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  1. Nabbed him as an un-drafted late 4th rounder this past summer in Fantasy
  2. Shhh Jimmy, you clearly don't understand basic economics
  3. A pay a crap tonne in taxes too...maybe I should demand free aGENT-stan be it's own country too
  4. Waaah we're so rich and make so much money we had to pay larger amounts of income tax...whaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
  5. I'd say a slightly less defensive/more offense oriented Hampus Lindholm is a pretty decent play style projection, as long as he can stay healthy. Now he just needs to string some games/seasons together and get there.
  6. Recall - COL recalls F Jesper Bratt from the Springs
  7. Assignment - COL assigns F Givani Smith to the Springs
  8. Maybe not initially...but once he's got his legs back under him, timing and hands back up to speed...why the hell not?
  9. I'd have been fine with either and had Zegras highly ranked as well. Podz probably won't produce as much offense but he has a different and equally needed skill set .
  10. Yeah heard about that a while ago and agree. It could make a killer series if well done.
  11. Also Chytil still missing a game winning goal on Pickup @canuck2xtreme That (and some backdated updates with our call ups) should give us a bit of breathing room from Montreal in the 15th place we woke up to this morn Not thrilled to see this this morning though
  12. Recall - COL recalls F Givani Smith from the Springs