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  1. Lol. Sorry champ. Green was one of the most honest about Subban this year. Always very nicely says, he is a great guy and works hard, but has a long way to go to make the bigs. I think with Green, Subbans chance just got smaller as coach green knows exactly what he has in Subs
  2. People keep bashing Greens coaching Systems of late. Does no one remember when JB said they were getting Green to coach the same style systems as Willy? They wanted similar systems to make call up transitions easier and to make some sort of a team identity. Green is adaptable, and will now get a chance to do his own thing. The arguement about Green going to be soft and pamper the Veterns. Nope. Not his style. I watched the Utica season. It was tough at times, but I watched it. I watched him bench whoever needed to be benched. Gaunce, Subban, Virt, Pedan etc..... If you slack off, miss your assignment, don't for/back check hard enough, he will sit you. He doesn't care who the player thinks they are. It seems most the people bashing the hiring dont really know anything about him other than he is a rookie head coach. Im not sold on his as our coach either yet, but I don't really see a much better fit at the moment.
  3. Are you really trying to say that Markstrom and Bachman were even close to Miller this year? Good old CDC. You can have some real good intelligent hockey conversations here. OR You could talk to Pete M gotta love it.
  4. You could go down the list, but you'd continue to be wrong. Miller was prob our best player since he got here. Single hand kept us in the game when we should have been done. Not even close to an overpayment. Dorsett, I don't even like, but when healthy, what he brought to the team was worth his contract. I disagree about Sutter. And when he stays healthy, I'm sure most fans will too
  5. Who else did he overpay? Sbisa? Nope. He is easily worth his contract the last 2 years? Sutter? Nope. Sure he has had injury problems, but most teams would take him with open arms at his current contract. LE? Yes. That ONE sucks. You can't assume he is going to mess up the Sedin signings next year and trash him for it. That is just dumb.
  6. When do we know if we get Columbus' 2nd round pick?
  7. I'll be back to give you a minus later. In the meantime, ill leave this here for you. http://m.wikihow.com/Tie-a-Noose things aren't so bad. The world is a beautiful place. The team is rebuilding. It will take time, but no need to fill your pampers.
  8. Why would we give up that much value for nothing? That would be a very stupid idea. Stupid.
  9. That was a good video! I watch most Utica games this year, and have been really paying attention to Jake. I just don't know what to say about the kid. There were times where he would dominate. There were times where he was lost and the worst player on the ice. The kid isnt stupid. He knows the game. At least enough of it to give you the hope he will figure it out. He really isn't bad defensively. Pretty good at it when he tried. He showed enough defensive skill to show me that even if the points don't end up showing, he can be a great 3rd liner energy guy. Offence, it's up in the air. The kid can skate. Damn can he skate. He backs up Dmen and puts them on their heels. His shot is fantastic. Big league style wrister. My problem with him is he doesn't see the ice well in the O-zone. He takes a lot of shot from bad angles. A lot. Sure a couple will go in, but they are bad percentage shots a lot of the time. He is a shoot first player for sure, and because of that and the quality of his shot, I feel the goals will start going in. He takes a lot of bad shots from the outside with out even looking to see an open teammate. He will never be a big assist guy. This season he showed huge improvements. He is a better pro now. He is in better shape. (I think a lot of this was bad communication with management). And most importantly, he is trying to keep his feet moving on the ice. Damn was he lazy when he started in Utica. Total floater. Waited for the play. Now he is using his big body to try to make a play instead.
  10. Hahahah. Yeah. They really did suck. I miss those days. What a bunch of sucks. anyway, I'm not sold on him at all. Good team or not, he wasn't great in his very short NHL stint, and his international record isn't overly impressive either. Its great the team team is doing it due dilligents, but I hope they keep looking.
  11. Not really. He was under .500.
  12. I never even thought of him. Pretty decent option. He did a good enough job with Team Europe, and has a ton of international experience, but not a whole lot of real success. He sucked with the Oilers tho. IMO, I say nope.
  13. For me, easily Liljegrin. I love watching the kid play. He is an incredible skater. The thought of having two possible #1 Dmen in Liljegrin and Juolevi gets me pretty stoked about the future.
  14. Do we know if we are getting Columbus' 2nd this year yet?
  15. I agree somewhat. The thing is, this team needs to play to its strengths. Right now, and for the next couple years, our strength is defence. We don't have a dynamic offensive team. I don't think we even really have 1 real dynamic forward right now. You need to coach what you have. If D is what we have, would Sutter be a bad option? He could be the guy to turn Tryamkin into a true #1. Having said all that, I don't want to watch a Sutter style team. Id rather go with Green. I want a young coach to grow with this team and focus on development.