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  1. For the love of Gordie!
  2. Possible. But I don't like your chances in that one much either
  3. There's literally zero chance we go with 9d and 12f. Zero.
  4. Hoping to join you on the island in a couple years Primal. With any luck, I'll be able to tell TM how reception is from Cowichan valley area On a GM/preseason note, I'm happy to see my initial impression on Chatfield when I signed him a few months ago, seems to be well founded.
  5. No, they won't. 13 forwards, 8 D. Pedan will be waived.
  6. Perhaps not at the same level as those two (yet anyway), we do have Sutter, Dorsett, Burmistrov and yes, Virtanen. Horvat to some degree as well.
  7. Already in there
  8. If Pedan is going to become anything, he needs to play. That's not going to happen as 8 D. Biega had more NHL experience, is a natural righty (needed), can pinch in at forward and generally fits the 8d role FAR better.
  9. Every team has at least one #8D prospect who is *ahem* 'adequate'. Would I prefer he clears? Yes. Am I going to lose sleep if he doesn't? No. And IMO, he clears.
  10. Probably be whatever day they put guys on waivers... As for Pedan, again, meh.
  11. Way better hands than Hansen.
  12. Meh. Biega is a far better fit as 8D. If we waive Pedan the same day as VGK waives their D, I'm not terribly concerned.
  13. He's probably fine at 175+ honestly. ~10 lbs over the next 2 years, even for his body type is quite doable.
  14. Still calling Wiercioch and Biega as our spare D's. Pedan and Holm go down. There's a lot more mystery around the forwards IMO.