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  1. People wonder why rogers arena is so quiet... We've seen it all before and its not about to change anytime soon..
  2. We are playing like a bunch of kittens out there..
  3. What if he orchestrated this whole situation up like how Charlie Conway did for Adam Banks in D2!!! Just to let Sven get into playing his old team with immense fire and determination to burn the organization that dumped him!!! One can only dream..
  4. The reaction and statements made by our friends over on the flames forum are hilarious... They really want to kill us hahahahahaha
  5. R.I.P William Nylanders hair
  6. Balding comes from his mothers father, so he may be in luck.
  7. Here we go again..
  8. like an angry johnny mario
  9. This is ridiculous.. at the end of the day hockey is just a damn game.. It's even worse that he doesn't even have the freedom or desire to go anywhere in his hometown where he grew up. Lucic should've laid that bonehead on his butt.