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  1. aGENT

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Not sure I entirely agree with that but fair enough.
  2. aGENT

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Come on 73.... You need players to play things like PK, Dzone starts etc. They're a lot better in 'their' one zone than Goldy is in 'his'. No, they don't create much offense (though Sutter's on pace for his standard +/-35 points per 82 as always) but they also don't cost the team as many goals against either. Thus far, Goldy has not been remotely close to outscoring his defensive shortcomings.
  3. I have plenty I could respond with. Can't be bothered to counter all that straw and nonsense
  4. So much straw. and no, I wasn't just arguing that rebuilds are built off later picks... You've succeeded in boring me yet again with your nonsense and inability to actually have an intelligent discussion FTG
  5. aGENT

    CDCGML 2018-19 (1 position available!)

    I'm going to laugh if ARZ makes the playoffs IRL with Demers coming back early from his 'season ending injury' and us having their leading scorer as our 3C
  6. Yup, just like we're playing meaningful games this year (despite not actually being in the playoffs). And yet again, we'll likely be picking somewhere between 5-15. As I said. Also like I said, if things go well. Things (particularly injuries) did not go well. Hence the picks higher on the spectrum of variability. Nope, circumstances changing due to natural evolution of rebuild. It's grown from drafting, trading and signing UFA's. Yet again attempting to straw man me in to a point I never made. Nobody's against picks. This is precisely why I shouldn't engage and end up not bothering responding to your nonsense there sugarplum You hope. You don't plan. And again. Rebuilds are on the backs of top 10-15 picks and we're not lacking in late round gems, both are reasons why we were named 3rd in THN's 'Future watch'. No I mean in that they had at least some semblance of a prospect pool, saleable assets etc. Their rebuild starting points were FAR easier than Benning's.
  7. Ranked third in THN's 'Futurewatch'....clearly time to fire the guy in charge
  8. Not moving anything. It's the same point I've been making all along. Depth and role players are certainly valuable but the backbone of any rebuild relies on top players, predominately from the top of the top round. There's no getting around it. They're called core players for a reason. Anyone still arguing it, either still doesn't understand the point, or is only here to argue.
  9. Basically Couldn't disagree more. You risk losing the continuity of team culture. If there aren't young guys here to take on lessons from the Sedins, Burr, Hamhuis etc, there's nobody left here to pass those things on to Pettersson, Hughes et al. Bingo ^^^^ Beyond the obvious mentor, culture and competition reasons for adding youth, we also had very little cap space IIRC Benning's first couple years. He needed to fill out a roster with youth on ELC's/cheap bridge deals we didn't have either of. And no, you're not likely to get Vey on waivers.
  10. ....Rebuilding while attempting to remain competitive. I'm sure I'll regret engaging as usual but... Chances are you're going to largely be picking in the 10-15 range, if things go well 'rebuilding while attempting to remain competitive'. With the odd 15-20 pick when you make the playoffs and some 5-10'ish picks when you don't. AKA the top 10 and 15 picks/players we're talking about. The argument is that you don't need to TANK to the bottom 3 to rebuild (particularly with the structure of the lotto and our luck in it), not that you don't need high picks. I grasp it just fine, and now that Benning has rebuilt some organizational depth, you'll note the dwindling picks moved and when they are, they're much later picks. Again, we're not lacking in depth pick 'hits' in the organization. Another Brisebois, Lockwood and Gaudette does not make this team a current contender. Kucherov's are great and should we land one, that's fantastic but that's not a 'plan'. NYR and DET were in ENTIRELY different places as organizations compared to what Benning took over. It's a poor argument.
  11. So you once again, entirely ignore my actual point to keep on arguing... yup, done here.
  12. That's simply not my argument. I can't decide if you guys are willfully blind to these things or... Nobody's saying that you don't need solid depth/role players to win a cup. My argument is that the difference between having 12 depth/role players you managed to mine from later picks vs 15 (if we'd only had more picks!!! ) is not going to be the difference between cup contender and not cup contender. THE DIFFERENCE IS THE PLAYERS YOU TAKE IN THE FIRST ROUND AND PRIMARILY THE ONES YOU DRAFTED EARLIER, TOP-15'ISH. There are no hard and fast rules. Again, still missing actually my point but...Say's the guy who wants to base his plan around outlier late picks and tanking to win the lottery.
  13. Why would a mid rebuild team have 'success' (presumably of the points/standings variety)? You can't seem to decide whether you're coming or going.
  14. Nor do you that a couple extra Lockwoods, a Brisebois' and a spare Gaudette would suddenly have our rebuild complete and would be a 'better rebuild' than having some solid vets around to shelter, mentor, and show guys like Horvat, Boeser, Stecher etc how to prepare like pros.