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  1. I can understand that to some degree but it's not doing either Sutter or Goldobin any favours. I'd rather see him sheltered with ozone starts and easy QOC than with Sutter. Shore's not useless defensively.
  2. Tend to agree. Sutter produces basically the same offense regardless of line mates. No sense 'wasting' offensive players with him when he's far more effective defensively with better defensive players and the same offensively. Chaput, Sutter, Labate Boucher, Shore, Goldobin
  3. Not if they're extinct they can't.
  4. Yes, that's basically my point. We have very few players anything close to being capable of simply jumping in to the NHL and demanding top 6/top 4 minutes within 1-2 years of being drafted. Horvat really being the only thing close to that thus far. And as good as he has been, isn't a 'generational' player and has really only become a top 6 player the last 1.5'ish years. They need development. That takes time. Yet a certain faction of the fan base seems to view that as a 'failure' of the organization. Development is not failure. Developing players does not make WD a 'bad' coach. I'm mean as promising as guy like Goldobin looks, can anyone say he honestly looks ready for a full time top 6 role right now? We're rebuilding, this is what that is. It will involve losing. It will involve development and requires patience. It will involve hits and misses on players and gambles on guys like Boucher that may or may not pan out. It will involve guys like Goldobin not being forced in to a top 6 role/minutes before he's ready for them and has time to develop in to them naturally. I'm not sure why so many are angered by that? And yes, we're getting there and have far more in our cupboards than I can ever remember. It's exciting but it's going to take time.
  5. Come on, not even a little?
  6. Why fix the problem of killing of all the bees with our careless and reckless use of chemicals when we can JUST ROBOT OUR WAY OUT OF THE PROBLEM? !
  7. It's also a symptom of not having enough skill (yet) either individually or as a team in either organization. Boucher is not Ovechkin, Goldobin is not Laine etc. What young skill we do have isn't the 'top 5' variety that can be simply plunked directly on to a team and thrive and outscore their development mistakes. And we don't have enough quantity yet either. People forget that context when they're ranting. Patience. They need time to develop and we need time for the team to draft and develop them.
  8. Pro Tip: That applies to most things. Clean your $#@%
  9. Last week. Used a reusable bag which is why I guess I haven't found out.
  10. Yup, pretty sure frog is Gallagher, especially with how defensive he got there ^^^
  11. Further to this: As I said though, fine with anyone in that range really. Here's hoping we win 2nd, draft Hischier and all of this is a moot point
  12. Yeah not a big fan of the guy in business...he's ruthlessly screwed his way to those billions stepping on quite a few to get where he is. But yeah, good on him for giving back. None of the Save-On's I go to charge for bags (Superstore does though). Regardless, you should be using:
  13. Perhaps all those robots that will be taking our jobs can also pollinate our crops....?