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  1. Things that annoy you.

    The Millennial Attitude...not all Millennials have it, and some GEN X'ers do...so I'm not generalizing this attitude as being all Millennials...it's the attitude that bugs me (not my problem, not my responsibility, not my fault and worst of all...unjustifiably proud). I once had a guy blow through a yield sign and almost plow into the side of me. He pulled into a business a block away so I pulled in as well and advised him (nicely) that he missed a yield sign back there and almost hit me. His answer: "well, I'm not from around here". No apology, no thanks for letting him know...nothing...just it wasn't my fault 'cause I'm not from here...what a friggin' douche attitude. Had another guy pull in front of me (I am driving a Class 8 vac truck...very heavy and hard to stop). He cut me off then slammed on the brakes in front of me to make a left turn. I dynamited my brakes to avoid killing the guy (I would have driven right over him). I tapped the horn to let him know that what he did was incredibly stupid...and I got the finger for my efforts to save his life. The problem with the attitude is that it is destroying the civility of life. What happens is we who would otherwise be kind and courteous begin to lose that...what you're left with is the whole world ticked off at each other instead of respecting each other...and trying to justify it.
  2. If TBL win the East it will pit Yzerman vs. Gallant. Most on here will remember the Wings heydays...one season of which included an interesting line combination: YZERMAN-GALLANT and a rather famous mustachioed gent named Paul MacLean (if only MacLean was somehow associated with the Caps then this would be really bizarre). As a sidenote: the scoring stats in 1988-89 for that first line in Detroit... Yzerman 65g 90a 155pts Gallant 39g 54a 93pts (also 230pims) MacLean 36g 35a 71pts ahhh...the glory days of hockey, when 125pts wouldn't win you a scoring title...and goalies were sieves (the Red Wings scored 313 goals that year...enough to finish 6th overall in team scoring) 1st - LA Kings 376 GF 2nd - Flames 354 GF 3rd - Penguins 347 GF 4th - Oilers 325 GF 5th - Habs 315 GF 6th - Red Wings 313 GF (that top line accounted for almost 45% of Detroit's offensive production) Ohhh...and dead last in Goals For that year? The Vancouver Canucks with "only" 251 GF...ahhh the glory days...they pass you by...
  3. I don't think anyone is arguing that legislation about the weapons themselves will solve the problem...it would only be laws that restrict their purchase / availability in the first place. You can't tell a citizen that he can own an UZI or a MAC but can only use it at a range...that will lead to abuse like we have now. You have to flat out ban them...not even for sale or ownership by the "people". Since it's the writing of the second amendment way back in 1791 that's in question, I say no problems...let "we the people" own muskets...that's it.
  4. It's a combination. When you have mentally ill (I'm including ANY mentally ill person/situation that causes an individual to want to use mass violence as their means to act out...including terrorism) people who don't have easy access to items that cause mass destruction (like most countries) then the damage is limited...but when you combine the condition with the means...well...then you have most countries south of the 49th parallel...almost anywhere in the world...
  5. And we want to claim that Canada is safer...I can walk into a Canadian Tire and buy a "safe" assault weapon. Then go online and purchase everything I need to convert to full auto and get large capacity mags. This is why legislators want to regulate the definition of "assault weapon". As an ex-military member (ex-combat engineer) I can tell you right now...there is NO WAY to make an assault rifle safe...NO WAY! Hunting rifles (ie/ bolt action and lever action rifles) can be kept fairly safe by regulating mag size, but when Canada says that you can own a rifle similar to an AR-15 except you can only have a 5 round mag...seriously? I can get a 30 round mag off of Craig's List!
  6. This sentence from the US Charter of Freedoms and Rights is at the heart of the matter. We are where we are today because of an Oxford comma. This is one of the most hotly debated (and challenged by the NRA for decades) pieces of legislation in the world. Who knows what the founding fathers meant by it? Who alive today knows if it was meant to be an Oxford comma (list of items) or it was just either a mistake or simply the writing style of the author? They used ink wells and quill pens back then...for all we know the guy dripped a little ink right there by accident. And the second "the people" could in fact just be referring back to the people mentioned as a "well-regulated militia". Has been debated for decades...right up to the supreme court. But alas, who is that will almost always win these arguments? What happens when a supreme court or any judge opposes the "militias" (read: cartels) in Latin American countries? The Refreshments said it best: "Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people...So I got the pistol So I get the Pesos...Yeah, that seems fair" Ever had an argument with an illogical person who happens to be a 6'4" 240lb MMA fighter? You could be Stephen Hawking and sadly you'd still be wrong...violence always seems to dictate the answer even when everyone knows it's wrong...nobody is brave enough to stand up against it...in this case the gun-loving nut jobs in the USA...
  7. I'm a thinkin' Hamilton...
  8. [Discussion] Missed Opportunity: The Third Sedin

    Exactly who I was thinking...
  9. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    In other news...the US Supreme Court called Brad Marchand and told him to stop licking people...
  10. Me too! I was all ready to come on here and blast away the need for yet another bottom 6 forward... thank goodness it's instead a sensible approach to an obvious issue...bird in hand mentality...I approve! I have never thought that trading down is the way to trade up...good OP!
  11. No he didn't...he left his feet AFTER the hit...as did Aston-Reese...so I guess Aston Reese is guilty too? This is almost a textbook hit with Wilson doing everything in his power to hit shoulder on shoulder...I don't know what more a guy can do? I guess the principal here is to increase the offense in the game by eliminating most hitting? So Wilson should have let the offensive scoring dynamo that is Aston-Reese simply slide by and potentially set up a goal...stupid Wilson...
  12. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 3 games

    Absolutely STUPID! Sooner or later we will have to rank players height by their jersey #...so you'll only be allowed to hit players that are the same # or within 1 or 2 #'s as your own. This is getting ridiculous. I am an absolute proponent of punishing guys for dirty hits, absolutely, throw the book at them. But this hit was clean...stupid move by the league. Stupid stupid stupid!
  13. (#4) CDC's 2018 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

    One quick question...you just have teams 1 to 15 listed...don't we know now who's picking the next 8 slots? Or do we have to wait for the official announcement?
  14. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    My only question now is how do we refer to Buffalo's first d pair now? Would it be Rasmuses or Rasmii?