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  1. It wasn't 'bad press'. I'm not talking about tabloid grade 'one hit away' coverage (any player is 'one hit away'). These were honest scouting assessments of his strengths (passing, shot, PP etc) and weaknesses (skating, D play, lackadaisical, ability to translate to NHL etc). An eventual/likely 2nd pair offensive D is nothing to sneeze at! But let's stop overrating him as anything resembling a 'Makar' or 'Hughes' 'top 13' level talent. Yes, the proof will be in the pudding.
  2. Eventual 2nd pair, offensive D who will make his money on the PP. Likely starts off as sheltered, 3rd pair in EDM with PP time. Not good enough to be considered 1st pair/trusted for big minutes 5v5.
  3. A first on his own...not likely. Maybe if we retain and/or add a later pick etc. And of course that would presume him playing a healthy chunk of games *fingers crossed*. I'd imagine a team desperate for D (and playoff performing), particularly on the right side, particularly who excel in their own end and transitioning the puck would happily take him with 50% retention and some level of pr rated, mid season cap hit. Sounds a lot like TOR to me (which also happens to be Chris' home town). I'd wager other contenders would happily add him as well like say TBL after losing Stralman etc.
  4. We've been through this before. I likewise found numerous 'expert opinions' for you (I believe in the recent draft thread IIRC, complete with links and quotes) that declared Bouchard overrated, unlikely to transfer his complete effectiveness to the NHL level (largely given his skating among other shortcomings) and his tendency to be lackadaisical and easily beat in his own end, with a 2nd pair upside at the NHL level. Opinions I happen to agree with. I never said 'carrying', he babysat him. He's the guy that allowed Bouchard to put up all that offense while he covered for him. It was a good complimentary pair and smart coaching to utilize them in that manner not dissimilar to Edler and Ehrhoff back in the day. We don't need Bouchard. There's like 20+ other D prospects I'd rather have including even just from his draft year, any of Boqvist, Dobson, Smith or Miller. Likely add Sandin to that too.
  5. I'd wager he'll spend 1-2 months in Utica to start the season, playing big minutes, in all situations and getting back up to speed after not playing a lot of actual hockey in the last calendar year. Whether it's injuries or trades that get him up here after that...we wait and see. Personally, I think Tanev's gone at some point this year, playoffs or otherwise. We'll see if that's this summer, fall or TDL (Gordie willing he's healthy).
  6. I'm pretty sure I've been repeating this over the last few months like a broken record... EDM is not going to give up what it would cost to make sense for us to take Lucic on in trade. We're not going to take the amount that would make sense for EDM to give up. It's a non-starter. We have all the leverage, they have none. He can block any trades, they can't send him to the AHL, he eats up a protection spot for the ED, he has an extra year and extra actual $ owing, they need wingers (players in general), we do not, they have even more pressing cap concerns than us even with our recent additions...etc, etc. You simply don't surrender all that leverage for middling pieces. You don't help them out of all those problems. Them having those problems, weakening their ability to be competitive, as a direct rival, is worth FAR more to us than some middling return.
  7. More likely Tanev's moved on from, Benn moves to right side and Juolevi is recalled on 3rd pair.
  8. -Hughes is arguably more NHL ready (at least offensively) and is more 'dynamic'. He will also likely need be sheltered more defensively and certainly physically. Beyond that I don't really care what you were discussing with the other poster, I separately took issue with a few things you posted. -Again, I don't really care about a 'Hughes vs Juolevi' argument. They're separate, good players. Thankfully, both of whom belong to the Canucks. -The Bouchard comment is not incorrect. He's very good offensively, moving the puck and holding the offensive blue line. He struggles and looks lackadaisical in his own end. Juolevi was tasked with babysitting him defensively that year. Good on Bouchard putting up points, that's his bread and butter and was made easier with OJ's support. He will likely put up more points than OJ in the NHL. I would not trade the two. -Good for THN. Big shock, people like guys who put up points.
  9. ....? There's a pretty damn good chance he's moved this summer so it's a pretty solid 'rumour'. There has also been the odd trickle of info come out over that month (like his bonus actually reportedly being paid on the 15th). Honestly don't know what you're expecting here. This could go way in to Sept...maybe just untwist panties and go outside for a nice walk in the sun and fresh air.
  10. He was also responsible for babysitting Bouchard that year (he's not noted for his defense). And yet even in that role, with a depleted lineup, managed to roughly match his point totals. I think his knee injury was limiting his ability to pivot/turn last year. Hence the issues with 'guys getting by him' (and likely some of that -12). Boucher and MacEwan are forwards (and Boucher a comparitive 'vet').... Why are we comparing their point totals...? But by all means, yes Juolevi was still adapting to that level. Juolevi's likely never as sound defensively as Vlasic but he will endlessly push the puck forward with solid skating and passing that are fueled by a solid head for the game/ability to see the ice.
  11. Ewww no. I'd be thrilled with something even resembling fair, balanced and fact based. There's a few guys who hit that mark (Canucks just hired one) but they're far from the norm. The 'noisy 10%' =/= majority.
  12. They have no goaltender, little Johnny and Sean tend to disappear when the going gets tough and Tkachuck is a face-punch-able douche but they've got a pretty darn good hockey team besides that and a FAR superior defense (so far) in particular (as much as I loath to admit it).