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  1. Blake Price said something intelligent = blue moon. Sekeres saying something intelligent = chartreuse moon. A few posters have said it and I agree - I don't think the Canucks will be very good but they won't be that bad. 65 points when loser points happen so frequently? Not a chance. I believe that if things go well there is a shot at the playoffs. The only way they get below the 70 point mark is if they are crushed by injuries to key guys (H. Sedin, Edler, Tanev, Horvat etc...)
  2. Can't wait for Fox Sports season predictions!!! 61 points!!! Yeeeahhhhhhhh MSN!!! 59 points!! CNN Sports!!! 57 points!! Have I missed anyone?
  3. This is a great post!!! This is a tough decision to make and there are so many angles to it. I'm just happy that it IS a tough decision to make. It would be pretty depressing if the 5 thru 8 guys were all complete garbage...
  4. I'd love it the Canucks have 3 puck movers beside 3 big, physical, mobile guys. If either of Gudbranson or Tryamkin go down with injury, it would be great to have someone similar step in and fill the spot. I think Pedan type players are more interesting than Biega type players.
  5. Ha! I think the best fit for Pedan is an average to bad team that needs a #6 who can be really physical and not a horrible liability. Oh wait!! That's us!! Seriously, I really hope they don't waive him because I think he'll be picked up immediately.
  6. I'm with you!! I truly believe he's the kind of player we need and lack. (now that Eddie's gone... ha!) I have the suspicion that he will be sent down and although I'll be disappointed, Pedan probably won't be a difference maker this year.
  7. I'm actually most interested in the immediate decisions affecting the team this year. There are some really intriguing battles going on and I think that the team could be close to the playoffs if they make good roster decisions. As for the 80 post crack and bitching about everything comment I don't think it's accurate or fair. I'm serious - the expansion draft is an awesome discussion on it's own and I'd like to read/discuss the '16 roster. If it helps, I've been on here pretty much every day since the board started. I don't comment much but I read a lot.
  8. Not really. It's only about 1 of 15 factors. Every team in the league will lose 1 player in the expansion draft. If the Canucks are willing to lose a guy on waivers like Pedan, Biega, Tryamkin, Larsen, or whoever they aren't valuable enough to truly impact the team now or after the expansion draft. There are 4 D-men that clearly need protection, possibly 5 and the rest are interchangeable parts. It's like people losing their minds over Corrado. It doesn't mean much in terms of wins or losses.
  9. Is this a thread about 2016 training camp cuts or the 2017 expansion draft?
  10. 65 points is very hard to do. It's Soilers bad from the McDavid draft year. The Sedins alone prevent access to the 65 point pit of despair.
  11. Getting the 1st pick would be excellent. The Canucks would get a really good player in Nolan Patrick....but....it will probably turn out to be the 4th overall pick. and we will have to listen to more torch waving pitchfork wielding Benning haters for another 12 months.
  12. Very funny and also sad...
  13. Thread officially derailed.
  14. My analysis shows that analysts over-analyze other analyzers. If we can crank up the analyzing game, the analyzed analysis will analyze analyzation analyzing analytics analysis analyzer.
  15. I'm super jacked to see consensus on the preferred spelling of Stecher's name as the season develops. Stretcher, Stetcher, Stencher are all early contenders