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  1. yyaaaaaaassss
  2. We could just draft a Russian 1C, because no one seems to want to touch them with top picks these days
  3. JB puttin in work!
  4. As much as it hurts intrinsically to give up one of the higher picks we've had in years (I think this is why people are mad; If it's 43 not 33 then no one bats an eye) this is very much true. The value of that pick is far from any guaranteed NHL roster player, let alone someone foundational. This helps bring stability to Hutton or Edler as well and will help the team in the short and long term.
  5. How has this trade burned us at all? Forsling has yet to do anything. Sure we only got 17 games from Clendening but that could turn out to be more than Forsling plays for CHI. Far from an NHL lock..
  6. It'll be a plus to have someone as the keystone prospect ahead of him.. maybe it helps him just do his thing with a little less distraction.
  7. I wonder if Weissbrod convinces JB to take a run at Jankowski.. Or if the Leafs pry Vesey away from Nashville (they hired his dad as a scoute, if I'm not mistaken)
  8. Then people will cry when you trade to Carolina for a 3rd round pick
  9. Yeah we would definitely need to get more than just Honka.. despite his status as a CDC hyped prospect
  10. I wonder if all these smaller deals will help him build some cache with the GMs and help him to take those big swings. I'd bet that CDC shuts down the day he finally makes that trade though lol
  11. I like how people are getting salty over trading late rounds picks who statistically are extremely unlikely to play for us, for players are very likely to play for us. Heck even the few months Clendenning put in on this roster was more than most 5th rounders are likely to play for us. I understand people hoping that we find gems, but if you're looking for a diamond in the rough, the round they were drafted in is pretty irrelevant
  12. I agree, but the bulk of them are still likely to come from within anyway (Virtanen, McCann, Bo, Gaunce, Hutton, Demko, Boeser)
  13. Why is it such a big deal that they were drafted and developed outside of this franchise? No team in the league keeps all of their prospects (Drafting 7 or so each year) let alone have their roster filled out only by players that they drafted or developed on their own. People learn good stuff elsewhere too..
  14. Baer and Granlund shootin around