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  1. Canucks in 6! Book it! Blues haven't won a game in 4 months now Last year they came into the playoffs on a huge roll, This year, not so much!
  2. Caps in 6 Ovi is not getting kicked out in the 1st round!
  3. Pulling for Head Coach, Campbell Rivers own "Rod the bod Brind'amour" Canes in 6, book it!
  4. Flyers sweep the Habs! Hab fans revolt on Bergevan and Julien for not tanking for LaFrenierre!
  5. What isn't really being said about the Laffs miraculous comeback is that CLB top 2 Dman Zack Werenski was injured and didn't play the last 10 minutes of the 3rd period and the OT.
  6. This is from the Blues beat writer for the Athletic CGY plays the winner of the Blues/ Dallas game We play the loser
  7. There is also the bad blood between the owner of Dallas (Gagliardi) and Francesco Aquillini! Nothing like getting in the middle of a dispute between Italians
  8. I voted DALLAS I'm not sure I want to go against ROR Tarasenko Perron Braden Schenn Pieterangelo Bouwmiester Parayko ETC.
  9. We have checked a number of boxes with this win 1. JT Miller trade is now finalized as we gave a late 1st rounder - check 2. Our Team of young players have got and will get more real playoff experience - check 3. They have pulled a mediocre Marky into a 7 game playoff series as a team, now it is up to a spectacular Marky to get us further