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  1. Sales taxes are one of the most economically 'fair' taxes. If they're going to cut anything, they should cut income taxes. Or better yet, leave the taxes and ACTUALLY stimulate the economy, build infrastructure/ and/or add less debt. It's a cheap, short sighted election ploy. And yes, voters were idiotic arse-hats for repealing the HST. Hopefully they don't follow the same path and fall for this idiotic ploy.
  2. You were not alone but we were definitely in the minority
  3. Haha, that's about bang on! But you amateurs should try newborn twins and get back to me
  4. That could do wonders with making Stralman available though. But probably not for what I'd like
  5. As much as I love him, I doubt he's ready to step in to that role immediately upon arrival. Re-signing Toffoli (x4 years) helps keep him on the third line to start where he can wreak even more havoc in a more sheltered role initially. He can fill in up the lineup should one of Boeser/Toffoli get hurt but that shouldn't be his default location initially IMO. By year 2-3, if he surpasses Toffoli, we can slide Toffoli down to third line duty and/or eventually look at moving him to plug holes elsewhere/recoup futures.
  6. No, nobody will have problems reaching the floor. They could reach the floor while paying less than floor in actual cash though, which could be attractive to the right team/ownership. Not sure that's Ottawa though as they've basically nixed most of their big dollar contracts as you noted Wellwood. If (and agreed, it's a BIG if) we're able to move him, I'd imagine it would need to be something a bit more creative. Something like Eriksson + rights to/negotiated extension to Stecher (+/-) for Stralman out of FLA. Eriksson saves them $5m of actual cash over the next two years vs Stralman ($3.5m this year) which basically means they get a younger, club controlled, replacement RHD for 'free', as well as a depth F for basically the same cash as Stralman. It helps us as Stralman's cap is already $500k less than Eriksson's PLUS we'd be effectively saving the $2-$3m of filling the 3RHD slot. That said, I fully expect we're going to need to simply waive him and it's one of: AHL (most likely), retire or mutually terminate.
  7. On top of the rights to Erik Johnson (and Brown, Dowd, Watson) being available, COL also considering moving picks 42, 73 and 78 either for a first (highest wins) or packaged with the likes of Granlund or Carter and/or a prospect for a top 6 forward (the quality of which will dictate how big of a package).
  8. Problem being that the only guy clearly better than Tanev is Pietrangelo... at twice + the cap. If we didn't already have Hughes, I'd be happy to target Krug, but... we do already have Hughes. Vatanen is injured as much or more than Tanev and isn't as good in his own end. Does bring a bit more offense but he's not replacing his hard minutes/PK role. The rest of the Dillon (wrong side), Braun etc guys... sure they're likely cheaper and more physical, but they're also a downgrade in ability. If we don't bring back Stecher, I'm happy to look at a guy like Braun or Hamonic etc if we can get one for cheap a few days in to free agency (and assuming we don't fill that 3RD spot via trade). But otherwise, they're all a downgrade on Tanev. Tanev +one of those guys, at a discount? Absolutely. Besides, I think we can get Tanev at something like +/-$4.5x3 or $4x4.
  9. *Dirty, rotten, stink'n Leaf Seriously though, he may not be a 'sexy' player... something akin to a Higgins, but he's an entirely useful, depth player.
  10. In think you're selling Leivo short. Darn good third liner. Plus Podkolzin will be here a few months in, I'm fine with a short term, 1 year Leivo, stop gap until he arrives
  11. Again, one of our best board battlers before he was hurt. Constantly came away with the puck. At worst, he's a solid 13th if he has some trouble getting up to speed from his knee injury. There's no reason we can't do both things. So long as medical staff clears it, I'd have zero issues re-signing Leivo for +/-$1m.
  12. Leivo was one of our best board battle guys, with solid third line production, ability for spot duty on the 2nd line and with consistent play and will likely sign for about the same amount we could simply waive. Ie: even if we can replace him with something better, he costs no cap if waived. I'd be open to signing Richardson (for cheap) as well. Richardson, Tierney, Leivo... Some nice centre redundancy there and that line would be zero fun to play against Gaudette's younger and cheaper than Tierney... Just saying. Add Baer as a short term, middle 6 stop gap to balance the cap a bit and shelter their kids for a year... And who knows, maybe here even shows enough to warrant an extension?