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  1. Mittelstadt is not small FWIW and is quite skilled. We're not taking a winger top 10 IMO. Take out Tippett, add Makar and move Vilardi down imo.
  2. It's like people have decided to just turn off their brains with anything Canuck related.
  3. First game in the pros, of a still developing kid whose had zero practice time with his team... 23 MINUTES FIRST GAME OR WE STRING WILLIE UP!
  4. It's not actually given it will be regretted.
  5. No idea if he's even available but that's the profile I'd be looking for. Young, play making C or legit top 3 upgrade to Baer on W, on a team rich in forwards and needing D. They're not alone in that regard (Toronto, Arizona, Edmonton etc). He's doing alright on a sub par BUF team (on pace for +/-50 points IIRC) but largely playing W when they're healthy.
  6. The NHL is the owners...
  7. They absolutely do! All the more reason to sell high on Tanev while he's worth something and isn't in the long term plans anyway
  8. Yeah, he falls in that 5-25 category as well. I mean I'd be a bit surprised if he ends up going in that 5-10 range but I'd not be at all shocked to see him go in the 10-15 range any more than the 20-25 range. As I said, this draft seems even more up in the air than usual.
  9. I like him personally. I'm having trouble sorting which C I like better out of that '2nd tier' actually. Really any of Mittel, Petterson, Glass, Necas, Vilardi could go in just about any order and I'd have trouble arguing why that's 'wrong'. Add in the D of Lilj and Makar, let alone guys like Heisk and Foote (and the few good W's) and that 5-15 group is a cluster-@#$%. Even 5-25 isn't all that clear. If we end up falling 5-10, I'm pretty ok with Benning an Co taking any of those C's or Lilj/Makar depending on who's left/where we land. And then, depending on what moves we make ahead of the ED and entry drafts could affect who we pick. Say we package up Hutton and Baer for someone like Reinhart, maybe then we take one of Lilj/Makar if we're 5-10? So many balls in the air still...
  10. Critical is fine, particularly when warranted. My key beef is being ill informed and hand in hand with that, the TMZ1040 sensationalist crap. I don't even know any more if they're truly ignorant of facts (which is bad enough on it's own) or if they just ignore/twist them (or outright lie) simply as a means to produce drama and fill air time/gain listeners (which is far worse). Their job should be to inform and educate the masses (critical or otherwise). Not misinform them (whether by accident or design) and using that misinformation to whip the less informed in to a frothing frenzy.
  11. Nah, McCann helped get us Guddy
  12. Caught in the numbers game, traded to improve the roster elsewhere.
  13. This. Tanev's a great D but I hope we can get value for him before his injuries catch up and his NTC hampers return. As noted, he's not a part of this next core (3-5 years) regardless. Moving him seriously fast forwards the rebuild. Edler WAS better because of those things. It's the same reasons he was better when we had a D core full of Hamhuis', Salo's, Mitchell's, Bieksa's, Ehrhoff's etc all in their primes. Those teams had DEEP D cores (and a talented forward group as well) and Edler as a solid, complimentary #2D, complimented that. You guys seems to VASTLY and far too easily dismiss how much of a team sport this is. Edler, on a contender with a deep D and solid forward group (like we once had) would still be a fantastic, complimentary D (if a touch diminished from his heyday, due to age). That's tough as a lot can change depending on who we draft, how players develop, UFA's, trades etc. Wild guess based on what we have RIGHT now.... I'm thinking Juolevi won't quite be ready for 1st pair in 3 years so Tryamkin might have that spot until/if Juolevi surpasses him. But something like: Tryamkin, Stecher Juolevi, Gudbranson Brisebois, McEneny/UFA Cederholm?, Subban?
  14. But that doesn't work long term. Hutton's not going to be happy playing 3rd pair minutes when he clearly could/should be playing more. There's also the matter of cap $. Eventually Tryamkin, Hutton and Juolevi are going to start warranting top 4/top 2 pay. You can't have your 3rd pairing D making $5m+ when your top 4 D are also getting that kind of money. Speaking of redundant skill sets....Juolevi, Brisebois, Tanev....