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  1. [PGT] Calgary 4 Vancouver 1 Feb 6, 2016

     FACT - 13 regulation wins in 52 games, FACT - Just lost 2 must win home games in a row, to teams below us in the standings, when fighting for a playoff spot FACT - We will not make the playoffs, SELL!!!!!!!!  
  2. GDT: Around the NHL Week of February (01-05) 2016

    Ex GM Mike Gillis spotted on the ferry tonight
  3. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Last month it was CDC screaming Play the kids, play the kids!!!! Now It's bad asset management to waive Higgins, Prust and Weber.  Would CDC rather see McCann and Virtanen sent back to Junior and Hutton sent down to clear Cap?
  4. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    He will probably get claimed,  27yrs, RHD, Offensive PP guy @ $1.5m Cap Hit on expiring contract and this General Fanager ‏@generalfanager  8m8 minutes ago If Weber clears and #Canucks assign him to AHL, should also provide sufficient room for Hamhuis. They'd be an est. $103,469 under the cap. If he is claimed they would have $1.6M cap to absorb some $ in Deadline deals
  5. Sedin Donates All Star Winnings

    It was a $100K, but, Bettman withheld $9k for escrow. 
  6. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    Prandon Bust 
  7. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

  8. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    Frank SeravalliVerified account ‏@frank_seravalli  6m6 minutes ago #Canucks have assigned forward Brandon Prust to the AHL's Utica Comets. They will have ~$1.5 million on their cap in his buried contract. The Canucks are now paying and taking a cap hit for Prust $1.55M, Higgins $1.55M and Luongo $800K to not play on the team
  9. Benning Talking To Media

    Benning on radio this morning Omar A ‏@omarcanuck  3m3 minutes ago   Benning says it's hard to trade for defencemen now, so team will need to draft and develop good defencemen. #Canucks Benning says Shinkaruk "could" get a chance to play w #Canucks. Says if team needs top-6 scoring, he'd be the one called. Benning says he's talked to some teams on Prust and he's waiting to hear back from one more team on him this morning. #Canucks Benning asked how he reacts to stats showing #Canucks have 24% chance of making P/O. "I don't pay attention to any of that stuff." Benning said teams'll be watching Hamhuis but "he's an important guy for us." #Canucks Benning on if phones ringing on Vrbata Hammer says he's had a couple calls. Other thing Benning said is they'll be meeting w #Canucks pro scouts in next few weeks to decide on UFAs and where team's going.
  10. [Report] Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games

    If the suspension gets reduced, the NHL Officials Union will go ballistic In 1988 the Referees withheld their services over the Koharski "Fat Pig" incident
  11. [Report] Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games

    Scott Cruickshank ‏@CruickshankCH  31m31 minutes ago #Flames D Dennis Wideman (suspended) granted non-roster status. Allows team to activate LW Micheal Ferland for tonight's game. Now we know why Burkie, Treliving and Conroy were all at the hearing. 
  12. Lu tweet thread

     Follow Strombone‏@strombone1 More rushing yards Sunday: me or Peyton?
  13. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    Renaud Lavoie ‏@renlavoietva  20s20 seconds ago #canucks Brandon Prust not claimed.
  14. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    People talk of Kassian like he is now cured of alcoholism or something, Kassian has been "dry" for 4 months now The early morning incident happened in early OCT, He was immediately placed into stage 2 of the NHL program and after 90 days of sobriety in early JAN he went back to stage one and was placed on waivers immediately. Odds of staying sober after 90 days of sobriety with assistance from AA or other programs are 5% success after 2 years Good news is those that stay sober for 4 years have good odds of permanent sobriety. He has a huge mountain to climb to conquer his alcoholism and has only taken a few steps, I hope he makes it.