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  1. Thanks to all for the updates and play by play. Cannot say if we've ever had a prospect pool with this many potential NHL impact players in the 27 plus years I've been following this team. Keep it up JB and co Then again we haven't been this bad since the dark days of MK and he moved TL in the trade that just kept giving plus had PB and AM to cash in as well. Dark days to come my friends but the environment is a lot better this time around that it was back then. JB and co have my vote of confidence for now.
  2. lmao, Canucks just getting started, the Leafs have been going a decade plus. More seriously though, the Canucks needed to start in 2013. Gillis and co backed this team into a corner by not moving Schneider at the end of 2011. The ridiculous contract they gave Luongo was a marriage contract and anyone could see the "goal tender controversy" coming. Hugging the cap and giving out NTCs like candy on Halloween has lead to this team being fleeced in every trade the they've made between 2013 and 2016. JB throwing in an extra pick to make moves that needed doing was this more than anything. Be prepared for a long ride to contention and I see more 7 to 10 years and not 3-5. If we want an elite team, we will likely have to move some of the 3-5 year talent to give us a truly elite team 5+ years down the road. (here's hoping for lottery picks in the next couple years to expedite this). Note on Sedins, if they are resigned, JB would be advised to give them no more than 1 year at a time and no NMC as a second expansion is coming in a 2-5 year timeframe and we will lose an real asset in that period.
  3. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #2

    1. OJ: see him as the most likely to hit 1000 games played in the NHL 2. BB: see at least 500 gp but does he have the 2-way game to make 1000? 3. TD: will he be a Schneider or a Markstrom? 4. JV: is he more Torres than a true power forward? 5. EP: Hard to say at this point but needs a solid 200 foot game to be a certain of 1000 gp, (come back next year) 6-10: Anyone's guess
  4. Agreed. Big picture Olli was a great pick. Just need one more top 4 in the 18 to 24 age range and we should be good for a decade on D. Big hole for the next decade comes on the top line. Lots of guys with top six potential, not many to slide into the 1-2 slot when Hank and Dan are gone. I too like Jake. Watched him live in Montreal at the 2015 WJC, played early on a line with McDavid and did not look out of place. Love the way he runs over the opposition at every opportunity. Definitely can play 3rd wheel on a top line with the potential to be in the drivers seat. Agreed that we don't need a 100 point centre to be successful, but if you don't get that you need someone who can dominate in other areas the way Toews and Kopitar can. Glad that Boeser chose another year of college. Great late 1st pick, see 30 g 40 a potential in that kid.
  5. The defence took a big step forward with the addition of Gudbranson but then took a step back with Hamhuis moving on. Cannot say I am surprised with Hamhuis not being resigned given that I do not believe that management was too happy with him after the trade deadline. However, he needs to be replaced to claim that this years defence is significantly better than last years. Larsen and Weber are a wash to me, and I do not have high expectations there. Tryamkin has not played enough to show he's an NHL regular. Hutton impressed as a rookie but how will he fair with the increased responsibility given the loss of Hammer. Taking Olli in the draft was a bit of a shock to me at first and I am still scratching my head as I did not expect that after we picked up Gudbranson (a good retooling/rebuilding move IMO) as I expected us to address the other glaring need, which are 1st line prospects. Olli is a good pickup but I do not expect him to be an impact player until both the Sedins and Edler have move on from this team after which the prospect of this team being competitive is currently quite bleak. Would have loved to see what Benning could have done on July 1st if he had freed up the 13 million in cap tied up in Miller, Burrows and Higgens. If you are going all in on Loui may as well throw in on Yandle/Goligoski as well and take a run at a descent winger for the 2nd line. As we are now we are stuck in the middle with not much cap room to do anything and our only out is to make a trade with not much that we can afford to give up without making another hole. Honestly, I do not think that Benning has had the off season that he was expecting.
  6. Alex Burrows - Where does he fit in 2016/17?

    I imagine that Burrows/Sutter/Hansen would drive the opposition's top line nuts. I see him playing on any line based on injuries, opposition etc...