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  1. Yup, already covered.
  2. Did I say it put an end to it? Like I said, it becomes a problem for another day. But there's no guarantee Demko wants to wait around for 3+ years while we decide either... I never said it's a sure thing we lose a goalie either. Though as of right now, that would probably our forecasted best player available. We could leave Myers unprotected though as well and look to clear his salary depending on what the prospects look like in a couple years.
  3. Salary retention... We retain (up to) 50% and next year we could (assuming no/little salary coming back) clear 1/2 of both of their salaries. Plus Baer at $1.65m'ish and Sutter at $2.15m'ish (with only 1 year remainig) become FAR more attractive trade targets.
  4. A 4-5 year deal at +/- $6m is more than fair and by all accounts Markstrom likes and wants to be here. I'm not remotely worried. If he's going to insist on something silly like 6 years at $7m, yes I would walk. But I don't think that's remotely going to happen. Just like it didn't happen with Edler, we didn't pay $7x7 for Myers etc, etc. Though I'm sure media around here will harp on, with sheer panic about the deal not getting done or Markstrom wanting some astronomical term/hit...
  5. 4'ish years at $5.5-$6m +/- IMO. Fair for both sides. That does raise the question of what happens with Demko pre-ED though... Oh well, a problem for another day.
  6. Is he just on a slide? Well $&!#...there you go. Still not likely referring to Try IMO but if not...then who....
  7. Not sure he's considered 'young' or a 'prospect' anymore
  8. Just to be Devil's advocate , he also said this:
  9. That's probably the most likely IMO too.
  10. Biggest contribution Myers has made has been to lift some of the weight off of both Edler and Tanev's shoulders (and likely one of the main reasons Tanev's also been able to stay comparatively healthy this year). That's no small benefit!
  11. I don't have access to the Athletic article (paywall) but if anyone does and wants to post it, feel free and I'll edit this OP. Otherwise, an apparent summary of the main talking points: And (with credit to @Wilbur) ...
  12. Not a Victor Hedman clone, clearly an overpaid bum.
  13. More fuel to this particular fire