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  1. I wonder what Manny Mulhotra thinks of the new face off rules?
  2. The timing of this is impeccable, Upcoming Mayor and council election in CGY and Seattle desperately needing an NHL team for their new Arena that 2 billionaires are fighting over who gets to build and finance it..
  3. Seattle will offer them a very sweet offer! They have 2 people fighting over who is going to build Seattle a new NHL ready Arena.
  4. Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 32m32 minutes ago Olli Juolevi's agent Markus Lehto says his client looks bigger and progress was made on strength this summer. #Canucks Rick Dhaliwal @DhaliwalSports Lehto says he has options for Juolevi in Europe but won't deal with them till October. #Canucks 6:48 AM - Sep 5, 2017 Rick Dhaliwal‏ @DhaliwalSports 31m31 minutes ago Lehto says Juolevi is concentrating on making the #Canucks and not where he will play if he doesn't make it in Vancouver.
  5. Dustin Johnson's golf bag for the Fed Ex playoffs Gretzky putter cover, I hear Gretz was pretty good in the playoffs.
  6. Compare these 2 photos to show the level of flooding in Houston
  7. We are already picking up $800K of Lou's salary on our cap, so if he retired in the 2019 season our cap hit increase would be just over $2M for 3 years
  8. Rick Dhaliwal @DhaliwalSports Alex Kefroot agent J.P Barry “Tough call to say no to #Canucks, Jim and Travis made great pitch.” 11:07 AM - Aug 23, 2017
  9. Darren Dreger‏Verified account @DarrenDreger Follow More Alex Kerfoot has decided on Colorado.
  10. Ryan Biech‏Verified account @ryanbiech 9m9 minutes ago More Replying to @ryanbiech Tryamkin is in the lineup today for Avtomoblist in their KHL season opener. Ryan Biech‏Verified account @ryanbiech 2m2 minutes ago More Nikita Tryamkin is wearing an 'A' for Avtomobilist today
  11. Darren Dreger‏Verified account @DarrenDreger 11m11 minutes ago More Darren Dreger Retweeted Arthur Staple As of late last night, no final decision. Isles were in final 5. Expect decision today.
  12. Ryan Biech ✔@ryanbiech #Canucks prospect Dmitry Zhukenov is not in the lineup for Avangard Omsk's (KHL) season opener. Appears to be a healthy scratch. 8:13 AM - Aug 22, 2017
  13. "If Kerfoot — a Vancouver native who is believed to be mulling an offer from the Canucks — does follow Vesey to Broadway, Harvard’s 2016-17 captain would certainly be in the mix for an opening-night roster spot." "J.P. Barry, the 23-year-old center’s agent who confirmed the parties’ mutual interest, told The Post that Kerfoot likely would reach a decision by Tuesday following a weekend of reflection."