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  1. My take on it too...plus the fact that it was a huge NJ trade in front of the home crowd.
  2. The biggest winners were first Radim Vrbata and subsequently Loui Eriksson (and their respective agents). Had we got multiple pieces from EDM (a bonafide NHL winger plus the pick to grab Horvat anyways) I doubt we sign either Vrbata or Eriksson for the "desperation" contracts that they were (we would have been in a much better negotiation position and either been able to walk away or sign them for much cheaper)...so in my opinion, those 2 guys made out like bandits with Aquaman's millions.
  3. Correct sir...I was simply making (or rather passing on) a joke...but by all means kill the messenger (man, there's just not enough fun in the world anymore). I guess my original point is that there's more than one school at which one can earn their MBA. And although it's quite a feather in one's cap to have a highly accredited school on the ol' CV, there's more than one way to carve out a living in the business world. As a 52 year old with not only schooling under my belt (3 different degrees) I can attest to the value of real-world business experience. A degree gets you through the door, then the real work begins. The highest I ever achieved was as a VP of U.S. Operations (Import/Export company) which was not even in the Tech Industry (so I could throw that degree in the trashbin)...it was my real world business accumen that got me that job. Currently I'm an Operations Manager in the Logistics field (again, obviously not in the Tech sector)...and again it was here that I was able to apply real-world business experience and turn a fledgling company around to a solid profit maker. Have I ever been a CEO/CFO or able to lead a nation in the Political arena? No. If that's your goal then there are far better people out there than I am...but if you're genuinely interested in the business world in general then I definitely DO know what I'm talking about. Again though, if it was just campus life at SFU, transfer courses or the like that you were referring to, then you got me. I'll shut up now.
  4. Did I even go where? SFU? No...hence the joke...which I guess you missed. I went to SAIT, it's a Tech Institute (like BCIT)...hence the joke...which we have established you missed.
  5. So long 65...we danced for a short time but now we've gotta be moving on. Don't worry, we promise to stay close...for a little while anyways.
  6. I prefer people (in business of any sort) who MAKE things happen, who take the initiative to fix problems...rather than just sit back hope they all just sort themselves out. I prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. We can all agree that we are in serious offensive deficiency mode right now. No draft pick from the 2017 class is going to help with that. So I hardly think that trading down in an average draft to 1/ get a 1st line centre and 2/ to shed 1.5mil in salary is THAT stupid an idea...
  7. Last year we scored 191 goals...this we're on pace for 186. I've named 7 decent D men that will form a decent D corps going forward...we need goals...lots more of them. We need a 1st line (we have 2 - 2nd lines right now)...Edler can definitely be sacrificed to improve our scoring. I don't think we need to draft too many D-men (BPA if it comes to that) but otherwise focus on O.
  8. Overall agree BUT... Gotta look ahead to 4 years from now: Tanev & Sbisa will be 30 Guddy will be 28 Hutton & Stecher 26 Tryamkin 25 Juolevi 22 Edler will be 34...IF we could flip him now for a forward piece that fits that mid to late 20's role 4 years from now then I think the timing might be better than to keep him. I know I keep pushing BC Boy Turris (4 yrs from now he will be 30 so on second thought he might not be the guy)...but maybe another look in the off-season at say Duchene?
  9. Edler, our 2017RD1 to Ottawa for Turris, their 2017RD1
  10. I still say trade the pick for a #1 C...Ottawa anybody? Turris anybody?
  11. I agree but I just couldn't help but to point out the irony of that statement: "comparing Erik Karlsson to a "Defensive" prospect"...Karlsson is basically the 4th forward out there...
  12. Not true...I just had this explained to me. Vegas is not awarded the 3rd overall pick...they are offered the same odds as the team finishing 3rd last...they too could conceivably drop to as far as 6th OA. This is a decent draft...not a star-studded draft. So picking pretty much anywhere from 1st to 6th could yield roughly the same results. Therefore you really only need to pick by position and then hope. I still think that if we could somehow flip this year's 1st into a 1st line Centre or Left winger package then we could actually speed up the rebuild...better "net" results sooner rather than waiting 3-4 years (there's no real immediate help available in this year's draft...these guys will take a year or 2 to crack the line-up then another 2-3 years to fully realize their potential therefore better to grab a young guy ready for 1st line duties next year and continue to build around him) This rebuild is 2-3 years in the process...let's get a solid jumpstart with a sure bet now rather than waiting to see if a pick pans out and end up starting the process all over again if he doesn't.