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  1. Eberle has so far been putting on a show for the Islanders.
  2. https://twitter.com/ScoutingTheRefs/status/1112358776726843394?s=20
  3. That face that Benning made when he saw Quinton still there. Man I'm esctatic for the pick.
  4. Go Jets Go! Amazing two games so far!

    1. coastal.view



      almost time to get going

      to the local establishment

      to watch that game

      should be fun

  5. Did Weisbrod get fired? I haven't been following up and it said he's been relieved of his duties as of July 4th 2017?

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    2. Toews


      I wish, looking at the draft video he still seems to have a prominent role.



      @Ghostsof1915 If this turns out to be false what should his punishment be?

    4. Ghostsof1915


      He is only guilty of being Sekeres, that is his crime, it is also his punishment. 

  6. Those that want to watch the NHL draft,


    Sportsnet channel is streaming it on Youtube Live.

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    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Sports net draft coverage is ass can we get NBC er TSN back? 

    3. SabreFan1
    4. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Oh crap damn auto correct meant to say Sportsnet is ass.

  7. Looks like Mike is going to hang it up. Injuries have forced him to retire from the game.
  8. Is Corey Potter related to Harry Potter?

  9. ĺ̶̛̛̛̒̈̂̽̉́͒̉́́̃̑͂͌̇̓̔̃̂͋͆̌̇̈͋̏͛͋̐̈̅̌̎̑̍͆̓̓͆̍̐͛̀̒̓̀̅͋̈́̅͒̆̀̀̔̀͛̾͗͗̉̋̐̄̂̄͆̚͘̕͘̕͝͝͠͠͠...

  10. Another gem for a solid prospect, could pan out to be that 5/6th d-man with occasional call ups in the potential future.
  11. Honeydew

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Our d-core looking pretty good for years to come glad we got to sign him now lets see what he can do for us next year in the AHL.
  12. Honeydew

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    I really hope we sign him he's someone that we could probably use in our system. Clock high minutes plays on the power play, puts up numbers from the blueline. I heard he's not afraid to get gritty and get in front of players.
  13. Honeydew

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    Imo we should get rid of Barker and allow Tommernes to take his spot on whatever spot the AHL farm team has. We should develop a new core with the players we have look at our defense looks like a brand new core for the next generation.
  14. Honeydew

    Henrik Tommernes | D

    GP 44 G 5 A 9 PTS 14 PIMS 36 Playoffs GP 6 G 1 A 4 PTS 5 PIMS 4 2012 stats of his recent play looks pretty good hope Gillis can sign him to a contract and get him over here
  15. Finally a proper assessment on him transitioning to the NA game going to be very interesting to see him play for the Wolves if he does come down.
  16. 2011-2012 Orebro Premier League 25 5 1 6 18 Currently on loan to Orebro not sure how current those stats are will see if I can find anything else.
  17. Is it possible for him to sign an ATO with the moose or can he actually be transfered to the moose already if he decides to come to NA earlier.
  18. remove your sig please its annoying.

  19. That injury that he has pretty much took him out of the picture for a while. Next year he'll step it up before heading over to either moose or salmon kings. I see great things in Andersson and I hope he continues developing I see him playing a very similar style to Edler. Who knows this guy might literally be Edler version 2.0 putting those two on the same line would do wonders on each other. I really hope he pans out to one of the d man that we might look to in the years to come when we're winning the Stanley Cups over the next couple of years.
  20. He's got the skating, as well he's playing with men like said above I hope he really turns out to be an edler type of play style