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  1. reporter: Södertälje tomorrow - how does it? Rodin: Earnings!
  2. "Skate Rodin! Skate! AGH! Why is he just standing there!" "He's thinking Alain...He's thinking"
  3. Rodin will never be a Canucks captain. Naslund comparison end plz.
  4. repin the c-o-q
  5. Is Gradin our Chief European Scout, or is he just our Swedish scout? it could be argued that Gradin also discovered Brunnstrom since the canucks were apparently trying to sign him before he had his breakout season in the SEL
  6. That poor Koala Bear!

  7. wow thats a good one. the only leaf/canadien i can think of from the era that picture is from is bunny larocque, and even thats a stretch.
  8. hextall
  9. Mike Leighton
  10. tyler moss?
  11. Norm Maracle
  12. I dunno, some stupid kid?
  13. Wait a minute......Where's Espen Knutsen?!?!?!? Where am I?
  14. is #8 Gilles Gratton? or is it Garret?
  15. The Swedish Sieve! Hardy Astrom