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  1. They have Gerard Gallant as Head Coach, not Willie D
  2. Vegas doesn't look like it's getting a high pick right now!
  3. Hey Warhippy, Thanks for this ^^^, makes thing much clearer.
  4. How fitting our next game is against the Bruins, Gord lived and breathed the Bruins! Heck, his godfather was Harry Sinden! Hopefully some form of respectful ceremony will happen pre-game
  5. good point!
  6. Was hoping for Goldy, At least it's not Megna.
  7. 4-1 Sens - Karlsson returns for the SENS, Goldie scores for Canucks called up for Louii 2 points
  8. Maybe Eriksson can get an equipment allergy and be out for 5 years.
  9. Canucks, A perfect mirror of Vancouver's real estate market, Lots of empty spots, exorbitant prices, locals priced out, ridiculous amenities
  10. $148M over 5 years!
  11. Royals 7 game win streak ends in OT Loss. Coming Up Next – The Royals head out on a seven-game, 6,123-kilometre road trip starting in Spokane on Friday, October 13th, Victoria will make stops in Seattle, Edmonton, Regina, Brandon, Saskatoon and finish in Prince Albert. The Royals return home on Saturday, October 28th to battle the Vancouver Giants.
  12. Very Well done
  13. 6-0 record now with this win tonight on the road in Fruitloops