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  1. This is the most likely scenario...don't burn up LTR goodwill with the league. Lu is on a one-way so he gets his full salary anyways, and he continues to do PR work for the team which translates into a front office PR job in the future...and it all only costs us 800,000 per year for the balance, and costs the Cats pennies...seems like the best win-win-win scenario all round (maybe we kick the Cats a fourth or something for accommodating the deal?)...
  2. In my opinion he's not one to be traded. We can't move forward with a team full of fresh faced 19-21 year olds hoping that one or two of them become a superstar...it still leaves GAPING holes in the lineup that guys like MDZ are perfect at filling. MDZ is to the D position what Higgins was for us at forward. By having some depth that we don't trade away, it takes some heat off of those upper echelon guys. If you want to compare our current players with our 2011 SCF team, MDZ is our Hansen or Lapierre...those guys didn't exactly light it up in the playoffs, but without them we wouldn't have even got a sniff at the cup... We need the Tanev, Gudbranson and yes, MDZ type players to augment the Pettersen, Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen and Juolevi type players that will lead us in star power...it's all about depth and balance. What we need to truly move on from (with the greatest respect and gratitude) is the Sedin / Eriksson / Vanek types...and I can't believe I'm saying this (I'm a veteran lover all the way)...embrace the rebuild! Keep the MDZ's so that the rebuild is quicker, with a direction and a purpose with clear cut objectives for every top 6 F and top 4 D position...the rest of the supporting cast will be the best we can assemble...and then go for it!
  3. Where does Toronto go from here?

    I think you might be marginalizing Reilly a bit...in about 5 years we'll all be talking about young Morgan the way we talk about Doughty, Karlsson and Pietrangelo today...he will be a next level top tier Dman in this league and we'll all be wishing he wore blue and green instead of blue and white... Him and (obviously) Matthews are about the only Leafs I'd want right now...I think the rest of the prospects are a tad over-billed, but who knows. Their peer group in the NHL is just being built right now amongst 30 other teams so we'll have to see how they stack up as a group...it is possible that they could turn into the Blackhawks in few years (Toews, Kane, Keith & Crow = future Matthews, Marner, Reilly and Andersen?) and dominate for 3 or 4 more but again that too comes at a price (big long term contracts that handcuff everything else once they start to decline)...but it's the TML...if they can win even ONE cup with this group over the next 7 years it will be declared the greatest rebuild ever (greater than even the WTC rebuilds)...
  4. I can state this for a certainty...we have the better Sedin. I'm not sure which one is technically better, but regardless, we have him...for now...to be continued...at the TDL...or in the summer...I could do this all day... ... ...
  5. Who is to blame for the Palestine/Israel Conflict

    Step Brothers...when Abraham kicked Ishmael (and his mother) out of "the promised land" they got pi$$ed. I believe that for the most part Yemenic Islam was born from Ishmael's roots. I think they've kinda hated the Israelites ever since...
  6. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    Alcan shares just soared!
  7. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    As do I sir...as do I. I feel as though you and I would have made awesome drinking buds...don't have to agree on everything, just learn and grow, learn and grow...sprinkle it in with a few bar brawls and broken teeth and well...that's my life in a nutshell...
  8. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    100% agree...if NASA wasn't reaching for the stars, they never would have made the moon (or at least been able to film it in a basement in Hollywood...there's that sarcasm again...sometimes I just can't help myself )
  9. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    My apologies for bringing religious principles into YOUR forum (how's THAT for passive aggressive...sometimes I just can't help being sarcastic...it's my personality disorder I deal with...my bad)...
  10. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    I'm not sure but, are you equating strong personality with stubborn and stupid? I don't think you are...and I hope you're not...we're not all Donald Trump types of strong...some of us are more of a quiet leader type strong...think Sedins or Toews type strong... Anyways, we don't often crave a showdown, not true. If you want the best definition of "D" type personalities, look up the definition of the D in the Thomas Personality chart...it pretty much nails it on the head. Both my wife and I are executives now at the same company, and we have to do the Thomas testing. When we read mine (Strong...and I mean STRONG D) we freakin' LOL'd...I mean pee our pants LOL...it was so spot on it was almost scary...
  11. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    Actually no. JC lived and exemplified the principle that I stated...I don't know much about buddah...did he represent the principle that you stated? If so, then it makes sense. If not then...? If you prefer an actual quote then how about this: Jesus asked the Israelites to take on his yoke because it was kindly and light. He was contrasting that with the Pharisees who's yoke was heavy and "fear-inspiring" (MATT 11:30). Does that work better for you?
  12. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    Agree, love breaking out the mental WD-40 every now and then and get the rusty old file drawers open...
  13. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    Principle, not passage. EDIT: For example, he asked the Israelites to take on his yoke, for it was kindly and light. He was contrasting that with the yoke that the Sadducees and Pharisees imposed upon them (the leaders wanted to be feared, not loved...Jesus was the opposite).
  14. Who Should The Canucks Draft Second Overall

    Zadina. Dahlin will be the most impactful player overall, but Zadina will probably be the best offensively gifted player in the draft...I think we need to put a few more pucks on...and in the...net.