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  1. Who else's opinion would it be? Didn't Bickel only have one year left at a $4m hit? Lucic has 4 more years at $6m. Plus an NMC that forces them to lose a better player than they need to. If you don't see why there's a value difference there... And no, they don't have cap space. After they re-sign guys, they have zero cap to add. And they desperately need to add a better team around McDavid and Drai and are under a tremendous amount of pressure to do so. With zero leverage. You have a tremendous misread of their situation IMO. Do I think Holland is going to pay up? Not particularly but he's got very few options and needs to do something to build a team around his stars. He is at the proverbial rock and hard place. If the Canucks are the team to do him the favour of taking on that anchor, it best come with some very large sweetener or they can just suffer keeping him IMO. Or he can find himself another sucker.
  2. We can find someone to 'crush skulls' as a 13th F for $1.5m who can actually skate. Still not an asset.
  3. The ONLY reason to trade for Lucic is for the assets that would be coming with him. He's a 'cost', not an 'asset'. So why the hell would we sign (even for less term/$) him if we weren't getting other assets?!
  4. According to me. I'm not suggesting that's what they're willing to add. I'm stating that's (roughly) what it's going to cost them. Unless they can find a sucker (unlikely) or take cap back (an 'Eriksson') which doesn't help them much. It's a boat anchor and if they don't move him (or buy him out, saving almost no cap), they waste an ED spot on him. It's going to COST them to move him. They have plenty of pressure. They need to improve, not stay status quo and don't have cap space to do so. And if they don't pay up, they're free to be saddled with that boat anchor while their already pissed off super star toils in mediocrity with no team around him until he demands a trade. Good luck with that.
  5. Have him pretty much on par with Soderstrom, slightly behind Seider. I think by all means FA wants to see how Benning handles this summer (clearing out dead wood, draft, UFA's, trades etc). But barring Benning laying a wet fart, don't think he's at any real risk.
  6. Yeah something like that would work (they'd likely even need a small add). Though they already have Heiskanen, Lindell, Oleksiak as LD though, so not sure they need him. Was thinking CAR but with the Fox trade they don't have a tonne of RD prospect depth (though good pro depth there). And they have Bean and Fleury coming up on the left. Benning's got more time and staff to find a fit than I do though And if we don't move Hutton for a RD, there's always other assets (picks, prospects, forwards etc). Then pick up a UFA or trade for a low cost guy like Ceci for our RD.
  7. Yup, I'm pretty much fine with any of Boldy, Zegras, Krebs, Seider or Soderstrom at 10. (I've narrowed it down to 5 guys! ) Long shot, we add EDM's 8th and get two of them
  8. Taking on Lucic alone is worth getting Bouchard (not that EDM would or should give him up). Why the $#@& are we adding our 10th? Hutton is also worth more than Kassian. And then you throw in Goldy as well (I mean who cares but we certainly don't need to add MORE).
  9. I keep seeing this general sentiment and I wonder who all these poor confused people are who were expecting multiple 100+ point teams and cup runs DURING A REBUILD? Poor to middling on ice performances and seasons should have been a possible expectation.
  10. Should have a good relationship with the refs at least
  11. Yeah cap values keep going up, even a 2nd/3rd pair tweener LHD is going to get $3+m coming out of RFA. That's not really a 'problem' in regards to Hutton. It's market value. Teams start having injuries to their 2nd/3rd pair guys and I think he'd have decent interest. Enough to get a similar level RHD (or the equivelant in picks, prospects etc if we don't go that route). By no means am I suggesting he's got superstar value but a legit NHL D has value. More so than as a 'throw in'.
  12. Pending RFA due a raise on a cap strapped team? Something to that effect. And yes, we likely have to 'overpay' a bit with the add to get the better player.
  13. Yup, like I said, if a guy ranked top 5'ish is there at 8, then that changes things. But if it's just a guy ranked 8th, at 8th...meh.
  14. Exactly what I'm thinking. Hutton + for a 2nd pair, RHD a couple months in to the season once OJ's back up to speed from playing in Utica.