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  1. It's not entirely up to him. And I disagree. He may get 5 years (like I said 4 +/-) but I don't see him getting any more than that. Again, not entirely up to him. You're making assumptions. Benning has been pretty careful about not handcuffing himself for the ED the last few years, I doubt that's changing. And even if Markstrom does get ED protection, it's still not a guarantee Demko goes. And if he does go, Benning may already be planning for that with MDP, or moving Demko elsewhere ahead of that time frame, etc, etc. You're suggesting making panicky decisions based on assumptions. Just in the last decade...Caps 2018, with Holtby. Hawks 2015, 2013 and 2010 with Crawford. Kings 2014 and 2012 with Quick. Bruins 2011 with Thomas. Seven out of ten seems like 'a lot'. We don't 'know' any of that
  2. Why? First I think he only gets a 4 year deal +/- which would put him at 34 on expiry. I don't see an issue with that. Second, as I said earlier, we can always trade him in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year assuming Demko (or DiPietro for that matter) are ready to take over at that point. Or 'worst' case, he's the guy taken buy Seattle next year and we then sign the veteran UFA you want to sign now.
  3. You keep writing these figures... I suggest you look at what Provorov in Philly or McAvoy in Boston got on their bridge deals. Provorov at $6.75 on a longer six year and McAvoy at $4.9 on a shorter three year bridge. For whatever reason, insanity has not yet crept in to D bridge deals like it has with F's. And those were before covid. There will be no inflation bump for Hughes/Pettersson. There may even be a slight drop from comparables because of it. Seeing what Barzal gets this summer should be interesting as well and give an indication of Pettersson's next contract. Personally, I don't think it's above $8m (for either) given current economic realities. First, they don't have to pay him his qualifying offer. Especially if his play drops off as you fear. Or if they do decide to pay him his QO, they only 'have' to for one year. Second, as many have already pointed out, we have a LOT of other cap coming off the books to cover everyone's raises. Including losing a likely $3-$5m +/- player in the ED. And Boeser's would only be an extra $1m-$2m. It's far from unmanageable. Still think we're better off moving Virtanen as Podkolzin is a more ready-made replacement for him. We don't have a Boeser replacement in the prospect pool. Move out the 'Ladds', 'Bolands' etc, not the 'Kanes'. We can always sign Markstrom to say a 4 year deal and (assuming we retain both after the ED) move Markstrom in year 2 or 3.
  4. First of all... Sekeres Second of all, sure Boeser is an option. I still think Virtanen's the guy that makes most sense to move however (assuming a Toffoli re-sign). Either way... If I read one more 'for Dumba' post . We in no way need Dumba. We already have a better, younger and cheaper version in Hughes. What we need is a 'Seabrook' to his 'Kieth'. On that note, a hell yes to targeting the likes of Dobson (or similar). We'd have to take some other salary back though in that scenario.
  5. Love Bowen Make sure to pick up some breakfast sausages at Alderwood farm. To this day, still the best breakfast sausages I've had
  6. Given our cap situation, Baer is likely to be bought out/maybe traded with retention to shave a few bucks. He's done here after this season IMO.
  7. I've also thrown out all my blackstrap molasses and taken a sharpie to any 'black hole' references in any of our books
  8. But that doesn't sound nearly panicky or reactionary enough... Man moves on to a better fit...
  9. I'd love me some K'andre Miller! Yes there's work trip be done, no it's not the inescapable doom some seem to think it is. I don't think we'd have any issues moving salary in Virtanen, Stecher or Roussel or Benn. The latter two likely won't return much on their own but teams would be happy to add any of them.
  10. Baer is likely getting bought out (or off chance of 50% retention) IMO, so no, he's not particularly an issue. And yes, we have moves we'll need to make to retain the 'big three' this summer but if they want to be here and sign deflated contracts in a deflated market, there's very little issue in making it all work, should we choose to do so. The sky is not, in fact, falling Chicken Little.
  11. IMO, there's no real reason we can't sign all three (Markstrom, Tanev and Toffoli). Yes, some moves will need to be made to do so but I don't think (particularly given current economies/current cap environment) that either Tanev or Toffoli can expect any meaningful raises (if any at all). So they're basically a wash on cap and Markstrom only needs about a $2m-$2.5m raise +/-. Yes, Toffoli was largely fit in from LTIR so we need to make some space there. But IMO we could pretty easily move a couple/few of Roussel, Stecher, Benn and Virtanen to make room for cheaper options whether that's guys like Tryamkin or Leivo on relatively low dollar deals, or prospects like Rafferty, Brisebois, Sautner, Juolevi etc on ELC's. There are ways to make the numbers work.
  12. You'd think they'd need to do something. Short tourneys etc in home arenas when the big club is on road trips perhaps?