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  1. Right now we don't need him. Let him play top minutes in in Utica. For him, it's better for his development at this point imo. We already have too many forward as it is up here at the moment tbh, especially now with reports saying that Higgins could be good to go tomorrow (that's what I heard at least). If Higgins slots back in then someone has to be scratched. The next little while will indeed in regards to the lineup. We are going to have to trade someone, I love Higgins, his work ethic is great something the young guys can learn from but we should look at moving him. His position seems to have been taken over this season.
  2. When was the last time a team traded a top defenceman? Seriously, the last one I can think of on the top of my head was Pronger and he wanted out himself. Top defenceman aren't traded easily unless the particular team is lucky enough to have a few top D-men. If we want that top D-man we have to draft them and be patient and wait for them to fully develop...it sucks but that's the way it's done these days.
  3. Anytime a player has to hang it up it sucks, it's even worse when it's an early retirement because of health reasons. Hope all the best for him in the future.
  4. Oilers could be one to look out for. And it's not because of McDavid. Hall and Eberle with open space should be able to do some damage.
  5. Yes they are and they will (hopefully) be on the 2nd line then. The youngster we have now will be the 1st line and then we'll have a good run at the cup for them! Happy Birthday to them.
  6. I see where you are coming from but one statement you made confused me. Play the young guys for their nine games and if they are not ready for the NHL trade them? Just because players aren't ready for a full time spot in the NHL doesn't mean you trade them. How will we ever get a contending team in the future with that attitude? I would like to see a few of the guys get nine games. Maybe Shinkaruk has a chance this year? I don't really follow the prospects as much as I could but if I remember correctly, Shinkaruk was the last(or one of the last) player cut a few years ago. It looked very possible he would make the team with Torts yet since then it seems he has been passed down the depth chart. Again, I don't follow the prospects so maybe he has had injury issues that I was unaware of, just find it interesting.
  7. I would take away the trapezoid, and have the rulebook enforced and stay the same throughout the season and playoffs. When the playoffs come much fewer calls are made and honestly no one seems to know what a penalty is....just keep it consistent. How can a normal roughing call in the reg season be fine in the playoffs? I just don't understand the logic behind that. Also, just reading some of the suggestions above; call the dive or the trip, it shouldn't be both!
  8. We definitely heading the right direction. We have guys that play with heart and grit, and add that with a nice mix of veteran guys with some rookies and the next few years will be a lot more exciting and be working towards something. In the past few years (last few years with Gillis) we were pretty boring and players we added weren't exactly players to get excited for. This year we have Sutter, Prust, Horvat's sophmore season (hoping he picks up where he left off last season) and hopefully Virtanen or Shinkaruk or any other young rookie will added to the line-up. It will be tougher season to get to the playoffs but no doubt I think it will be another exciting year.
  9. Edmonton went on a rebuild 10 years ago. It's still going. Would you rather a team that will be competitive while injecting youth or a team that injects youth and goes nowhere? Fans complain now, imagine a losing culture. Canucks did a lot better this year than expected. Playoffs were disappointing but I honestly didn't think they'd even make the playoffs, so this past season is a win in my books. Next season will be better regardless of what happens in the off-season mainly because we know what Horvat can do. He won't get those sheltered mins at the start of the season like he did last season. Not at all saying he is our 'saviour' or anything but imagine having the 2nd half of the season Horvat for a full season. He really picked up his game and made good strides, and he'll be better next season. Hopefully another young guy gets injected or others can pick up their game too (Vey, Kassian, etc.)
  10. Reg win - 2 OT win - 1 There should be no reward for shootout. Teams will play less safe to grab that extra point. 5mins of 4 on 4, then 5mins of 3 on 3. That's what I'd like to at least see. They should try it for the pre-season and see how many times the game is still tied by the end of it.
  11. I loved the Ref cam. They used it quite a bit in the first 2-3 games of the season and since then I can't really remember seeing it. I thought it was going to be used more - granted I did/do not know about it. I don't tend to follow on new ways they are trying to improve the game simply because there is always so much going on, there is little point to get excited until you see it happen lol
  12. Kassian - I love the guy personally, and if we do trade him it will be a huge mistake. People want him to be getting 60pts or something, he is still young. Bertuzzi was in his mid-late 20's before he hit the 50pts mark (if I'm not mistaken). Some players especially ones that weren't in an environment to excel (Torts obviously didn't like him and AV gave him limited opportunities as well) will take longer to develop. He is not quite ready for top 6 minutes though, he is doing a good job this season on the 3rd line. Let him play there for the rest of the season before moving him up - like Burrows and Kesler. Higgins, is one of the hardest working players on the team imo. His stats may not show it, but he always puts in the effort. While I do agree he is more suited for a 3rd line role, at this time there really isn't any one else that can replace him on the top 6 - Matthias could although that 3rd line has been incredible so I'd prefer that to stay put. Lets not forget that the 2nd line as a whole hasn't been producing, 3 players not producing signifies that it's not just one player dragging them down. PS. I meant this to be a quick post, expanded and went a bit overboard here lol.
  13. Yes, we are slowly settling in a new core of the future. We traded a 30year old Kesler. While our core is still aging every year (Sedins, Burrows, Edler, Bieksa) we have introduced new young players who will get better and become the core of the future (Horvat, Vey, Bonino - I include him as his breakout season seemed to be last year) In previous years, it seems management thought about the present not the future. Here we have young blood in the line-up to learn instead of waiting for an injury to get a call-up. Not to mention instead of 2 strong lines they have forgotton about contracts/salaries and put together the best 4 lines within the roster we have. Granted our roster is much stronger but still having 4 lines for the first time in what 5+ years. Can't be a coincidence that it came about with new management and leadership!
  14. Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Yeah I am/was worried about taking up equipment when others want to use it haha. I know this is a 'newbie' question but I have never been to gym, just done home-based workouts for the past few years. Think until I hit the gym for the first time(in a about a months time) I will do the first option at home (as you recommend) to get used to it
  15. Should I do all 4 sets at the same time? For example if I was doing bench press should I do set 1 then take a minute to rest then go on to set 2, etc. Or is it better to do bench press, then move onto my next exercise (like a deadliest/squat perhaps)?