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  1. Pyatt 2.0?
  2. Yup, I call 'em "Freeway Bullies". In a double line of traffic with nowhere to go they ride your a$$ til you pull over...then they do the same thing to the guy you were behind. And there's nowhere to go! Simple-minded morons! And the cops worry too much about speeding...easy pickins for tickets. If they focused on the tailgaiters...THOSE people are the real aggressive drivers, immature drivers. Probably should pull their license every time they do it and get caught.
  3. Alfie...PLEASE tell me you're screwing with us...please? I think we all know you mean Landeskog...but...c'mon?
  4. Good year to trade a pick away to acquire a younger player who's NHL ready (we'll lose a few players due to age / UFA + EXP Draft).
  5. OK let's go total reset for both teams: To VAN: Landeskog, Duchene, Barrie To COL: Tanev, Edler, Sutter, Virtanen, 2017 1st. ROY: "How 'bouts we meet affway huh? JB: "Cool. I'll see you in Spokane then. Do I bring the players with me or just the paperwork?"
  6. Been here 'bout 8 years...you? Have you checked out your own responses to people on here? You gave your opinion on something (to start a discussion as you claim) and then you bash anyone who disagrees with you (I believe you called one guy a derp). So if this is the jumping off point where you would like to begin your time here on CDC, then be prepared for us "vets" on here to call you out on it. The one thing we cannot stand around here is hypocrisy. Again, state your opinion (even start a thread if you wish) and stand by it (either until the thread dies/ends or you change your perspective due to counter-arguments). Don't do it solely because you want to see other people's opinion. I sense your passion as a Canucks fan, so please let THAT be your motivation. I am a Canucks fan (have been for 40 years) and I really don't care what others think about the Canucks. There's 2 types of people in the world...Canucks fans and losers. PS/ welcome to the madhouse
  7. If you seriously need a hug, go ask your daddy. I assumed you posted your wall of text to express the level of your passion as a Canucks fan...I see now that the most important thing to you is acceptance in the community. Dude (or dudette), stand by your thread til someone proves you wrong (then be humble enough to accept some guidance)...be a man (or woman?) and stand on the merits of your argument, NOT because you hope others will agree with you, but because YOU agree with them.
  8. Is that what is shown in the video? Funny, all I saw was a dumba$$ redneck losing his $hit like a moron, unable to express himself due to his simple-minded rage (the arresting crap happened later)...so...yeah! Happens EVERYDAY here in North Texas! It has happened to me several times: 1/ I told a guy in a Navigator that he was driving like an idiot (which he was). He chased me down, yelling obscenities at me, crossed over 2 lanes at a red light (cutting off 2 lanes of traffic) to keep pursuing me (I decided to make a right turn to get away from him). He chased me down to a cul-de-sac then cut around me on the left, cut me off and slammed on his brakes to stop me. I showed him my cellphone and told him the cops were on the way...he took off. 2/ I changed lanes on a major road and apparently (I found out later) that I accidentally cut someone off...my bad, it certainly wasn't on purpose. The guy speeds ahead of me, cuts into the lane directly in front of me and slams on his brakes. If I wasn't ready, I wouldn't be typing this right now. I locked 'em up to avoid a major collision. You think that would've been the end of it. Nope. The guy chases me down the highway for about 30kms. I called the cops and had an intercept ready. They got him (so yeah, maybe HE did spend a day in the pokey). 3/ Driving from Calgary to Red Deer on highway 2. Guy flies past us in pickmeup truck. Ahead of us he's driving from ditch to ditch, swerving like a drunken sailor. At one point he even holds up his beer for us (he actually showed us he was drunk). We called the cops and they told us keep up the pursuit (they know me...ex-military - Delta Platoon BDF - aid to civil power was a regular part of our duty). So we followed him all the way to Innisfail. Since the cops had his license plate, they were waiting for him at his home (4 cop cars). When he finally pulled into his cul-de-sac he attempted to make a U-turn and get away but the cops boxed him in. He was so plastered that he literally fell out of his truck into the cop's waiting arms. 4/ Heading northbound on highway 2 we had a Sheriff up ahead pacing traffic at a comfortable 115 kph. Apparently some chick behind us in a Bimmer was a bit impatient. She pulled out and passed a bunch of us on the right. The news report later stated she was hitting speeds upwards of 160 kph...PASSING CARS ON THE SHOULDER! Well, the RC's and the Queen's Cowboys were waiting for her up ahead. Spiked her tires and, yeah, I think she went to jail too for endangering lives. 5/ I was on-duty the night that CST Sonnenberg was cut in half by a douche-bag fleeing police in a Firebird. He was laying a spike belt when the guy took aim at him and killing him instantly. 6/ Check out the story of Kenneth Janzen. Same thing...aimed his getaway vehicle at the RC laying a spike belt and hit him (the cop lived this time). And many more... So I guess a few of these redneck losers spent more than a few nights in jail here in AB...
