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  1. BCIT has great metal fabrication teachers. Pre app metal fab course will teach you the basics. How to use machines, grinders, layout, basic fabrication math, print reading and a bit of welding. It is a 6 month class I believe. Pretty big course for a hobbiest tho. If you just want to tinker around at home and build on skills, get a little mig welder and google stuff. The course isn't neccesarry tho. The apprenticeship is basically a math class with a shop/redneck twist.
  2. He is absolutely elite in his role alf. The thing is, he is a one trick pony. Zero offence, zero physicality. No great break out. Just great D. That gives him huge value. Which is why he would be the major part going for a game changer like GL. But without the points, the hits, and the playmaking, he isn't going to get you GL by himself. You need to add to Tanev. Im not sure if it is true homerism, or you don't understand who Landeskog is.
  3. I do. It was a lot better than watching the Canucks get out coached all the time.
  4. I heard the Hutton one earlier today. The kid is a beauty. I like Willy, but I just can't seem to buy into him. Am I the only one who misses AV?
  5. Pineapple Express. Seth Rogan and James Franco. They played leapfrog. Doesn't get more friend like than that!
  6. Good bump. Lol Ill be honest. There was a part of me that wanted to pick Nichushkin. That size and skill is very intriguing. He has incredible potential. But the second we picked Bo, I was stoked. Looks like The Canucks did their homework on that one.
  7. I'm a big Tanev and Bo fan. Love them both, don't want either traded. BUT. Landy is by far a better player than both of them. The kid is everything we could hope Horvat will turn into
  8. Love the enthusiasm, but nope. Not even close. You need to add that 1st at least. Tanev is great, but his lack of size and scoring will always keep his value lower than we think it should be. Also, the Larsen/Hall trade was a joke and will not dictate the market value of other Dmen. Every GM, fan, sports guy in the world knows Edmonton got bent over big time.
  9. So I have researched Game Center. It says I can get all the out of market Canucks games for 25$ a month or something like that. What about in market games?
  10. In a disgusting way, that's a great idea.
  11. I just don't believe we are getting more severe injuries than the average. That screams excuse for not being good enough.
  12. I disagree with everything but your last line. All teams DO suffer injuries. Patrick Kane went down for over 20 games. They still won the cup. Is he not as key as a player can get? major injuries happen to every team. We just never have the depth to work through them. You thought 14-15 was bad. And 15-16 was worse. What about 13-14? this year will use this excuse too. Where does it end? The problem is, since the Canucks started losing a couple years back, people have been searching for an excuse why. Why can't we just accept they aren't a good team anymore? We keep losing because our team sucks. No excuses. They suck. They won't forever, but for now. Yup
  13. If WD would put Bo in a little more of an offensive role, Baer is the perfect linemates for him. They have good chemistry, and have both mentioned they like t playing together. So why not? I understand WD wants Bo to be responsible defensively, but why pidgon hold him in that role? Willy keeps saying he sees him as more of a defensive center, but the kid would pile up the points if put in the right situation. We need points. But looking at Bobs projected lineup, the 2nd does look like more of a shutdown line. I like it.
  14. The Habs are being run by a bunch of meatheads. Such a treasured franchise, being run into the ground because they insist on sticking with French people.
  15. Ok guys. I need this totally dumbed down. I cancelled my cable. I have a Chromecast but I'm not using it yet. Just Netflix and shomi on my ps4. How do I watch Canucks games? i downloaded the NHL network thing on the ps4, but I need a cable provider to sign in. I'm so far from being a tech guy, and Google gives me too much info to sort through. Any help?