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  1. Oh. I didn't know he murdered someone. As far as I'm concerned, he wasn't found guilty of murder. He also served too long a sentence for the crime he was found guilty of. Your posts in this thread are driven too much by hate and opinion. They couldn't prove he did it, so what is your issue.
  2. Why? He served his time.
  3. My friends punk band just released a single today. Not that 3 chord old school punk. These dudes rip! Great chorus and an awesome solo. Check it out! https://anteaterpunkbc.bandcamp.com/album/jacks-hill-single
  4. Yeah. It totally is hindsight. First of all, Saad might have been BPA to some scouts, but a lot had Jensen going higher than he did. It is a crapshoot. Especially later in the round.
  5. Great comment Mr. Hindsight.
  6. WTF did I just read in the last couple pages here. Why must CDC add so much garbage and nonsense to everything? where did this 'he is gonna walk' stuff come from? He signed a 1 year deal because he knew he had a rough year with injuries on a new team. He knew he wasn't going to get a large payday, so he signs a 1 year and comes in this year to make that bigger salary. The way I look at it, I really like how he shows he knew he has to do better, and feels like he can. He is ready to prove to us he deserves that raise and term. After a year full of injuries, you aren't going to get 5x5 contracts. Im happy Benning didn't just pay him right away, and I'm stoked to see how Guddy bounces back. He is gonna have a big season and earn that big contract. Take a pill CDC. That paranoia looks bad on you all.
  7. I think Darling will be just fine. While I do think he is a little boring, he is a long time sports guy, and knows his stuff. He is no Donny Taylor, but hell, not many people are. Don Taylor is like the rainman of sports. The facts that guy knows, and how fast he is with them all is insane.
  8. Anything is better that that turd Dave Pratt and the super homer Bro Jake. That show was brutal before, then they lost Sat. It's just in listenable now. Let's hope Steve can do better.
  9. Me and you? Lol. That's funny. i don't remember you.
  10. The summer is always the worst time for these boards. The kids are out of school, and the fat kids, and the ones with garbage parents always end up trolling the boards all summer. go away @Burnt Gravy
  11. Any more than 1x1 and it's a total fail. This guys is a big old fizzler
  12. 8mill??? I thought it was 6.5.
  13. I don't think there is any job in this world that would make me move to Kazakhstan. Hell, I doubt any job would make me move away from BC.
  14. I'd be fine using him as a 4th line guy and giving him PP time. That's how he has been used in the past, and put up decent points. Who care how much he makes playing on the 4th line? We have the space. You don't pay his salary. It really doesn't matter whatsoever. We aren't competing any time soon, and by the time that salarys matter for us again, the contract will be up. Also, what do you expect to pay for Sutter? Puts up 20/15 no matter where he plays in the line up. Someone who is going to score you 20 goals, pk as well as he does, and win lots of key faceoffs is goi g to get paid well anywhere.
  15. I do agree this keeps kids on the farm, but what prospect at center do we have that is ready to make the jump, and is anywhere close to Gagners level?