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  1. The Gudbranson trade was great the day it happened and looks sensational today.
  2. Well played.
  3. Agreed! I think Tkachuk is very, very good prospect but if Arizona (or others) want to trade two first rounders to get him it would be hard to say no. L Brown is an intriguing prospect - definitely higher risk but could turn out to be an awesome pick up. Also, he could turn out to like the House.
  4. Who were the posters who skewered Benning when he stated he would worry about the expansion draft when the rules and timing were defined??? Based on the confusion around here regarding who's eligible and who's not, it would seem prudent for an NHL GM to wait until he had all the information before spending hours drawing up player protection lists... But... Benning's an idiot, can't manage assets, gets fleeced in trades, blah blah. My concern with the expansion draft is that it happens two seasons from now and the Canucks have to expose a guy like Hutton.
  5. This tells me that it's a total crap shoot outside of the first round. Even the first round draft choices can end up as average contributors or, in the worst case, busts. Rounds 2 through whatever typically doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
  6. This type of thread is garbage. As much as I hate the ultra negative posters and chuckle at the super positive posters, hockey discussion is infinitely better than discussing stupid out of context tweets, dissecting Benning's every sentence for hidden meaning or lack of consistency, how to interpret Beth Bartkowski's rambling interviews, or if Prust worships the devil. This should be in White Noise because it is exactly that.
  7. Elvis, your observations are astute. It's critical that Benning trades that cancerous tumor Demko immediately before his toxicity further destroys his teammates. How could any reasonable human be remotely associated with such a pariah as McCann? Also, Pedan is a truly terrible person. Fire Benning. Gillis sucks. Linden is a goof. Everyone is awful. If I was in charge, things would be different around here.
  8. It's true. Mistakenly drew a quad espresso from the machine this morning...
  9. Gud grief!! This is ridiculous!!! A one line quote, out of context creates a big controversy???? Our soundbite world sucks. McCann is a spoiled brat, a locker room cancer, terrible character, horrendous team mate, sacrifices babies to Molech, drinks the blood of virgins, clubs baby seals, is going to be better than Bobby Orr, Benning is an idiot!!!!! Rraarrarrrrr CDC!! Pedan is awesome, he hates McCann, he needs to shut up, proof of a locker room rift, Pedan sucks and should shut his mouth, proof that everyone must conform or die, Pedan is vindictive and throwing his teammates under the bus!!! Blllaaahhh Waaaaaa This is a nothing story. It doesn't change McCann's skills or potential and it doesn't change the fact Gudbranson is a Canuck. Pedan was allegedly interviewed by another human, was asked about McCann, and said he didn't get along with him that well. THAT'S IT
  10. Who drafted Monahan and Gaudreau?
  11. Chilli: Where you around in the 70's & 80's? Not being sarcastic or snarky. Before Pat Quinn, Canucks management was truly horrendous. Consistently brutal to the point of the sublime. Benning has a long, long way to go before he can hold a candle to the immense suckage that pre-dates Quinn. 1. Quinn 2. Gillis 3. Burke 4-10. poop We'll see if Benning's plan works out and then put him on this list. I would prefer to see a poll on which era of Canucks fans are the best. 1. 1990 to 2000 2. 2000 to 2010 3. 1980 to 1990 4. 1970 to 1980 (mostly because they were actually original six fans...) 8546. 2010 to present (worst fans in the league)
  12. It's nice to hear that guys like Hamhuis really want to play in Vancouver. It's a dose of reality that the rest of the league has limited interest in the available Canuck players. I'm really surprised Vrbata wasn't traded for a bag of sock tape but other GM's clearly prefer sock tape. My answer - Don't care. The team will be bad for a few years which is the reality of a rebuild so I'm not losing sleep over meh moves...
  13. thanks!
  14. I'm in Ontario, which channel is this game on?
  15. Well played. lol