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  1. Has Change Really Come?

    Yes, we are slowly settling in a new core of the future. We traded a 30year old Kesler. While our core is still aging every year (Sedins, Burrows, Edler, Bieksa) we have introduced new young players who will get better and become the core of the future (Horvat, Vey, Bonino - I include him as his breakout season seemed to be last year) In previous years, it seems management thought about the present not the future. Here we have young blood in the line-up to learn instead of waiting for an injury to get a call-up. Not to mention instead of 2 strong lines they have forgotton about contracts/salaries and put together the best 4 lines within the roster we have. Granted our roster is much stronger but still having 4 lines for the first time in what 5+ years. Can't be a coincidence that it came about with new management and leadership!
  2. The Workout Thread

    Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Yeah I am/was worried about taking up equipment when others want to use it haha. I know this is a 'newbie' question but I have never been to gym, just done home-based workouts for the past few years. Think until I hit the gym for the first time(in a about a months time) I will do the first option at home (as you recommend) to get used to it
  3. The Workout Thread

    Should I do all 4 sets at the same time? For example if I was doing bench press should I do set 1 then take a minute to rest then go on to set 2, etc. Or is it better to do bench press, then move onto my next exercise (like a deadliest/squat perhaps)?
  4. ECF: (4) Montreal Canadiens vs (5) New York Rangers

    I don't count the Habs out completely. I mean the last 2 games have gone to OT. One lucky bounce and the series could have been a 2-2 tie and a lot of people would be saying that it will go the distance. Down 3-1 is obviously not ideal, but it has been done before. It's not going to happen unless the Habs D start doing a much better job. It seems they are more focused on the offence side of things then the defensive. Their goalie has been great. I can definitely see why MT chose him over Budaj. He needs some help. Also, Vanek? what has he done this entire playoffs? This is a guy that is rumoured to get a $7M pay check this off-season and I haven't seen anything good about him. I didn't really know what kind of player he was, never really watched him until these playoffs. Now I see first hand that he seems absolutely useless, I'd rather have Higgins or Santo or Kassian than him tbh. Maybe he is hurting though? but right now no way he deserves what he is rumoured to get.
  5. The Workout Thread

    Hello All. I was hoping someone could help me out. Is there any particular way to structure a workout for the gym as oppose to a home-based one? Now this sounds like a stupid question, but I am moving and will be joining a gym in about 6 weeks. I have never been to a gym, although I have worked out for about 2 years (well 5 actually but 3 were while I was at uni, so really wasn't taking it seriously haha). At the moment I do a full body workout (just switched it up from a upper/lower split as I felt it was getting a bit stale) and I tend to do the usual stuff people say to do like squats, bench press, deadlifts, pull ups and other compound while throwing in a few isolation exercises as well. Basically my concern really is if I go and I am unable to get to the exercises I want because it is too crowded? Is this something that is just a 'newbie' concern, or is it that I should do all chest exercise at the same time then go on to back and so on. For example do I do 15mins of chest, then 15 mins of back, etc. I hope all of this makes sense Oh and if it helps my plan was to join one of the Trevor Linden Club 16 fitness….pretty sure there is a one close to where I'm moving. Thanks in advance for any tips. Again I'm sure this is a pretty odd/newbie question to be asking haha
  6. [Botchford] Kesler gave a list of 6 (revisited)

    This kinda sucks. I like Kesler, but if he wants out best do it now that he has trade value. Despite his past 'injuries' he was healthy this year and played fairly well considering how the entire team played. I hope we can get a good trade for now and the future. Re-tool/Re-build whatever you want to call it suck, but I would like to see some good hockey while waiting for the future. Just like Detroit seems to do….
  7. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    I want Iginla to hoist the cup but at the same time I don't want to see Boston in another finals…. Going to be a tough, brutal series. I think it will go to at least 6 games.
  8. AV failed in his last year's here. Torts has failed this year. Surely that is a clear sign that we need better players. It's not the coach, it's the wrong players and lack of a top 6. When we were winning in December, I remember hearing a lot of praise for Torts. As soon as we lose it's the coach's fault? Give the guy another year and we'll what the new GM and Linden do with this team - and go from there.
  9. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    As much as we all hate Boston, got to admit they have built the team the right way. Bring in a bunch of big scary guys who still have skill. Pretty much set for success. If we do get Benning, and he can bring the same success imagine the future ahead...
  10. haha Gillis is surely just doing any moves he can to save his skin now. It's the same players as last year with the same result, and Gillis thinks 'it must be the coach's fault'?
  11. [GDT] CGY - 1/18/14 - 7PM

    If you're not 100% don't play. That should be the message to all the injured. Come back when ready. Obviously we could use all the questionable players in (specifically Henrik) but I'd rather wait for Henrik to be 100%…don't push it. We just need to win. Just one win could do wonders for the team, get their confidence up and maybe they will get on a roll? One period, one shift at a time. Just outplay them and we should be fine
  12. David Booth: Hold onto him?

    He has played great on that 3rd line lately. But $4M for a 3rd liner is too much. If he gets better and plays himself into the top 6 in the second half of the season then I would reconsider but the way he is being used at the moment, it just isn't quite worth the price. Regardless I hope he can fully regain his previous form.
  13. Lucic isn't exactly dirty but he plays on the edge and goes over board sometimes (Miller interference) but thats how he plays. Thats the way Kassian needs to play as well haha.
  14. I agree. I mean the similarities between the two are pretty close surely the punishment should be about the same as well. Whatever happens I just hope Orpik is able to play in the future and that the NHL starts doing a proper job and giving out lengthy suspensions. Start suspending players half a season (half their pay check) maybe then they might play a cleaner game….Obviously easier said than done though.
  15. [PGT] Bieksa wins by domination!

    Booth has been great. Hopefully he can keep it up. He can be 'one' of the top 6 players we have been looking for. If only we could get another top 6 player and Burrows can start burying his chances. Oh well. Maybe December is the month we get a nice win streak going. Bad November, lets make it up with a good December