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  1. Yeah...that's been working real well the last few decades...
  2. They're probably all more trouble than they're worth While I certainly wouldn't kick any out... if I'm being honest, I tend to go more for cute, quirky and a bit dorky with a healthy side of hotness if I had to pick a 'type'.
  3. He might still get called up this weekend...
  4. Can't play in Utica next year. London, Vancouver or Europe.
  5. I'd take Hansen with another year left at a cheap hit over Eaves who's a good depth player but lets face it, having a bit of a lucky/career year (playing with much better quality line mates I might add). A less skilled, older and more fragile Hansen who's a pending UFA... or Hansen.
  6. Yup, he's going to need to show a lot more than he has so far in his other call ups and preseasons. He does seem to need some time to get rolling so hopefully being in mid season form, given an opportunity and hopefully some desperation and 'try' on his part, shows us a little something more this go around.
  7. http://canucksarmy.com/2017/2/24/do-the-canucks-have-something-in-evan-mceneny
  8. Getting called up as per Benning on 1040 as per #Mumpsgate
  9. That I agree with. Sadly most people don't even give it a second glance.
  10. How about we don't vote for either of them...?
  11. Sure. Or we'd just be keeping him.
  12. Pretty sure Hansen is not waiving to play under Torts...