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  1. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Wahlstrom at lucky #7

    I mean Wahlstrom would be the best choice outside a defeceman. We need another center with top 6 potential almost as much a defenseman
  2. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    [Rumor] Jonathan Tavares to test UFA

    Thats what Im talking about. We need a top 6 center as bad as a top defencman. With Olli coming up and another top defender this year(via draft) we just need a top 6 center. With Pettersson coming next year and Tavaras... we make the playoffs
  3. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    [Rumour] Oilers may consider trading first round pick

    How does that make any sense at all. We traded a high second for Sven. Then give them a solid number #2 defencmen and take a bad contract back for a lottery ticket? Are you kidding me? Tanev has had some bad luck but reinforcements are coming next year and we will be a better team.... and that will boost Tanev's value. He had some fluke injuries this year but it doesn'tt tank his value that bad. His starting value this year was a first round pick and a grade a prospect. Now we have give a good prospect a second round pick and take a bad contract back? That makes our team worse No questions asked. If that is truly his trading value he is worth more to us
  4. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Olli Juolevi | D

    But after seeing him play responably snd safely u til he learns his partners... i could just imagine how cdc would blow after game one if he doesnt pot a goal and grab a few helpers
  5. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Stealth-Renewal Is 100%...Just 1 More Yr of Kamikaze-Descent

    How do you figure? The way of Arizona, Buffalo and Edmonton were to "gift" the spots to the young guys. Not make them take the spots from mid tier regular NHL'rs. Look how its worked out for them? Toronto had been drafting high for years and had a bunch of players NOT signed to NMC's that had some great value. We did not. We already traded them. Shnieds, Lu, Kesler. I have seen the argument about "Benning is good at drafting so never trade a pick for a player" so often it blows my mind. Drafting is talent evaluation. How does that get thrown out the window unless your drafting? He knows which prospects are around the level of the pick he is trading and he feels the player has more upside. "Trading picks for players that will have no impact on a team when its competitive?" Are you playing a video game? Are we suppose to just throw rookies in and see how they do. Don't bring them up in a competitive environment around other decent regular NHL's they can learn from? So we just sign some loser 4th liners and sit at the bottom for 3-4 years until you get your talent and then magically in one off season build a team around them? Toronto didn't even do that and they have BABCOCK. The players we traded picks for have a chance at being a lot better than the picks we traded. When our new core makes these players redundant we can then TRADE them for more draft picks to KEEP the cupboards full. Heck if we let them develop enough we might even get BETTER picks than we used to get them. You are not realistic in any way. And the way you think makes me believe you have no clue about personal, player or athlete development.
  6. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    You still don't get it... and you are till cherry picking the words you want out of my comment. He is getting 1-2 pair minutes with THE WEAKER PARTNER. It means the coach trusts him to carry the pairing. I asked for the quote where he was called out by his coach after being scratched for two games after world jr's. Salo said if he wanted to make the NHL next year he would have to increase his conditioning. You still cant provide it because the coach said he looked tired. Again I never said it was a good thing but I don't believe it was performance related. I think he has a strong personality and is an emotional kid. BECAUSE he is a kid. This is MY OPINION. So splitting top pairing minutes with the weaker partner makes him the #3 when the #2 comes back? hrm.... don't think the math works there with amount of minutes he's playing. And if the teams #1 defenceman wasn't smashing the same records OJ is breaking this year he would be talked about more. I'm not saying this kid is a future Norris winner. But he sure looks good and is getting better every month. He is also having a great season against men. AND being Leaned on to play the toughest minutes with a weaker partner. I'm not a cheerleader but you WILL be eating crow.
  7. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Really 1-2nd pairing minutes playing with a bottom pairing defencmen playing the hardest minutes means "not top-pairing?" Still cherry picking information. Have you ever watched the kid play? He was sat a few games after world jr's and the coach said he looked tired. Show where his coach was calling him out not doing what he needed. Its a huge step from jr's to pro and he put an insane amount of weight on last year. He had to get used to a tougher game and a more rigorous training schedule after putting on twenty pounds in the off season. That is not something that just happens. He's a kid. I bet you would have traded Virtanen for nothing two years ago as well.
  8. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    You are totally cherry picking information. Heikkinen is not beating him in ice time every game. OJ is also being paired with a weaker partner than Heikkinen. When he got back from the WJ's he was exhausted and took a while to get back in the swing. He slowed down a bit after that and was pushed down the depth chart. I have watched him enough to think it was not skill related. I think he has a very strong personality. Not every prospect is a Bo or Boeser. Just wait... Benning knew what he was doing. The amount of crow guys will be eating over Virtanen and OJ will be epic
  9. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    lol yes. . Cant believe the first round pick wasn't lottery protected. Even though Burke should share some of the responsibility should he not>?
  10. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    I am surprised it hasn't cost Burke his job
  11. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    He's playing 23-26M a night... You dont play that many minutes just because someone was injured. Just like the World Jr's when it really counts he steps it up and coaches rely on him. OJ is going to be a stud
  12. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Zack MacEwen | #71 | C/RW

    Delete... this was suppose to post in FA
  13. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Michael DiPietro | G

    Demko screams Luongo type goaltender. His positional game is strong but he needs to work on his side to side movements and his glove hand. He goes down to quick in my opinion as well. In his first game in GM place most of the early posts and the first goal was him losing track of the puck. Every ice surface has different lights and shadows which effect goaltenders WAY more than players. GM place has a four shadow cross in middle of the ice just inside the blue line. The first goal and quite a few of his iffy plays were from that exact spot. He will be a NHL starter for sure MD is something else. I completely agree that he needs some serious fundamentals. A recent prospect I will relate him to on a lesser scale is Virtanen(this is why he had so little ice time to start. His bad habits had to be broken and green didnt want him cheating). MD is so gifted that he gets away with his bad habits and cheating because of his natural ability. Some people can't shake and transition to a more professional and fundamentally sound game. But if it does... we will have LU/SCHNIDS v2.0 And I mean Michael Dipitero.... He's got an epic goaltender name.
  14. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy


    Our prospect pool goes down next for sure. Wtih OJ, EP, Dahlen and probably coming over next year ther is no way we can replace that in one drafting year. Also AG doesnt look out of place and will strat with the club net year. That's 4 of our top 5 prospects making the NHL.
  15. TheYjUstMaKeYoUwooZy

    Lukas Jasek | RW

    This. I truly think 2017 will be better than 2014. I can see every player we drafted having a serious chance at making it. With how deep this draft is I cant WAIT to see what Benning pulls out of his hat. Benning is about to make a lot of people eat crow on the Virtanen and OJ picks to.