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  1. Sbisa was the First Star of the game... WTF...
  2. Xavier with the trombone while Kofi and E stomp on Reigns was just too funny to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFhsq8h9PmI&feature=youtu.be&t=1h1m3s
  3. 734...
  4. It's a pilot episode. It's a basis of how the show will be. It's for gamers to send in their clips, it will be new stuff every week. Just looking for feedback, thanks!
  5. Haven't come across him yet but I ran into M'aiq the Liar randomly. One of my buddies said he is part of a questline.
  6. I've been playing the Elder Scrolls series since Morrowind so this is great. My only complaint is that when I play I take my time and craft items and don't rush through the story. My guild / friends are all mad at me because I don't play the quests with them. I'm always saying I have to dump my inventory because it's full. I also have 4 characters, 2 of them are mules for items for skills I haven't upgraded yet. My first character is level 40 in Provisioning and I sank skill points into it so I make 4 of every item.
  7. The premier episode of OPgamers is here. Hosted by Fast_Eddie. Please watch, like, subscribe, comment and share. Without your help there won't be more episodes. If you send in a funny or epic video clip, in a future episode, that is a winner you could win a 1,000 gift card for Gamestop! And much more!
  8. Sounds more like Rusev, Marching Russian Soldiers...
  9. Multiple sources are claiming March 10th is when heists will finally become available..
  10. Bray's promos seem to be targeting the Undertaker...
  11. If that was the best one... oh boy...
  12. Lesnar is terrible on the mic too, that's why Heyman speaks for him. Rusev seems to be getting better but without Svetlana it wouldn't be the same. Then again, I liked Rusev the moment he came on the scene. He's a big guy that can move.
  13. I've watched it about 5 times in a row and it gets funnier each time.