  9. I know the plates say CALI, but that crap goes on daily over here in redneck Alberta. Same kinda vehicle too (jacked up Excursion, or jacked up anything for that matter)...I think these guys are compensating for something small...like a small brain?
  10. A winger who scores BIG goals? A winger who is good with the BBW ladies? A winger who rocks at XBox? C'mon, JB explain yourself!
  11. POST OF THE YEAR THUS FAR!!! I LOVE the sarcasm...even my wife laughed at this one...brilliant!
  12. RW1...in Utica
  13. Higgy 2.0 I'd be down with that...but I don't think Versteeg would be. I think Calgary would be more to his liking than us...he has connections with Southern Alberta and may want to play out his career here (he's got his 2 cups).
  14. Unfortunately racism in the US has taken on a new face (from both sides of the issue). Certainly there still exists the traditional form of racism (ie/ racist person who simply is ignorant and doesn't like other races for nothing more than their nationality or color), but for the most part it now seems to boil down to distrust and stereotyping. It has been stated that the incident in Minnesota may not have occurred had the driver been white. But again, I don't believe that the officer in question acted in a manner based strictly upon the traditional form of racism...I feel as though he acted how he did, more based upon distrust and stereotyping [black person driving around with a busted tail light and who admitted to possessing a firearm...conclusion? He must be a drug dealer or gang banger (stereotype)...better approach the car with gun drawn and react with force at the slight irregularity (distrust)]. Not sure how this attitude gets fixed any time soon...
  15. This was bound to happen...as were the incidents leading up to it. I agree that "most" peace officers are doing their job and are trained to react to certain situations. But here's the fact of the matter: far far too many "peace" officers come from a military background. I come from a military background, and I can tell you that based on my training things tend to escalate quickly. Being a soldier is in fact the complete OPPOSITE mentality to being a peace officer. But in order to fulfill the demand for more peace officers on the street (and coupled with a reduced military due to withdrawals from combat zones) there seems to be what "appears" to be a perfect match of former soldiers who need a job and law enforcement agencies that need that certain personality type willing to put themselves in harms way in the name of public safety. So although I would agree that former military personnel may be very good at SWAT/SERT team tactics (and an area where they would be most employable in law enforcement in general), they have no place as general duty police officers (ie/ highway patrol etc). To that end (and since we can't see as much of the video leading up to the incident) I have this question: Why was a highway patrol officer approaching a vehicle with a broken tail light with his weapon drawn and in an aggressive mindset? We all want to know why these idiots would ambush some peace officers (and don't get me wrong, these folks are disgusting in their attitude and tactics towards police)...but could it be that they have the same questions brewing in their own minds about basic police tactics/attitude towards the public. This is a terrible tragedy, and all we can do is hope that police departments everywhere look at their tactics/attitude and hiring practices to help stem off a potential wave of violence that could follow. And for those who are disposed already to dislike the police (either because they stand on the wrong side of the law or ones who have had their "civil" attitude tainted by incidents) I can only hope that they curb their violent tendency to want to act out and look for more peaceful (lawful) solutions to the issues at hand.