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  1. Hey CDC...been on a self imposed hiatus for awhile...but I couldn't resist this thread: OK, taking into account the rise of Edmonton, the fall of San Jose and LA...and the utter collapse of Colorado and AZ, I think we'll jump up a few spots and finish around 86 points. Travis will (truly) have a more balanced scoring attack which might be able to free up the Sedin line to play away from top D corps (I predict a "slight" increase in productivity over last season due to this). So that's my official guess...86 points, in the hunt til just past the deadline, and a steep fall off after (West Coast fatigue)
  2. I personally prefer movies based on real life events: Siege of Jadotville...incredible story! Moneyball...just finished watching it again...still an awesome movie! Can't remember if "13 Hours: Secret Soldiers of Benghazi" was on Flix or not? Or "Zero Dark Thirty"? Or "Lone Survivor"? Also there's a cool story about the birth of the CIA..."The Good Shepherd" And you just gotta love "The Monuments Men"...Bill Murray cracks me up... But I also enjoy good action fiction flix as well: "Sicario"...absolutely amazing film... "Columbiana"...Zoe Saldana...soooo...you need another reason? "Syriana" is also a good movie... "The Green Zone"... "Lions for Lambs"... "The Big Short"...very enlightening... "Babel"... "Spy Game"... I could literally go on all night...
  3. This right here is why GM's are buying extra cellphone minutes for June 22nd. When the dust settles on June 21st, and some GM's have lost 1 of their Top 4 Dmen to LVGK...they'll gladly dishup a 1st for Tanev (and Edler if he'll waive)...we could have 3 top 10 picks come June 23rd. Not a particularly deep draft this year in terms of the top 2 or 3, but it balances out nicely with any other typical draft year once you hit the rest of the top 10...so why not take advantage of the expansion draft to load up on talent? A one in 3 shot that you'll draft that future star/1st liner to finally build around...
  4. I'm sure you meant PICK @ 5 (you traded away the #3 OA to ARZ to get Crouse + 7th) Not so sure we want Stecher to be the itty-bitty Dman we trade...I think keep Stecher and maybe move Subban? Either way, there's only room enough for one midget sized Dman...we need the rest to be beast-mode monsters.
  5. It's always fun to speculate, and the value seems close to being a fair trade but 2 things: 1/ Partners who are in basically the same boat (rebuilders) don't always make great trade partners...the best deals are usually struck on TDL day (just think of the final 4 in play right now and go back and imagine the king's ransom in picks/prospects that we could get from any of them for Tanev). 2/ I think most in the hockey community are pretty confident that Tanev will be sporting Blue and White next year...seems the final details are about all that's being ironed out (or I'm totally wrong and he's still a Nuck...until TDL 2018 that is...)
  6. I went with my gut on this one and voted Bernier. Go with a Marky / Bernier / Bachman split of about 45 / 30 / 7* this season and a Marky / Bachman split next. * Based on the inevitable goalie injury
  7. It's interesting to see Communism in its infancy stages...always starts out as Socialism...then regresses once the economy falls off the rails, mass panic in the streets, revolution and ultimately...military dictatorship. General Trudeau...hmmmm...has an interesting ring to it.
  8. I've stated my opinion about the Stanley Cup playoffs over and over...it's nothing but a hockey tournament (about the same as any other ie/ Spengler Cup etc). Only difference is that it has the best players in the world (most of them anyways) dispersed amongst 16 teams...and of course they're playing for Lord Stanley. For the most part it can be argued that one of the top teams each year wins this trophy, but I would argue that, based on the fact that the President's Trophy winner rarely wins the SC, it's not bonafide that THE top team in hockey is justly represented by the winning of the SC. To win the President's Trophy, you pretty well have to be better than almost EVERY other team in the NHL (29 other teams)...over the course of 82 games / 6 months. To win the Stanley Cup you just have to be better than 4 (out of a better field of 15 others mind you, but it's still just 4)...playing about 22 games / 8 weeks. Now, I've used this scenario before (about matchups); I'll admit that of course it's the most extreme example, but it proves the flawed nature of the SC tournament: Team A beats EVERY other team in NHL in every game played...EXCEPT Team B. So Team A finishes the regular season with about 155 pts. This would make them probably the greatest collection of players ever assembled in the history of the NHL. First round they end up facing Team B who maybe just backs into the playoffs, is a middling team of about 93 pts...that's about a 62 point spread in the standings. But Team B takes out Team A because they matchup well together...so in truth can it really be said that Team A is a first round loser and therefore sits around the middle of the NHL in terms of greatness for that season? Hardly a fair determination. People would argue that if you want to prove you're the best then you have to win in the playoffs. So the lingering question for Team A's lengthened golf season would be...what if we just had drawn ANY other team in round 1 / 2 / 3 / 4? Would we then be the best? Let someone else matchup against Team B and take them out...then we'd easily prove we're the best. I will always maintain that it's harder to win the President's Trophy than the Stanley Cup. So to make the SC playoffs more righteous...what about a Memorial Cup, Olympics, Spengler Cup, WJC etc etc etc (oh why must the NHL continually buck the norm?) type of tournament? Have 7 teams advance from each Conference in round 1. They play a 6 game mini round robin (play each team in the Conference once...guarantees each owner that they get 3 home games in round 1). Top 4 teams from the round robin advance to a regular best of 7 format...continue on from there. At least then each Conference champ in the SCF can state that they were better than the other teams in their own conference...it's not about a lucky matchup...you gotta beat teams in round 1 to advance.
  9. They're married aren't they? Just out for a skate together?
  10. Alzner is probably the obvious chase after losing Tryamkin and probably losing another (Sbisa)...leaves us Guddy, Edler, Tanev and Hutton...we'll need 1 more bonafide Top4D to cover the inevitable D-train to the hospital. If we don't score either NP/NH then I'd throw a huge Offer Sheet at BC boy Johansen. Lock him and Horvat up long term and we'll have the same 1-2 punch down the middle as we did in 2011.
  11. This is where I was going...the string of so-called "PP specialists" that various GM's brought in "save" our struggling PP...ie/ Schneider, Larsen etc.
  12. Beer...that is all.
  13. OK fine...39 pages later and no decision...if no one will step up to the plate I will (I work for beer)...where do I sign?
  14. Welcome to the new CDC...they may as well take the search function and toss it in the G-Bin. I got warning points 'cause I was "abusive" to a "gentleman" who likewise was repeatedly too lazy to search.
  15. Would be a good choice...wasn't he a former Captain in our farm system (Moose)?