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  1. Neither are competing with Biega for a spare D slot. They both need to PLAY, not sit in the press box.
  2. The surest asset is the one we already have in Leivo. Neither Schaller or Eriksson are REMOTELY an issue to waive. So there's 2 out of 3. And we've got time to sort out who #3 is (or make a trade).
  3. He's been paid $27m and done about $6m worth of work for it the last three years. You can call that whatever you want but if that was a builder working for Aqua, you can bet he wouldn't be building any more condos for him and he certainly wouldn't be getting 'topped up'.
  4. But why do we need to 'recoup assets' for Leivo? Why not just keep Leivo...the asset?
  5. Yeah... but I'm not trading players we like and can actually use just so we don't have to waive Loui. Sorry. Plus at some point it's quite conceivable some of these kids, coupled with Roussel returning, require us to waive Loui AND trade Baer (or similar) in the not distant future.
  6. Perhaps we can complete the trade I suggested (Eriksson, $2m retained + sweetener to OTT for Boedker) while they're in town and save both the added travel issues
  7. Disagree. IMO it's the highly possible (even probable?) outcome of having cheaper, younger, better options who play the way the coach wants to play. He's not entitled to a roster spot 'because'. That said, short of Goldy, MacEwan etc passing him as well, he's likely 13th F until Roussel's ready. At that point he better hope for a trade or injury though as he'll be in Utica otherwise.
  8. Yup. But I'd rather just waive Eriksson and trade Baer closer to when Roussel's due back/a team has injuries/increased his value.
  9. Never mind that he's basically been stealing from Aqua for the last three years. Something tells me he has little desire to help 'top him up'.
  10. He's a STELLAR 4th liner, still young, still cheap and plays EXACTLY how the coach wants the team to play. He's not going anywhere, anytime soon IMO.