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  1. Yea, im just saying if he is signed than that would mean he is probably going to make the team. Just find it odd that this story came out from murph because i would say hes a pretty good source on what the nucks management is thinkin.
  2. I think he has a decent shot right now so why give him a few years to develop when he can develop even faster in the NHL. Jordan has always played against people older than him his whole life and is still the best player when that happens. Even Dave Gagner said he is NHL ready. If he has a hell of a training camp and makes the team im going to be so stoked, you put out the best team possible, period. With Dan Murphy saying they are looking to sign him makes me wonder if the canucks managment think he will make the team this year, Murph is a pretty reliable source so it has to have a little bit of truth in it and signing him to play in the WHL or in the AHL makes no sense at all.
  3. LMAO that comment in the Bench Obrien thread was amazing. I love the ref part getting in the way, frack that got me so mad so many times this year.especially last night.

  4. Joe,

    Oh my God. What the hell just happened?

    Luongo better get his blocker out of his donkey soon or we're going to be in big trouble.

    The Sedins looked better, but enough with the stupid penalties Henrik.

    Wellwood, yeah baby!

  5. Hey Li'l fra

    waka waka waka

  6. haha nice to see you on here Al

    go canucks go