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  1. Because HF is jam packed full of a-holes, haters and idiots. Much more than CDC. It is like a bashing the Canucks hotbed.
  2. Maybe it's because he is an American who was born in LA. That is probably why he chooses not to live in Mexico. Come on Alf He SHOULD be calling out his president to do more and help.
  3. I absolutely do. With reasonable expectations! Haha
  4. I'm just saying there is a very good chance you are going to be disappointed if you are expecting 25-30 goals and a big scary guy. You might not be, but odds are against it.
  5. I'd highly suggest lowering those expectations a bit.
  6. Booooooo all this does is make the team a little better, and pretty much take away any chance Boeser had to make the team. Sure, low cost, low risk blah blah blah. I was excited about having a kid like Boeser being in the Calder running all year. A fun rookie year, and a nice high draft pick in a great year. Vanek is a great player, and I think when paired up with a workhorse who played a solid d game like Bo, he will have a good year. It really is a great signing, but not what I want to see
  7. I keep hearing about this offer sheet possibility. I thought of the team qualifies you, you can't be offer sheeted. I'm assuming the Canucks did that in the beginning of the summer......? edit: qualified June 26. Doesnt that make him protected?
  8. Here is the real question. Why havent the Ducks retired Paul Kariya's number yet? I know he doesn't seem to care about the NHL anymore and has been trying to stay away, but if anyone deserves it, it's him. On Lindros, the guy was amazing. Growing up I always loved the guy. He played the exact style of hockey I like to watch.
  9. Why try to make the training camp thread, with zero info on it?
  10. Dad?
  11. Lol. I've seen this on Facebook the last couple minutes about both fighters. The trolls always crawl out from under their bridges.
  12. As a fisherman, I believe very strongly in conservation. That is why I care. That was an illegal move he pulled. Twice. I don't care if it is a regular guy, or some dude that the Canucks drafted that we will never see on the team. It is a loser move.
  13. He got caught 2 times. Apologies are worthless.
  14. Yes. Yes it does. What would you think of a guy shooting eagles? Same diff man. And I agree, I doubt he will make it to the NHL. Doesn't give him a free pass to go poaching.
  15. Well so far, the only thing I know about him for sure, is he like to poach illegal animals.........