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  1. Ok, I wonder how the OP came to his conclusions. I also wonder if the OP truly knows Hockey. Comments such as the ones he/she made makes me wonder. It is obvious to me that the OP truly needs to think before typing.
  2. Hello Darcy, Congradulations on the baby ! Being a Dad is such a changing role in life, you will truly need all your wits about you in that role. And you thought hockey was a tough thing ! LOL Well what can I say that hasn't been said already. Sorry I never truly followed your career till now. I had to do some research on your career to see what kind of guy on the ice you were. All I can say is Welcome to Vancouver ! Your presence on the ice has been desperately needed since the Big Donald got traded. I'm glad you are here in Vancouver and looking forward to watching your contributions to the team. I've been a fan of this team since day one of the franchise and I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited over the preseason in a very long time. Here's wishing you all the success you deserve and then some ! Glad to have you here in the Nucks uni !
  3. Ok the first paragraph really got me going. How we percieve the offer to him as fans has ABSOLUTELY no bearing whether or not he retires or plays the game for another year. That is his decision to make not yours. To sit there and call him all that is merely showing how little you think of him as a player. Which is obvious in the following paragraphs anyways. I'm addressing your first paragraph, I won't even go near the others. The season is still two months away, MG knows this as does everyone else who can read a calendar. In the hockey world two months is an eternity. So please do everyone a favor and ease up on your fanatisism a little and give us all a break from your arrogance. Since when does Mats Sundin owe ANY canuck fan relief from as you put it emotional hostage ?? Let go Luke ! Mats will decide on Mats schedule not yours, mine or even MG's. Whether the man decides to even play in Vancouver or not really has no bearing on you as a fan UNTIL HE ACTUALLY SIGNS ON THE LINE of a Vancouver Canuck contract. So please do everyone a favor and keep your fantac self deluded comments to yourself. Thanks