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    I like lots of things. If you care to look, I love the *reads script* The Canucks. But it's all about Yes. You can't get enough of them. They're just so good! I dislike communists, though.... And I hate baseball cards. But I love to make things too. I make lots of things... Yep: lego, play-doh, cuisine... All kinds. I don't discriminate. I love Iced tea. Most refreshing drink EVAR!
  1. Happy B-day!! =)

  2. hay! happy birthday, kay? We miss you

  3. Long time no see

  4. There's this special place i go to when I'm bored... But cdc, msn and music is a good combo too. Msn isn't too active for me tonight... Probably because I don't want to talk to anyone haha...

  5. You should probably find something to do. I'm keeping myself entertained. I'm not hot. so ha!

  6. A combination of the easy drinking taste of nestea and listening to Yes

  7. I would never do that

  8. nono just peeps on msn

  9. Nothing is up. I have become comfortably numb. I'm sitting here talking to people I don't want to and drinking some ice cold nestea

  10. The glory days of this place are over. So is his spirit. But he lives o_O

  11. Some shots I took a while ago. There are lots, but I'll only show a few. Took these with my crappy 4.0 megapixel camera This one was probably my pride and joy. It came out so nice for me. I'm not much of a photographer. I just recently got into it as a side thing
  12. Aaaaand by him, I don't mean me >.>

  13. My comment cherry was popped long ago. I just deleted the comments :P

  14. Hi, thanks for viewing my page. he's not dead, okay.

  15. Too lazy to research, but why does UFC have all their events numbered?