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  1. I have no problem with some level of supporting current/legacy industries, oil included (I was/am pro TMX pipeline for example). But oil has already, and continues to be, well supported by both the federal and Alberta governments. Cutting funding/support to a variety of 'diversity industries' to funnel even more money to oil and gas, particularly when it's worth next to nothing on the market currently and for the foreseeable future, is INCREDIBLY short sighted. With those billions of tax dollars going to prop up oil and gas, how exactly does that actually 'create' the money you speak of? But it panders to the exact demographic that got them elected, so... As always, it's the voters who are truly to blame.
  2. The NDP run Alberta did yes. It was a great idea and was clearly working at attracting diversity and tech companies. The more recently elected Alberta governance has decided to reverse a lot of that (hence tech companies leaving) while putting vast amounts of funding towards only oil and gas (while drastically slashing public services no less). It's frankly, asinine. Albertans should be grabbing torches and pitchforks (and not directed at the federal government as they currently are) but... That's the next great question for humanity. It's likely going to make this pandemic look like a quaint speed bump. Increasing automation is coming. AI is coming. There's going to be millions of suddenly obsolete, unemployed people. We needed to be seriously exploring how we transition to this new reality ten years ago and most people are barely even thinking about it now. Our entire economics system will need to be revamped, our commitment to and view of 'work', work hours, value as a person as it relates to work etc we'll all be completely reshaped. Again, that's all happening whether we grow tech companies now or not. I'd rather we at least try to get on that train rather than watching that, like our current economic/work systems, pass is by.
  3. It's not really. Again, all that is going to happen whether we invest in tech, green etc industries. Easily automated jobs WILL disappear. (You already see it reducing jobs in oil and gas FWIW). As destroyer notes, that's why things like UBI, corporate taxes etc are going to need a LOT of review and change in the coming decades. So, you can either have those green, tech etc jobs... or 'none'. You can either foster growth in those areas, get ahead and be a leader... or be stuck playing catch up.
  4. That's going to happen whether we're involved in the research, manufacturing etc of it or not. You can't stop progress. So do we want to re-create jobs, by encouraging investment in those areas or let another country have those (high end) jobs, tax base etc?
  5. Honestly though, this is why I've changed my tune on 'wexit'. If that many people in the province have drunk the kool aid and are that far down the rabbit hole that they're going to continue to make short sighted decisions, try to move back in time with legacy industries and continue to put their faith in proven to fail, trickle down economics/governance that are contrary to their own best interests... I'm not sure we need or want those people in Canada. Divide the federal and first nation lands equally between BC, NWT and Saskatchewan and let them have their chosen, race to the bottom ways in New Albertastan.
  6. Almost everything they do is short sighted and bass-ackwards. That's what they voted for.
  7. Mine's not far off from yours but in reality, I think Baer's either traded with 50% retention or a regular buyout is used on him. Either knocks his hit to around $1.6m and saves us a bit of cap. I also agree Virtanen likely gets moved but my guess is that it's not until Podkolzin arrives (hopefully with another year's worth of improvement and upped trade value as well). But sooner is certainly a possibility. And that also likely means we re-sign Tanev (who's a pretty big part of our leadership group) until that D move is made. I do really like the idea of Severson though, he'd be a great fit!). IMO Tanev only gets a small raise (if any at all give Corona cap issues) say $4.5. Benn I think we move and replace with Tryamkin. Whoever of Sautner, Brisebois, Rafferty etc can fill in as cheap, 7th D depth and rotate in. I think Tryamkin likely ends up closer to $1.5 x 2 personally. Hopefully Stech agrees to a home town friendly deal at (or slightly under) $2.5m. If not, we likely see one of the above guys there. Sadly, as much as I like him, I think Roussel's likely moved as well (following your rules or not, I think that's just reality). You're nuts to not re-sign Motte IMO. Engine of that 4th line and won't be prohibitively expensive. Hoglander starts in Utica IMO. Miller, Pettersson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Toffoli Leivo, Gaudette, Virtanen Motte, Beagle, Sutter MacEwan *Ferland on IR Hughes, Tanev Edler, Myers Tryamkin, Stecher Sautner/Brisebois/Rafferty Marky, Demko Things get interesting if Ferland is legit healthy.
  8. Just need to move out some cap. If there is indeed the rumoured compliance buyout, dumping Eriksson's $6m is the obvious start. From there we'd likely also need to retain 50% in trade or buyout Sven's $3.25m, possibly trade Roussel (another $3m) and Benn $2m. This of course does depend somewhat on what happens with the cap due to Covid -19 but we can find the cap space if we want to.
  9. He's predominately played RD in his career. I don't think you can call that his 'weak' side.
  10. I agree Virtanen is likely the odd man out... Though that move might wait until Podkolzin arrives. We shouldn't be looking to move him (Boeser), no (and again, I prefer to keep him AND Toffoli). If a team like St Louis or Philly came calling and offering Parayko, Provorov etc though (unlikely)... I'd sure listen and think on it.
  11. I'd love to add Severson (fan of his play) but if we're moving Boeser, it better be for a higher end D than him. Something around Virtanen for Severson as in OP... maybe. But Boeser... I'm not entirely opposed to moving Boeser (though I'd prefer to keep him AND Toffoli) but like you said, for a young, first line, scoring RW... you need a higher end D coming back. Someone closer to a Parayko type.
  12. Not really. I carry people with 'my' money all the time actually. I'm 'carrying' my wife, two kids, dog and cat. I also have zero problem with paying taxes that go to help out the less fortunate among us, pay for transit (even though I seldom use it personally), pay for military, pay for roads and other infrastructure I may never use, pay for healthcare that will help the junkie OD'ing in the DTES just as much as it may help a middle class person Sasky not go bankrupt after a heart attack or helped me not go bankrupt when my twin boys were born premature and needed extra medical care. It's called being a productive member of society. It does suck carrying ungrateful, self serving ones who don't give a crap about anyone else, least of all being part of a strong country that helps each other out.