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  1. IF Tamp wins the Stanley Cup

    Will you be 1-somewhat irked 2-totally miffed 3- could care less 4- other Because if they win, this would be their second cup and and they entered the league: 22 YEARS AFTER VANCOUVER!
  2. Captain Bo or Typo?

    Saw this quote by ;The Kuuz'; don't know if it is a typo but was under the impression, no decision until training camp at the earliest> Everyone has tagged Horvat as the next Captain, but GMJB & Pres.TL PRO HOCKEY RUMORS: Western Notes: Tarasenko, Horvat, Kaprisov MAY 5, 2018 AT 6:47 PM CDT | BY HOLGER STOLZENBERG Vancouver Canucks Bo Horvat is playing for Team Canada in the World Championships with one thing in mind. The Vancouver Sun’s Ben Kuzma writes that the team captain was told by the team during exit interviews at the end of the season to keep working on his two-way game. Horvat, who had a career-high in goals scored with 22, has emphasized working on his skating while in Denmark. “For me, it’s to work on my skating — you can never be too fast,” said Horvat, who also said working on his defensive awareness is another skill he’s been working on.
  3. Well, all I can say is, whatever you're smoking, it must be some powerful stuff!
  4. Draft Day (Proposal)

    Well done, I like the idea of keeping with the theme that Vancouver overpays for everything, and gets nothing in return.
  5. Baertschi for an ELC Center (proposal)

    Huh? you've got Gaudette and Petersen in the waiting line, no centre required, need any kind pf improvement on D we can get though.
  6. A Theory Of Apparent Uncertainty?

    I don't think any GM has had a say in player movement in/out or otherwise since the Aquilini's have owned the team, GMJB's position is to report to Linden. So all this BS, put GMJB in a tough spot, as Linden seems to not always agree with what JB has said in public. I for one, wish Linden would go back to biking and running his fitness clubs, because he fails miserably as a Pres., 4 yrs and counting for CRAP, BORING, PLAY TO NOT LOSE HOCKEY ( trap and lock )!
  7. Trevor Linden Interview TSN1040- January 30

    4 more years !
  8. I think management will resign everyone so that we can enjoy 4 more years of this sh.. hockey, making it 8 yrs under Linden & Benning.
  9. Could Vancouver Ownership Force A Tavares Push?

    The reason the Canuck's suck is because of ownership directing direction! They only give a care ( say what you will, ) about fanny's in the stands as history shows with all the dumb ass firings & hires' they made since 2011. They will never trust or give control to anyone individual ( as it should perhaps be ) but you do owe the fans and ticket buyers clarity and stop with this retool, remold, re model crap . The GREAT SEDIN'S need to do what's best for the team and retire in order to move on & create new heros' and new memories instead of what was.
  10. (Proposal) Building for the Draft

    IMO: Not going to get that return, even from the AHL for Guddy, more like a 2nd or 3rd and a prospect. Tanman not going anywhere, even though he can't avoid injury. Vanek will likely get resigned by GMJB, because el Presidente' is worse than the owner for interference. The entire front office is in need of a 'Remodel'
  11. [proposal] Vanek trade

    Our management has to realize, many fans are tired of this dog and pony show. Trying to stay competitive at the expense of us fans has FAILED to a point that we just want some sort of solid direction. Overpaying for Eriksson, the sad state of the diminishing Sedins, nothing on defence to get excited over after 4 yrs, Gubranson, Vanek etc. IMO, trade who ever makes sense and stock pile picks. Picks get you returns at the deadline and around July 1, without dipping into your core. Stop playing mind games, declare your direction, let's roll!
  12. [Rumor] Canucks shopping for top 9 forward

    IF he wasn't, then that would be news worthy. He gets paid to do more than try and improve the team. Every day, every GM is 'in the hunt' & Vancouver is no exception.
  13. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Patrick Marleau

    Elliotte Friedman Retweeted Leafs PR‏Verified account @LeafsPR 3m3 minutes ago More The #Leafs announced today the signing of F Patrick Marleau to a 3-year contract. The annual average value of the contract is $6.25 million. 29 replies254 retweets166 likes
  14. Nail would love to play for anyone. Where else could he get a few million to float around! There must be a 1000 guys who try harder and can't get a sniff at the NHL.