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  1. Burrows willing to waive no trade

    I didn't hear the report, but Friedman can suck it.  
  2. Beth Bartkowski on TSN1040

    Which19year old?  Is Mac a jerk?  Hahah
  3. I agree with you. I dont want him to be traded.   Our d sucks like a bunch of little girls.  We might as well put on a skirt and call it a season.  Give them Higgins and Prust.  I never said give them a pick.  I said we need picks.  I want a full out rebuild. I've been watching the same old crap for way too long.    We aren't winning any time soon.  The least we can do is beat some people up.     Keep Sbisa.  Get draft picks.  Get bigger and tougher.
  4. Re read my posts.  I am all for getting Shultz.  As long as it is Higgins and a 4+ pick.   If they want to add to get Sbisa, sure.  But it better a decent pick.  
  5. We don't need to make the playoffs. If anything, we should miss it by a lot.   Sbisa is better than people give him credit for. And he has a great mean streak.  Get him if you can.  But do it smart. He is garbage.  Give them garbage.  Why make a trade that hurts your team?
  6. Again no.   What is up with you people?  You don't downgrade for cap. You don't downgrade because some trash player is right handed.  Listen to yourself.   Our D sucks.  And if people would actually watch the game,  sbisa is what we need right now.  Our d is soft as butter. He is the only one not scared to actually hit.  We need to improve.  We can add Shultz. I'd be down for that.  But her is just plain piss poor at everything but offence. Give them Higgins and a 4th at most. 
  7. You don't trade a much better player for a piece of garbage just because cap hits match up.  I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.   The last couple days, people on here seem to be getting dumber and dumber.    Use your damn head people. 
  8. [Waivers] Yannick Weber

    Not even close to ready.  Not a little bit.   Terrible idea
  9. [Signing] Jets re-sign Dustin Byfuglien

    So much for the rebuild eh?   That is an old ass line up. One young line, then a bunch more old guys. I think you are doing it wrong. 
  10. How Dan's face was rebuilt

    Holy balls.  That is crazy.  Huge props to Dan.  An injury like that will make a guy question even coming back. 
  11. Dave Mirra Dead at 41 (Apparent Suicide)

    Very sad.  Im my early-mid teens I took bmxing very serious.  Until I got my sponsorship, I worked two after school jobs just to keep up with new parts, frames, gear etc... watching Dave kick the crap out of the x-games year after year was a huge inspiration to me.   I think he has 25 medals or something crazy like that.   I don't know anything about his death, but as a former bmxer, I know head injuries play a huge part.  Especially in big park and halfpipe.  He would go so damn big, if he fell it was usually an issue.  Maybe years of concussions played into the suicide? 

    Similar smooth skating with a bit of skinny lankyness.  
  13. [Waivers] Brandon Prust Clears Waivers

    You sir are an a-hole. 
  14. ham-juice appreciation thread.

    That's my favorite bevy while sailing the seas of cheese.  
  15. ham-juice appreciation thread.

    What about a rum ham?