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  1. Dallas just picked up Justin Peters...my gut tells me they are abandoning the 2 starter system and returning to a traditional starter/backup roster scenario...which means one of their starters will be on the move but I doubt it will be to trade for another starter. LAK is the most likely destination and makes the most sense as they battle for a playoff spot.
  2. Is it just me or does that attitude kinda reflect her entire generation? Make a mistake and it's always someone else's fault and someone else's mess to clean up?
  3. "In pyjamas, in my red pyjamas"
  4. Were you thinking about it because you searched for and read through at least a dozen or so other threads about trading for Sam Reinhart?
  5. The Classics: "Smokehouse Walter, the fire engine guy" - Deep Purple "There's a bathroom on the right" - CCR "'scuse me while kiss this guy" - Jimi Henrix "Let's pee in the corner...let's pee in the spotlight" - REM "I'll never leave your pizza burnin'" - Stones "Ain't Taco Bell love" - VH "Lock the cashbox, lock the cashbox" - Clash plus pretty much anything by Ozzy or Nirvana And the all time classic Canadian Anthem: "We stand on cars and freeze"!
  6. Bizarre day yesterday. I'm sitting at Little Caesar's in Red Deer (felt like a hot n' ready deep dish with wings) and waiting with me was an elderly gentleman who struck up a conversation with me. He started off by talking about how he once met Mike Illitch "the guy that owns this place" he said. Turns out this gentleman was a scouting advisor for the Oilers (he designed their scouting software) and worked for them for about a decade. Then I get home and see this news...I told my wife that I was literally JUST talking about Mike Illitch...weird... My condolences (as well as - I hope I can speak for - the rest of the Red Deer hockey community) to the Illitch family...oddly enough I remember him most for the Little Caesar's AAA Midget teams that went to the Mac's Tourney every year...great sportsman...
  7. Overall the proposal looks fairly good, keeps our defence intact and gives us something to build on. Also love the Dallas deal especially the conditional pick for Nichushkin idea. The only hiccup in the deal (in my opinion) is the LA/Hansen part. I actually could see Miller/Hansen swapped and the values adjusted (ie/ LA needs the goaltending, DAL needs the gritty speedy player) as both those teams have slightly different goals for this year. So Miller to LAK, Hansen + Sbisa to DAL, Burrows to MTL 1 question though with LAK...I looked on NHL Numbers and I can't see where they are getting the LTIR credit for Quick...so how would any deal with them work? They must be getting a credit otherwise they'd be WAY over the Cap when he returns...does anyone have better insight into this? EDIT: Plus everyone "assumes" that Dallas wants to continue with the tandem starter idea (which actually hasn't got them very far in 2 seasons) hence spawning the Miller for Lehtonen ideas, but Dallas just traded for Justin Peters...I think that trade was an indicator that one of their 2 starters is on the move at TDL and the other takes the starter role with Peters as backup, for the rest of this season anyways.
  8. Green to NYI Gallant to Bruins Julien to Canucks Willie to Utica... There I just fixed the NHL for you Bettman...can I also get 18mil in salary?
  9. I hate to say it but I was kind of thinking the same thing...he's being a bit of a cup whore right now. The idea would be to pick a team that needs a slight boost then help THEM win the cup...not pick a team that helps YOU win a cup...it's not all about you Jerome. As stated above, if he just would have stuck to Pittsburgh, he'd have his cup, but he kept on being the mercenary.
  10. You got me...slow clap...
  11. Can't pay Burrows 400k (league minimum is higher under CBA) Don't play Sedins on 4th line (slow players who are just getting worse defensively) Where's Eriksson? Did he die? Landeskog is not a centre Skille on the first line? C'mon! How did we get Patrick? Horvat and Tavares are both really good faceoff guys, why have them both on the same line? You traded Hansen + a 2nd for Saad but didn't put him in the lineup...pressbox I assume? Edler has a NMC, can't trade him just because the fans ask. Boeser hasn't signed yet, might not? Do you really want me to continue to trash this proposal of yours?
  12. Guessing the protection cost will possibly equal the player's original draft position? Obviously clubs will protect their top end players so any deals might involve lower end players anyways, so giving up a 4th to 7th round pick might be a small price to pay to protect an additional player. The big problem is the goaltenders (as evidenced by the San Jose situation last expansion)...and I suspect a team like Dallas or Pittsburgh just might have to pony up a good pick or prospect if they want to retain both of the their decent goaltenders.
  13. 5 pages in and NO ONE as of yet has asked the obvious question about the top 100. We can argue all day about 99 of the players on the list, and maybe the 50 to a 100 who didn't make it. But Chris Pronger? Doesn't even make my top 500. Jannik Hansen is on the list before Chris Pronger.
  14. Howie Meeker's Hockey School and Peter Puck between periods! And of course...SHOWDOWN! The NHL still has Showdown now, it's called a shootout, and counts.
  15. Hey Swizzey! I lived in Roanoke VA in the late 2000's. Last live Canucks game my wife and I went to was at PNC about 2 years ago. I got 2 upper deck, front row, centre ice tickets with premiere parking pass for $125.00. Love going to games there except the crowd is a bit quiet. Where's the goal siren? Where's the "Sweet Caroline"?