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  1. Well you have to root for him now!
  2. This past year's lotto should have clearly illustrated how futile tanking is now. Just keep building youth and playing the games and let the chips fall where they may. If we finish 29th or 21st...doesn't really matter imo. Bonus of it being a very deep draft, means we'll still get a good player picking later in the top 10 anyway. And who knows, maybe lady luck finally shows us some love and we grab a lotto spot.
  3. If OJ does make the team, I'd rather he was partnered with Erik 'Touch OJ and I'll turn you in to a stain on the ice' Gudbranson.
  4. COL is pretty happy to see Necas go pretty close to where we got him (11th). He went 12th OA to the Canes. We think we got a major steal late in the 3rd (93OA) with Morgan Frost who went 27th OA IRL to the Flyers. And comically, we took Mikey Anderson at 103 and he went to LAK at ... 103
  5. Some of us have been calling for moving Tanev (for the right deal) for a good year now FWIW.
  6. Don't really care about any ownership issues. If there's a deal to be made, you make a deal. Though I'd love to have DAL close and swing a better deal with TOR last minute just for the Hammer trade thing That'd be my opening salvo. I assume we'd need to add (say a 3rd or a B or prospect etc). Or as you say, take a goalie back from DAL. That's fine (though I might aim for a 3rd or something as well for taking on a goalie from DAL).
  7. I'd prefer Liljegrin and TOR 1st but Heiskenan and DAL 1st wouldn't be bad either. Guessing Stone will be available...
  8. Kapanen's a good player but I'm not sure we need much more in the way of W's. Especially as I hope we go after Kane as a UFA next summer as well.
  9. TOR finally has something we need. Opening bid of Liljegrin and 2018 1st please.
  10. Has anyone heard from @messier's_elbow? Worried that guy's contemplating things on the edge of a bridge railing...
  11. Never mind that beyond the top 15 or so in most drafts, 'the chart' is largely a myth. And this draft it's more like beyond the top 2.
  12. Potential future Demko backup
  13. This just in: REBUILD