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  1. Lucic is going to pull a lebron james, come back home and lead us to the promise land. Book it !
  2. People need to calm down. The draft lottery has not happened yet and we still may as well get a top 3 pick. I did the sim 10 times and got a top 3 pick 4 times, also first overall twice! Anything can happen with the new lottery system it's a crap shoot.
  3. you could always retain half on both salaries and make it work for more teams. Plus we would get a higher return, but I highly doubt sedins get traded. If they did it would create the best second line in the league.
  4. Did the draft lottery simulation 10 times, got top 3 pick six times and 1st overall twice. So we could easily be 4th or 5th, but I like our odds.
  5. Pierre luc Dubois please. Going to be one hell of a player and steal of the draft if he goes after 7-8. I think he should be top 5 but hey that's just me.
  6. 2 second round picks and saarela
  7. Anyone other then horvat should be in play for drouin. I'd even maybe trade our 1st round pick this year for drouin.
  8. Avs win 5-3 with burrows scoring the third goal with 5.2 seconds left to end the streak.
  9. Skrew kesler
  10. Bye bye kes thanks for thr memories