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  1. aGENT

    Brendan Gaunce | C/LW

    I think we might see Granlund moved at the deadline. We've already got too many middling bodies at forward and in think they view Leivo as an upgrade.
  2. aGENT

    [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    Don't really have any other options
  3. aGENT

    [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    Disagree. Also doubt SEA would select the 36 year old, $6m+, pending UFA. Also why he might be amenable to a higher dollar, 2 year deal with full NTC and likely second extension after that, as an alternative.
  4. I'd personally aim at Karlsson first (bigger need/harder target to find) but would happily accept Stone as a consolation prize. I'd hope somewhere in the $7-$7.5 range with some trade clauses and term (and the promise of a nice warm spot on EP40's W for a real NHL team with an owner willing to support it) would be enough to persuade him.
  5. aGENT

    [Speculation] Interest in Alex Edler

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. 36 year old, $6m + D who's likely on an expiring 1 year deal for the ED... He'd likely be pretty safe at that point anyway and we may have younger and better assets to protect. He might also be ok with the risk as SEA is so close. Quick flight home after most games.
  6. Fair enough @Hutton Wink
  7. I sure hope so. It is indeed stupid. Problem is, how many people are going to have their lives ruined in the interim? How much societal damage are we going to have to undo for decades to reverse this garbage? What are the guarantees we can put the brakes on this? I'm sure there were people in Soviet Russia an Nazi Germany who thought the same thing at some point too...
  8. But sadly, it's not just 'trigger news': This stuff is out there. It's effecting real people, real laws. You keep trying to ignore it for some reason...
  9. Trigger news like my wife's knitting group?
  10. I honestly don't get it. World's gone loco (to 'appropriate' a latino term ).
  11. *Sigh*
  12. No but seriously. It's gone passed the point of laughing and pointing. Now it just seems cruel. And while I can certainly be brash at times, I'm not a cruel person. It's like laughing at an injured kitten at this point I see no way out of their current hell but to sell off their high value assets which means another 5'ish years of rebuilding and losing arguably the best player in the game (though personally I think Crosby still holds that honour). Either that or they have to give up so many 1sts, and the few solid young prospects they to sell off the likes of Lucic, that they're left unable to support McD and Drai anyway. In short, they're $#@%'d If that was us, this place would implode. They deserve our pity.
  13. With the corner they've painted themselves into, only way that's likely happening is trading McDavid and Drai (+) and re-re-re-rebuilding. Again. Honestly don't see how else they get out of it without giving up so many futures that they'd be that much more crippled with no ELC talent to cycle in over the next 5'ish years. I actually feel bad for EDM fans.