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  1. [Rumor] Canucks shopping for top 9 forward

    IF he wasn't, then that would be news worthy. He gets paid to do more than try and improve the team. Every day, every GM is 'in the hunt' & Vancouver is no exception.
  2. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign Patrick Marleau

    Elliotte Friedman Retweeted Leafs PR‏Verified account @LeafsPR 3m3 minutes ago More The #Leafs announced today the signing of F Patrick Marleau to a 3-year contract. The annual average value of the contract is $6.25 million. 29 replies254 retweets166 likes
  3. Nail would love to play for anyone. Where else could he get a few million to float around! There must be a 1000 guys who try harder and can't get a sniff at the NHL.
  4. Does anyone know the rules for expansion? For example: LVGN have a deal or two whereby they make trades instead of selecting a certain player, or they select a player another team covets. This ( could be multiple ) trades & may return 2 players say if they did not take a certain player or made a taken player available in a trade? Whereby filling their roster. I know they also have a farm team, so this may be far fetched. So a team with not much to offer, aka canucks' could stand to loose nobody? thoughts:
  5. Canuck Protection Strategy?

    Wondering why the Sedin's were protected when they could have exposed them and perhaps protected two others, possibly? By this I mean: Considering their age- 38, and their salaries , would not those two factors be something LVGN would steer away from? I would have risked it, but I am not the GM.( thank goodness, I know ) The only thing I can think of is LVGN are planing to ONLY spent to the base or close to it for a yr or two while they build? Interested to hear from others on this.
  6. If what some people predict and as some reporters have said as much in print, Vegas could potentially be swimming in draft picks, meaning? - IMO; a playoff birth before Vancouver and dread the thought, winning a Stanley Cup before Vancouver, ugh! gives me a headache just writing this.
  7. The main topic, which as died a slow death involves Chris Tanev, so I found this on Sportsnet, a summary albeit, 90 minutes to roster freeze. Trade junkies, enjoy:
  8. [Rumour] Canucks being approached about Tanev

    LOL ! > " worse without the guy ".... like going from 28 to 31st is worse in what is to be a better draft than 2017 yr.
  9. Leafs will win the cup long before Vancouver. Aggressive signings in line with a solid plan, something Vancouver should copy. Example, JB is working on POSSIBLY resigning Granpa Miller, while we have a 4 Million $ back up? Can't see the fan base staying patient very long with this management team.
  10. [Trade] Kings trade Bishop to Dallas

    Dallas Stars‏Verified account @DallasStars 4m4 minutes ago More #Stars acquire goaltender Ben Bishop from the Kings in exchange for Montreal's fourth round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft.
  11. Drafting Lottery Hyperbole

    Just looked up Josh Manson, playing for the Ducks. I was surprised to see he was a 6th rd, 160 overall pick. Just saying, 5th ain't so bad if you can luck out with a solid pick as well later in the draft. Someone interviewing on 1040, said of the Canuck's last 35 picks since 22 & 33 ( not to be confused with college and free agent signings, might be wrong on wording), only 2 have cracked the lineup? Right or wrong, the scouting and drafting may be on the up swing with Benning. Any way you get the idea. Let's hope so, loosing sucks after several really good years.
  12. Hope he goes back to the Globe and Mail, takes Pratt, Bro Jack, Bmac, Taylor with him. And Please, don't hire Scott ( only my opinion counts ) cuz I know everything- Rintooll!
  13. okay, even if I spelled his name incorrectly, my topic is: Would you have BP back on a PTO? Maybe his ankle is heeled and he'd come cheap?