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  1. Agreed. like I mentioned, this isn’t the og article I read. Didn’t spend any time looking for it. This one said along the lines of the same thing. They harped about it on SN as well when he was drafted. Im really excited to see this kid.
  2. Like I said, I think he’ll be great. The article said Hockey Smarts and Decision making. sounds like questionable hockey iq. I don’t see it being an issue as he matures though. Im high on the kid for sure. I love his style. I do NOT see him getting close to 100 points though. That is straight up 12 year old kid fantasy. That was my point.
  3. https://thehockeywriters.com/vasili-podkolzin-2019-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/ This isn’t the one I read before, but after a quick search, it still says the same thing. Near the bottom it has STRENGTHS and UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The improvements needed were decision making and hockey smarts. It was talked about when he was drafted too I believe. I know they talked about it a lot on sportsnet after we drafted him.
  4. Take a look at the lists of people who have scored 100+ points at in the last couple years. It is a very impressive list of extremely high end players. VP is going to be great, but he isn’t a big point getter. Never has been and probably never will. The kids game isn’t about putting up huge offensive numbers. It is about forechecking, hustle, aggression, etc.... He isn’t a great shooter, his hockey IQ has been questioned, and he isn’t all that fast. Like I said, he will be a great player, but this 100 point thing is dumb and unfair to the kid.
  5. I must have missed something. When did OJ prove to be an NHL dman? Did he just put together a season that should make us think he is ready for the NHL playoffs? Lots of people control the puck better than Benn. But he is also a veteran NHL dman who seems like a step it up in the playoffs kinda guy.
  6. Who is getting injured? Gotta be at least 3-4 guys out before OJ gets in
  7. I don’t know why people were so surprised about JT this year. Look at his stats. In New York he was a 20 goal scorer at a very young age. Put up 58 points, got traded and still finished that season with 55+ points. you don’t just become a worse hockey player between 22-24 years old. He was a total victim of Tampa’s stack forward core. Even in his “down year” he scored 47 points. He was on the rise, then got stifled. It was pretty obvious this was a guy who was waiting to break out.
  8. Wink wink deals like that don’t happen. Marky has zero benefit to signing 1 year, and has a ton of negative risk. If we don’t want to give him the deal he wants, someone else will for sure. Having said that I don’t think he is looking to bend the team over. He will get a fair contract with 3-5 years in it. I’m guessing 5-5.5 over 4 years
  9. He is an inch shorter than Myers. Haha. yes. He is a very large guy and he can skate. sure. He probably improved while in Russia.(a lesser league). He was alright the second half of his season here. In reality, he wasn’t half as amazing as some of the size queens here remember. 1.5-2 mill. 1-2 years is more than fair. 3.5 for 4 years? Come on now.
  10. In what world would Marky want a 1 year deal? Less than 3 will be hard to get. He just had a career year. Im sure he loves it here, but he isnt dumb. He could get 5x6 on the open market no problem.
  11. Hahah yeah i could see how that would be exhausting assuming every thing I could say. Im wondering, if he has proven so much, and is so fantastic, why do you having him competing for a spot against all the hopeful rookies? someone getting signed to 3.5x4 is walking into a guaranteed top 4 spot.
  12. Why does he deserves a long term big money deal? He has proven nothing. In fact, even you said he would be competing with a bunch of guys who haven’t even made the NHL yet. If Benn is overpaid as a 6-7, what would Tryamkin be at way more money and term?