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  1. Steve Ewen ‏@SteveEwen 56s56 seconds ago Stecher running power-play drills with Larsen, twins and Sutter. #Canucks
  2. Here is how the Sens lined up at practice yesterday Here is how the forwards lined up in practice yesterday: Pyatt - Turris - Hoffman Dzingel - Brassard - Ryan Smith - Pageau - Stone Puempel - Kelly - Neil
  3. Bob McKenzie ‏@TSNBobMcKenzie 1m1 minute ago McBain (ARI), Bernier (NYI) and Michalek (TOR) all clear waivers. No one put on waivers today.
  4. Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 28m28 minutes ago Presentations by bid cities being made for 2019 World Jnr Championship. Edmtn/Cgy, Wpg/Stoon, Van/Victoria and Ottawa believed interested.
  5. NEWS 1130 SportsVerified account ‏@NEWS1130Sports 16m16 minutes ago Conacher says Stecher's hockey i-q is very high, smart heady player with lots of skill. #Canucks NEWS 1130 SportsVerified account ‏@NEWS1130Sports 17m17 minutes ago Utica gm Pat Concacher on Troy Stecher call-up : "I took him to airport, he was jacked up and pumped up." #Canucks Ben Kuzma ‏@benkuzma 21m21 minutes ago Desjardins on Stecher in lineup, depending on Tanev's health: "He had a good camp and he's a guy we want to get a look at." #Canucks
  6. Matthew Sekeres ‏@mattsekeres 24m24 minutes ago Better news on Tanev than I originally thought. Not on IR. May play Friday or Saturday. Stecher plays tomorrow. #CanucksOn1040 #Canucks
  7. Ryan Biech ‏@ryanbiech 8m8 minutes ago Nikita Tryamkin, including his signing bonus for this year, has earned about $148,000 USD this season. #Canucks
  8. Follow Elliotte FriedmanVerified account‏@FriedgeHNIC TOR claims Smith. Puts Michalek on waivers
  9. Back practicing today. Pittsburgh Penguins ‏@penguins 19m19 minutes ago Welcome back to practice, Sid!
  10. Jeff Paterson ‏@patersonjeff 5m5 minutes ago Emerson Etem among the scratches for Ducks vs #Canucks
  11. “I’m inside the rules. Where my pants look big is there’s proportional goaltending equipment. I was part of the competition committee when that went in. I worked with (senior director of hockey operations) Kay (Whitmore) on that. You’re allowed to cover the width and length of your body. Some of my pants are longer because my hip bone to my knee, this area in between from my belt, so basically my femur, is a couple inches longer than average and the pant is made to the average, so it’s longer,” Miller said. “So I mean if you’re looking at it you see the length. I don’t see the width. The width is the same as everybody.” Added Miller, “My pants, I mean they have a different look because they aren’t seamed like some of the guys. They’re a really old model but they fit the gauge the way they’re supposed to fit.” Miller notes there are reasons why other parts of his gear look bigger to the naked eye, but he’s not bending the rules to stop more pucks “I take the thickness on the front my shoulder and my chest here, so when I bend over it looks big but it’s not the frame,” Miller said. “It’s just forward so I can take that shoulder impact. If guys want to get into it they can come in the locker room, they can look at the gear.” Much more here
  12. I'll put this here if it is okay Frank Seravalli ‏@frank_seravalli 39m39 minutes ago #NHL, #NHLPA have agreed to escrow withholding of 15.5% for first quarter of the season. Players had 17% of salary set aside last year.