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  1. okay, even if I spelled his name incorrectly, my topic is: Would you have BP back on a PTO? Maybe his ankle is heeled and he'd come cheap?
  2. How many languages can you speak? The Mayor probably speaks better Endgish than you understand English
  3. No biggie, cannon fodder for Utica, not worth the press release
  4. JB, Gave up to early on this player. When he was up in Vanland, played okay, needed to regain his confidence after the injuries. A lot of head scratcher decisions by this Canuck Management.
  5. Likely a thread on this, but just the same. 12 fwds, 7 defenders and 2 goalies all signed. =21 My point being, JB can only sign by subtraction. My expendables: Forwards: Gaunce, Burrows, Etem and for the right piece, Hansen Defenders: #7 is Biega and #8 Pedan AHL guys again, have no chance So, you play GM, how do you get to the playoffs and compete?
  6. The term and money must be hellashish, why would you not see what the reportedly 75 other teams can offer? Likely a fake account!
  7. Hate to see you go, NOT!
  8. Thank god, Ray has been dogging it last number of years
  9. Did the Canuck's not make it known that Etem was to was get a qualifying offer on draft day, ? Anyone know any different?
  10. Kevin ODonnell Fox13 Verified account ‏@ODonnellFox13 Reports out of Canada have a deal in the works for the #Lightning to trade Ben Bishop to the Calgary Flames.
  11. Not sure about your post information, but by all accounts, most reasonable suggestions I've seen in a long time, Thank you for being sensible.
  12. Look at the possible defender combinations and ask, 'where are the points going to come from'? This is a real head scratcher .Had 2 goals, 7 assists last season, jeezus , Big guy, 24, cap friendly one year, then RFA. Time will tell.
  13. Add Marc Crawford to the list of names on the free agent coaching market. Following ZSC Lions’ shocking playoff exit in the Swiss league on Thursday, the team has decided not to renew the 55-year-old's contract. Crawford’s top-seeded side was swept in the first-round of the National League A playoffs by eighth-seeded SC Bern, who fired former NHL head coach Guy Boucher in November. The loss also meant the end of Auston Matthews’ career in Europe. [Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Hockey contest today] After being hired by ZSC in 2012, Crawford led the Lions to the league title in 2014 and Swiss Cup earlier this season. He also added Matthews to the list of young players he helped thrived while behind the bench. "After four years, I think we need a new impulse and he needs a new challenge," said ZSC CEO Peter Zahner. "I think it's okay for both sides." Crawford’s contract was up in the summer, but with the Stanley Cup-winner coach eyeing an NHL return, ZSC did not want to wait on his decision, instead choosing to part ways with enough time to find a replacement. “I want to give myself the best opportunity to get back in the NHL next year,” Crawford told The Hockey News in February. “If that is being a head coach, which I hope it is, or if it’s being an assistant coach or if it’s going back to one of the other leagues, I want to give myself every opportunity.” Stick-tap Swiss Hockey News
  14. Com'on man, Hamhuis was reluctant (rumor) to go to Chicago, why in the heck would he go to Boston?