brand if you don't need a new and flashy phone in compensation of paying for a higher plan to get that phone then go with the lower brands. Reception is the same if not no difference compared to Bell, Rogers, Telus. Sign up for the $65 for 10gb if it's still going on. If not I'd still transfer over to either Fido, Virgin, Koodo just to save yourself $30 a month. I used to be with telus and now I pay $60 for 10gb and have been buying out my phones out right. I save roughly $806.40 compared to my telus bill with taxes in and that's pretty much enough for myself to purchase another cell phone out right. Edit: the $806.40 is rough comparison of two years savings compared to signing a two year contract.
  8. Honeydew

    McDavid or Petterson & Horvat

    Petey and Bo leading us To the promise land Never have I Been so confident in our team Our rebuild is nearly complete. We just need a righty dman That righty that can blast The puck into The Net.
  9. Honeydew

    [PGT] Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 16, 2018

    Great game by the kids just amazing how well they controlled the entire game as well Horvat just completely shutting down McDavid.
  10. Honeydew

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Grip it and Rip it - Petterson.
  11. Honeydew

    Olli Juolevi | D

    $&!#ty luck for Utica, one comes up another goes down.
  12. I want to get a first for Nilsson! Am I doing this correctly?
  13. Like everyone else says, would love to get Tarensenko with Pettersson but that'll definitely cost us either Juolevi or Hughes at this point.
  14. Honeydew

    You just gotta...

    Just hard not to laugh
  15. Honeydew

    Canadian Dominance Continues?

    Ekblad is Canadian. Ehlers is Danish.