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  1. He just looks like he's thinking too much instead of just playing. Part of that is likely his age/experience, the pressure of playing in his hometown fishbowl etc. Utica would likely due him some good and not really because he's 'not good enough'.
  2. Not doubting you per se but that references reentry waivers, which no longer exist. Is that from an old CBA?
  3. Think of it as a fresh start
  4. They weren't 'reset' per se, there's been a couple software upgrades and a lot of old posts were simply lost/purged. I think you just need to change the filter to see users.
  5. Given they HAVE to pick 20 players under contract, leaving a few guys as RFA/UFA until after the expansion draft will offer some level of protection. Gaunce and Rodin would all fall under that category so don't expect them to be re-signed before the draft. I still think one of Baer/Granlund/Rodin is gone via trade at some point anyway...
  6. Well, exactly (And Eberle, Draisaitl, Poolparty, RNH...)
  7. 'Healthy' does not mean no injuries. It means not having half your top 4 D and top 6 forwards out for the majority of the season/playing injured and a bunch of uber-green kids and plugs playing WAY above their pay grades.
  8. A loss of 'value' in a trade doesn't always mean that your team isn't improved. EDM will likely continue to lose 'value' on any trades they make in the near future. That does not mean they won't actually be a better team for it though. It seems at least this iteration of their management has figured that out. Fortunately for him/them, they have a crap-ton of 'value' they can stand to take losses on to actually improve.
  9. I'd prefer it keep hybernating given I have their 1st rounder @theminister FWIW, the OP still has the following as instructions: Should probably be updated to PM Primal if that's the proper procedure
  10. Yeah...there's no excuse for what that guy said/did. Get angry for the other guy doing something (stealing his parking spot? cutting him off?) and tell the guy to f-off or something....sure (though even that's immature and unnecessary). Racial slurs, bigotry and hate speech though...not cool.
  11. Crappy transit to PNE area.
  12. We could probably sign Ruutu and recall one of them with sending Virt down but really I'd like to see Utica have some stability and get a footing themselves and touch that lineup as little as possible.
  13. Burrows and Dorsett are hurt. Virt, as yet, has looked like he could use some time in Utica. There's plenty of room currently.
  14. Yeah the whole team looked pretty beat last night. Forward who were tired were doing a poor job supporting the D and the also tired D looked even worse because of it. They've played a lot of hard hockey in a short time. Hopefully they can recoup a bit today in time for tomorrow's game.