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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Fair enough. To be honest, if I didn't know how big he was, from what I read and saw, I would be stoked to pick him with a #4-5 pick. My own bias against small players, and the 5'9". 160lbs thing made me wary of the pick. 5'11"- 6'. 190-200 lbs, the kid could be the second best player out of the draft.
  2. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I get the difference between Subs and Boqvist. I was exaggerating a bit. Lol. From what hat I have seen of Boqvist ,admittedly very little, the kid seems pretty amazing. But he does look really small to me. If he ended up 5'11 and 200lbs, I'd be fine with that and pretty damn stoked to pick him. I don't like to gamble with growth tho. I don't like small dmen, and don't want to be stuck with a puny little fella. Just not my style. I very well could be out of date with the 5'9 160lbs. I hope so. Haha. I would be furious if we took a gamble on a kid that small with a top 5 pick. Anywho, the kids skating seems phenomenal, and he makes some pretty sick plays. If he grows, he would be my pick.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=210177 http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=187519 another site has Hughes as 5'10. Still shrimpish.
  4. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I know I keep hearing the league is getting smaller and faster blah blah blah blah. I just can't get behind drafting a dman that is 5'9. Boqvist and Hughes are both tiny. I know there is skill there, but there was skill with Subban too. Tiny dman, while may be on the uprise, are still few and far between. Im super torn here. I love the skill. I just can't get behind drafting a defenseman that is the same height as my wife. Being 6'4", if she blocks my way, and I want to get past, I totally can. Lol. You are at an automatic disadvantage when you are that small. Say what you want, but being 6-7 inches and 40 pounds smaller than the person you are supposed to stop is a major issue. Yes I know there are like.....4 dman that size that do good, but none that are known as a great defensive player in comparison. If offense is all that matters, sure, but then why didn't they just use Subban?
  5. Toys R Us To Close All 800 Stores In U.S.

    I wonder how long toys r us Canada has left now? also, what are these toy stores that give this great experience? I can't even think of another toy store
  6. All ages rock shows??

    I've been to soooooo many of these over the years. Only if it is run like garbage do you have drunk kids running around. My events have heavy security working. We haven't had a single issue in the last 2 years of putting on shows, I doubt because we do one for the kids, it will all turn to hell. This isnt some sketchy $&!# organization here.
  7. All ages rock shows??

    Not talking about festivals at all. Also, not talking about drunk/high kids running around.
  8. All ages rock shows??

    I've been to a couple basement shows back in the day. They were pretty awesome. 333 is doing it consistently, but not quiet the same. We would like to bring it out a little bit. There is no reason why it can't be a more public, better set up and advertised event.
  9. All ages rock shows??

    I know all about the 19+ scene. I'm a very large part of it, promotions, playing in bands, recording bands, etc.... As far as all ages, there really isn't a scene at all. Chilliwack does better than Vancouver for AA shows. Lol. There is the 333, but I wouldn't let my kid go there. Lol. I agree that beer makes the money, and all ages usually don't have beer gardens. With these shows, the goal isn't to make money. If that was the goal, we would take this awesome lineup to the bar for a couple nights and make some cash. The goal is to expose these kids to something other than mainstream IKEA style bs music that is being forced upon them by the radio.
  10. All ages rock shows??

    Backstage, railway, blah blah blah didn't have people showing up no matter what day. Not to mention when you bring in a Doors coverband at least once a month.... Lots of things went into them shutting down. Including big wigs wanting to buy and remodel. Rickshaw will be fine.
  11. All ages rock shows??

    I'm too broken for a pit too. Hahah Have you heard of Animals as Leaders? Jazz Metal fusion. All instrumental. Easily one of the best guitar players out there. He is wild.
  12. All ages rock shows??

    I moved for my career years ago. They don't do the shows there anymore. The thing is, neither does Vancouver. There are no venues that will do it, and the ones that will charge an arm and a leg. We don't even know if kids will make it out yet. Lol. We are hoping to get the bands some gas money after Venue fees. If it works out, we will do it more often.
  13. All ages rock shows??

    All agreed except the last sentence. Id say only the poppier stuff stayed mainstream and made money ( that's how I do it. Lol), but there is still a huge demand for good punk, and it isn't the retro, Mohawk, ramones kinda punk. That stuff is pooh. Like metal, punk split off and some of it is amazing.
  14. All ages rock shows??

    All ages shows aren't really for the adults to go party at. There are lots of opportunities for 19+ to see the same shows at the bars. Im wondering if there are possibilities to put on the same kind of shows that influenced me so much as a kid.
  15. All ages rock shows??

    The citywide doing their part to try to take away everyone's fun and shutting down a lot of the great venues. Absolutely. But to think that will do much to ruin the scene is silly. One closes, another takes over and life goes on. But there are great shows with a load of people attending every single weekend. Go to the Rickshaw this Friday and Saturday night. There is a two day festival put on by an incredible local band called The Dreadnoughts. There are 5-6 bands both nights. Get there early and watch every band. They are all great. Check it out and tell me people don't go out. Also this Saturday Good Riddance are playing the Venue. That will be packed. Take a trip to Pub 340 on any Saturday and you will end up at a fantastic and probably packed punk or metal show. The wise hall always has a crowd. Maybe youbare are going to the wrong places?