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  1. Why bring up colour dude? yeah, the kid was a project that probably won't work out. Why not just say that? No need to bring race and family into this.
  2. This has literally nothing to do with that. This is classic Trumping Alf. This is about raising awareness about injustice. This is about freedom of speech and peaceful protest. This has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag or the army.
  3. They aren't the same style player. Mcdavid will put up more points than Crosby. Crosby is also longer in the tooth, and more battle tested. He has been through the ringer multiple times. Mcdavid is still a pup.
  4. Good for him. Im surprised it took this long. He is gonna have a good year in Chicago.
  5. What a silly comment. As far as NHL players go, he is soft as butter. How can you even argue that? why would you compare that to any normal non NHLer? That makes no sense. Because he can skate fast, he isn't soft? take him off skates, and he become soft to those people again. People are calling him soft because he is a fragile guy, who doesn't hit and plays the perimeter more often than not. He seems like a nice guy, and he has lots of skill and is fun to watch. I like the guy, but it seems he doesn't quite have what it takes to be an NHL player. Why are people getting so bent so bent out of shape about the guy getting waived? At this time, he isn't there. If he reports to Utica and improves on the North American style game, maybe he gets called up and makes the team. If not, he goes on to have a great career in Sweden.
  6. How does he stand out? Were you even slightly impressed with his pre season? I sure wasn't. Obviously management didn't think so. Why would any other team? He wasn't able to make the roster of one of the worst teams in the league. Personally, I'd be surprised if he was claimed.
  7. I'm all reality, who cares what he did in a totally different league 2 years ago? What has he done to earn a spot on the team? He certainly hasn't beat out anyone else penciled in. His effort level isn't up to par with the rest of the guys. His physicality (I know not his game but should still have some) is none existent. And he isn't creating a lot of offence. Some players dont translate, and it is looking like he is one of them.
  8. Why? What if he shows he doesn't need it? people keep posting these 'we should do this, we should do that!' So far, all we know and can plan for is he has earned his spot on the team. We go from there now. Why plan these reat days for a guy who might not need them? What if he is playing awesome and one of your little scheduled rest days show up? Ret him because of a plan you had a month ago? Why not just see what happens?
  9. Because HF is jam packed full of a-holes, haters and idiots. Much more than CDC. It is like a bashing the Canucks hotbed.
  10. Maybe it's because he is an American who was born in LA. That is probably why he chooses not to live in Mexico. Come on Alf He SHOULD be calling out his president to do more and help.
  11. I absolutely do. With reasonable expectations! Haha
  12. I'm just saying there is a very good chance you are going to be disappointed if you are expecting 25-30 goals and a big scary guy. You might not be, but odds are against it.
  13. I'd highly suggest lowering those expectations a bit.
  14. Booooooo all this does is make the team a little better, and pretty much take away any chance Boeser had to make the team. Sure, low cost, low risk blah blah blah. I was excited about having a kid like Boeser being in the Calder running all year. A fun rookie year, and a nice high draft pick in a great year. Vanek is a great player, and I think when paired up with a workhorse who played a solid d game like Bo, he will have a good year. It really is a great signing, but not what I want to see
  15. I keep hearing about this offer sheet possibility. I thought of the team qualifies you, you can't be offer sheeted. I'm assuming the Canucks did that in the beginning of the summer......? edit: qualified June 26. Doesnt that make him protected?