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  1. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    This has gotta require a time out in the troll dungeon by now, no?
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Even just for the reaction
  3. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    So many 22 year old UFA's out there....
  4. Parallel Disasters..Mtl, Ottawa

    Owner hires the GM, gotta knock points of for that one IMO.
  5. Battles at camp

    I can't wait to see a certain section of CDC/media go in to mode when/if Pettersson gets papered down for the initial roster
  6. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Guddy sure hasn't had the best go here as yet (largely due to injuries and somewhat a rough transition to a new team/conference/coach(es)) but he's a #3-4D. Placeholders might be a bit overboard (Gagner is a placeholder) but I would tend to agree that they're only here until someone better and younger replaces them. Which (contrary to your assessment that JB is a bumbling eedjit that couldn't manage a midget team) might happen much sooner than later. At best, one survives the next couple years as a versatile depth player (my money would be on Granlund as he's cheaper and more versatile (better 2 way game, able to play C in a pinch etc). But even then, he likely gets replaced eventually by someone younger and even cheaper in a bid to build a contender. Most defensive players 'advanced stats' are 'ugly' (particularly under a reductive glance). Most 'advanced stats' don't measure defensive players well (see also: Sutter, who is also criminally underrated). Despite all of his injury woes, playing on a poor team and a frankly not smooth transition to his new team, Gudbranson had the lowest goals against per 60 last year despite also playing a lot of harder minutes (dzone starts, QOC, PK) all while bringing a tonne of leadership, much needed size and a 'nuclear deterrent' element. That's pretty good for a guy we haven't remotely seen the best of in a Canucks sweater. He's also not exactly old himself.
  7. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    You need to better familiarize yourself with modern media. Seriously, take a long look at Eric Weinstein’s Four Quadrant Model for sussing out media spin: Traditional media is NOTORIOUS for this nonsense, particularly as they desperately claw and scrape to stay relevant in a world moving past them. TSN 1040 is one of the worst offenders in regards to the Canucks in particular and seem to only be getting worse as the Canucks continue to (rightly) distance themselves from them while SN650 continues to pickup the slack (not that they're completely free of this editorialized idiocy themselves).
  8. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Baer. Not top 3 but certainly top 6. Also likely Pettersson PDQ. For a rebuilding team, that's pretty damn decent. And FYI, most teams don't have 6 'legit' top 6 players. Just like when we were contending with the like of Burrows (a 3rd line player) playing in our top 6.
  9. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    Roussel isn't a 4th line player FYI. And you've already been shown elsewhere that we have more than two 'legit' top 6 players as well.
  10. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    These guys do a pretty good job IMO: Ryan can sometimes lean a little too heavily on analytics for my liking but all three guys tend to be balanced, fair and able to critique without resorting to tabloid style nonsense.
  11. I'll ask again, who EXACTLY would you have signed? Where would they play? Who are you moving, and how, to make room for them? Never mind the almost certain likelihood that HAD JB actually signed a UFA D, you'd now be in here bitching about another old, overpaid vet UFA blocking our prospects. Like I said in another post, any improvement of our top 4 D (just like our top 6 forwards) is going to largely come from developing our better prospects.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    Rather than just complaining, perhaps ask yourself why that might be. And unless you're a cup favourite (and even sometimes then) EVERYONE overpays in free agency. Nature of the beast. Anyways...nice deal for Tony Stretcher
  13. With luck....probably 4+ years to be a legit contender (ie: not just make the playoffs but actually be favoured to go deep, and then actually do so). That said, I think we're going to be a lot more fun to watch as soon as this year (though likely still finish ~ the bottom 3rd, depending on injuries). Perhaps even a bubble playoff team (see: COL this past season) as soon as next year. Assuming guys like Boeser, Horvat, Pettersson, Hughes, Juolevi, Demko etc stay on track anyway.
  14. Troy Stecher | #51 | D

    Pretty close to $2.5 but certainly a nice/fair price