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  1. "Let's see how this saga turns out. Maybe a reporter can ask Kesler what HE thinks. " LMAO!!! well put my friend! 35 years as a fan but this managment of the team lately testing if I should cheer for them under current management........... Sell the team Aquabum family and maybe get an owner who will fire Front office idots who manage/coach like this. NOT a game.. a SHOW...LooUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU should play
  2. Collective feeling on Tort's 'antics'?

    Loved it....The antics of other teams and ref's last 20 games sort of proud Torts kept it together this long. Love the Passion and He is right...Flamers all dropped there gloves first...first he jump Kev before puck hits the ice and then Grabs Lain by the jersey ands starts swinging..and we get a 2 min power play....and how many 7 min power plays have the refs give the other teams lately!!!!????? PJ Stock a moron..he would blame the rape victim...(he said its was Sedins fault for letting Marchand punch him over and over because he didn't stand up for himself..but now its Torts fault for not putting 1st line out against the goon squad?..oops drifting) but sadly he is a mirror of the Leagues attitude...Canucks going to get roasted and flames wont be touched.
  3. CBC continues to ignore West and the Canucks

    LOL I Remember when you would finally get a Canucks/Oiler/or Flames game on CBC(when it was only 1 game a night) and then you would have to sit there during the intermissions and listen to (i'm a )Dyck Irvining and the rest of the CBC Boobs talk about the Canadiens or Leafs ignoring the game(except for Meeker) they broadcasting. That's where my hatred of all things Leafs and Canadien's came from anyways lol
  4. Canucks vs Kings Top 5 memories

    very well put