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  1. I think there's still a chance he could develop in to a Swedish, 7th D 'Andrew Alberts' type.
  2. Not by a ton it won't. They've stated their plan is to roll 4 lines as often as possible. I say again. One offensive line = easily shut down.
  3. Ding, ding din! Thank Gordie somebody has basic reading comprehension.
  4. No it really doesn't. Terrible reading comprehension.
  5. Nowhere in there is Baer, Granlund, Eriksson a line. You came up with that in your own. You drunk?
  6. It's not about who's a better player. It's about creating a four line team. Eriksson with the twins basically gives us one offensive line. Easily shut down by opponents.
  7. Are you sure he wouldn't be getting nailed in to the boards instead....
  8. Granlund's probably good enough to be a 3C, but regardless, I have him at 4C so I'm not really sure what you're going on about. And that's exactly the top 6 I have.
  9. He's a young, solid 4/5 D with good skating, physicality and has played well particularly when partnered with a more cerebral puck mover. He's excellent at retrieving pucks but tends to over-think if asked to move the puck himself (hence playing well with a puck mover). Also helps to have forwards knowing where they should be to give him simple outlet passes when his partner might not be available. He can also play top 4 in a pinch if there's injuries. A bargain contract for a player like that would be around $2.7-$3m, a fair contract likely $3-$3.5. He's making $3.6, hardly the 'terrible' value you implied.
  10. Sbisa may very well be traded at some point this season but there's a snowball's chance he'll be waived and you quite frankly FAR overstate how 'bad' his contract (and he) is.