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  1. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

  2. Tim Schaller | #59 | C

  3. Thatcher Demko | G

    Now let's just remember to be patient with the kid coming off a 2 month injury who's also adapting things from a new goalie coach, if it takes him a few weeks to get back up to speed...mmmkay CDC?
  4. CDCGML 2018-19 postings and updates...? @canuck2xtreme @Mike Vanderhoek
  5. Tyler Madden | C

  6. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    Especially when considering present circumstances of having our two match up, defensive, C's expected to win face offs, out of the lineup.
  7. If that were true we wouldn't have the deep pool of prospects and young NHL players we are currently enjoying. We would have sold off futures to contend. They didn't say they were a playoff team (let alone a cup contender). They said playoffs is always the goal (as it should be) and that that they aimed to remain competitive. That's not the same thing. Sure, every team is always rebuilding 'to some degree'. That's basically my point. What's the team's main focus? Is Winnipeg's main focus right now to rebuild or contend for a cup? You may agree or disagree with 'to what degree' they focused on youth/post-Sedin rebuild vs supporting the existing NHL team, but I'd say the current evidence suggests they focused 'enough' to have a top 3 in the league prospect pool 4 short years after Benning took over along with perennial Calder candidates last, this and likely next year. And yet people still have the arrogance to question how they went about it/insist they know better/question the efficacy of the plan when they clearly don't even understand what the plan was
  8. My favourite part, Granlund (arguably our best F this year not named Horvat or Pettersson) 'hasn't been a useful player this year'.
  9. Canucks displaying a model rebuild plan

    All the same plan since day one. Evolution of same plan =/= 'change' or 'separate strategy'. And it's funny that y'all are arguing the 'strategy changed' with the Burr/Hansen trades... and the Sedins were still on the team. How's that a post-Sedin 'separate strategy' exactly...? Uh-huh...
  10. None of it was 'attempting to go for one more run'. They were supporting the existing team for sure (the twins in particular) but that is not mutually exclusive with rebuilding and in no way did anyone think this team was a cup contender nor were they in any way attempting to make it one. Their main focus has always been the post-Sedin, youth oriented rebuild. They simply also supported the existing NHL club (that also insulated kids).
  11. Canucks displaying a model rebuild plan

    Also enjoyed how you completely ignored this.
  12. Canucks displaying a model rebuild plan

    Proceeds to write short story
  13. My money is on EDM or PIT winning the Hughes lotto
  14. Well clearly EDM's problems are all now fixed and they will be much better from now on.
  15. Short of Eriksson (and even he's not as bad as the sentiment surrounding him), inconsequential and none were particularly attempts to 'rush' anything (short of perhaps the *yawn* Vey move). They were vets largely brought in to support the existing team and give insulation to the ACTUAL rebuild/youth. Precisely what they have and continue to do.