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    I like lots of things. If you care to look, I love the *reads script* The Canucks. But it's all about Yes. You can't get enough of them. They're just so good! I dislike communists, though.... And I hate baseball cards. But I love to make things too. I make lots of things... Yep: lego, play-doh, cuisine... All kinds. I don't discriminate. I love Iced tea. Most refreshing drink EVAR!
  1. Happy B-day!! =)

  2. ~~!!bon anniversaire!!~~

    but seriously. happy birthday :)

  3. hay! happy birthday, kay? We miss you

  4. Long time no see

  5. Is that special place ? :P Haha, j/k! Hm. I'm talking to 2 ppl who are barely there.. so it's just CDC and music.

  6. There's this special place i go to when I'm bored... But cdc, msn and music is a good combo too. Msn isn't too active for me tonight... Probably because I don't want to talk to anyone haha...

  7. What is there to do at 1am? I'm just listening to music and msn'ing and CDC'ing.. but I'm still bored!

  8. You should probably find something to do. I'm keeping myself entertained. I'm not hot. so ha!

  9. Sweeet. Wooooww, I'm so bored and hot!

  10. A combination of the easy drinking taste of nestea and listening to Yes

  11. lol, great. So is the nestea helping you cool down?

  12. I would never do that

  13. My commments! Duh :)

  14. Oh. Hm, I totally took over your comments' space. Don't delete them! :P