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  1. Is it time to trade Sutter? He didn't get the GWG...I say he's outta here!
  2. I understand the folks on here who want to be a bit conservative in their enthusiasm at this early juncture of the season...BUT...let's not forget how the so-called "expert" critics (ie/ uber Eastern-biased parrots) have us doing so poorly this year. Contrast that with the fact that many of us who follow the Canuck's players regularly (and more in-depth) would love to shove a hockey stick up their collective nether regions, and it's easy to see why we're pretty excited this early on. Typically it is the younger average aged teams that seem to get off to quicker starts, so to see our veteran team stickin' it to those younger teams early on does give one a basis for some hope...just imagine how good the Tre-Kronor line will look after the 20 game mark! Obviously the single biggest factor for the Canucks success this year lies with the Sutter line (see below)...will that line give us a 2nd scoring line that takes the pressure off of the Swedish triplets. Add in BoHo's line and we might actually have 3 scoring lines (balanced attack)...something that we didn't have last year and obviously something that the "experts" didn't count on when they "counted" us out so early on. So inasmuch as our fanbase is hoping for a positive season based on just a couple of games I feel the "critics" will be eating some crow based on their assumptions of our team long before the season even started. So back to Sutter...he's our X-Factor this season. As one analyst described him: "he's like a free UFA pickup for the Canucks this season in that they didn't have his services for much of last season"...so again, the "critics" have made some pretty big assumptions about the failings of the Canucks without answering some basic roster questions first: 1/ Impact of Gudbranson 2/ Effectiveness of Eriksson 3/ Resurgence of Sutter 4/ Stability of the Miller/Markstrom tandem 5/ Sedin twin's conditioning/compete level at their age (no one has seen them play yet at their age = new territory) And finally 6/ Anton Rodin...we haven't even seen him play yet so how can we know what his overall contribution will be. In my books that's FAR TOO MANY what-ifs on the season thus far to even begin to realize how this is going to play out. But again we have to understand the enthusiasm of so many many based upon the negativity surrounding this year going in...I for one am with the positive crowd...I think we can make the playoffs this year and then from there...well who knows?
  3. Good looking site...well done sir!
  4. Pretty confident that Vasi and Murray get protected (you just don't give away the future so fast). So they won't be able to take on both Fleury and Bishop (obviously 1 or the other)...but I see your point. Does give them a bit of a decision to make (do they risk leaving a half decent player exposed, in order to protect an additional player, in the hopes that their exposed goalie is more valuable to LV than the player left exposed)...let the games begin.
  5. As a fan I have found that to be true in just about every season...I don't believe there's another NFL team out there that loses more games by a FG or less or in the late 4Q as the Chargers...it's tough to watch (and even tougher to be a fan...but hey, the Charger Girls! Am I right?)
  6. And round and round the carousel goes...as mentioned above, every team has a Bachman...every team will expose an average goalie to the EXP DRAFT. Pretty sure Las Vegas will be taking one of the current goalies on rosters that were signed to protect other assets (as Bachman was)...
  7. Can anyone explain to me please WTF is going on in San Diego? Only the Falcons have scored more TDs this year (we're tied with the Steelers) and yet we're 1-4. Is it because we're giving up too many? We're +10 PF/PA so I just can't figure it out. Crap luck I guess.
  8. 100% agree. I ran it as well and we finished 3rd (in the playoffs). I also have run the same team scenario several times (ie/ save it back at game 1, run the whole season then go back without saving and run the same team scenario again)...finished everywhere from 4th to 1st. Also do it for the playoffs...everything from being swept in 4 to sweeping the opponent in 4. No consistency whatsoever...so not sure how they come up with their "bold" predictions.
  9. Time for my annual draft rant... You know who looks better than any of the players listed in the draft? Landeskog. Move our 2017RD1. It's valuable, sure. But I'm betting the player we get in return will be more valuable. /End rant (I went easy this year because it's all been said before / I'm getting older and more tired / Blue Jays won last night so I just don't give a shat about some punka$$ next gen player etc. etc. etc.)
  10. This thread is genius. On a similar note I'm going to start a thread that promotes scoring more than the other team = more wins. Then I'll follow this up with a thread about goaltending...something along the lines like "good goaltending means less goals against". I know I'm being a douche...but sometimes I just can't help myself.
  11. Yeah that's what I meant. Sorry, not coming up, but the returning Bachman to the Comets part. My concern is Miller. His age. The inevitable injury. But with 2 or 3 good eligible goalies that can be brought up to cover BU duties for Marky plus the fact that I'm confident we won't lose Miller for more than 20 or so games / a couple months, we'll be good with going against the OP writer's list (ie/ push Bachman down to make room for a positional player on the 23).
  12. Yeah, totally strange. Bachman may be on a one-way, but I'm pretty sure it's a Comets contract (and if I'm right a goalie does NOT have to clear waivers to come up as an injury replacement). And he apparently has banished Jayson Megna to the minors who is also on a one-way. And no mention of ANY of the PTO's making it...weird acknowledgements all-round. I can see signing one of our PTO's (Ruutu, Sheppard or Skille over Virt) to keep Virt eligible to be brought up for the eventual injury bug... SEDIN-SEDIN-ERIKSSON BAERTSCHI-HORVAT-RODIN ETEM-SUTTER-HANSEN BURROWS-GRANLUND-DORSETT GAUNCE-RUUTU or SKILLE or SHEPPARD (Virt etc available for callups) EDLER-TANEV HUTTON-GUDBRANSON SBISA-LARSEN TRYAMKIN (Pedan, Stetcher etc available for callups...as well as Biega...I'm pretty sure he'd clear waivers) MILLER MARKY
  13. Here's a better one of the Commodore...
  14. SONIC!...
  15. Clowns are scary...