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  1. If we are to trade Tanev to Toronto I would rather it was for K.Kapenen, A. Nielson and A. Borgman and a pick (2nd would be nice but a 3rd more likely). We get a good player in Kapenen who is odd man out, Nielsen who is big, tough and has some offence as well and Borgman who has off. upside as well. We could also add a Hainsey and Poulliot swap in there to help cap space out for them but not sure they would go that big.
  2. I have no problem with changing rules to protect players and encourage skilled hockey.......but.......the league is notorious for not using the rules they want to enforce all season long and dropping them come playoff time. Choose what you want but be consistent with the choice ALL season and playoffs. If the league would stay consistent the players would be able to adjust (they are smart enough).
  3. Principal Point of Contact - Poll

    To me the problem with Wilsons hit is that he lunged up as the player was leaning, as well, he came from a distance to just make a hit on a guy already being checked.
  4. Then your not watching many games. Nashville games are physical and Vegas last night matched LA shot for shot and I'm not talking about the puck.
  5. [Proposal] Hire AV!

    PLEASE NO!! Once was more than enough.
  6. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    TOTALLY AGREE!! (Botch= it). They should put a restraining order out on Botch...Not allowed within 50 meters of a pen, pencil, typewriter, computer or any other device that allows him to SPEW crap like he does.
  7. In his own mind only, the man(refuse to call him a journalist) rarely gets it right. I get ticked at some of these guys for just spewing crap to get there name out there so that it looks like they are more than they are......writers for the National Inquirer (sports version).
  8. [proposal] acquiring landeskog

    Hutton, Holm/Rodin and a 3rd at most.
  9. Sorry but have to pass on this one. I think that Markus could have the big breakout season (that his older brother just had) this season, especially with some PP time.
  10. what was your favorite cartoon growing up?

    The original.....Johnny Quest!
  11. This class action law suit affects any hockey player in any league 16 years of age and older playing for a team that has a owner (not rec hockey). Yes there may be a few teams that actually make a tidy profit and some that barely make a profit but most don't. Yes teams get the proceeds from gate revenue, merchandise, concessions and what ever else they possibly can find to generate revenue but they also have costs that add up as well and not just your basic employee costs. Ask yourself this.....who is paying for the bus (fuel and maintenance), who is paying for the hotels and food on road trips, who is paying for billets, who is paying for all the sticks, laces, etc.? In Kelowna for sure and my guess is all of the CHL, who is paying for the college education that is given to players who play for said teams. I'm most likely missing a few other expenses but you hopefully get my point. If these individuals win this the only way teams will survive is by making the players pay for all these things (or most) and do you think minimum wage will cover this? Or perhaps the parents will pay (some might). Now think this out people, do you want our game for the elite only? Or perhaps no hockey at all as the players might have to go south to play (probably not enough teams for them to play on). Having a hockey team in your city is a bonus that most cities wish they had, it benefits the community as well. Hockey is also a business (not a charity) and the owners, who put up the money are entitled to make a profit if they can. So please before you go off on these poor kids and greedy owners consider some of these facts and also what this potentially could do to OUR game.
  12. Van - Tor, Van - Washington (Proposal)

    If we trade with either team it should be for picks and (centre/dman) prospects.
  13. Watched him last night, played a great game. Would love to get another pick and be able to get him as well. In a couple years his brother will eligible and I think he is going to be a good one also.
  14. 4 years later

    What's done is done and you can't go back and change it ... BUT..... If I could I would trade with Edmonton, pick Horvat at 7th OA and enjoy the fact that we also get a top prospect. We should not of got greedy asking for the 2nd (the rumoured plus) as well (a 4th or 5th maybe). The reason is simple, as was stated in the original post Edmonton doesn't get Connor or Leon and without them they would be a borderline wildcard team at best but still on the outside looking in. It doesn't matter that they have a great goalie, without a decent D corp (until this year) and scoring forwards they would be New Jersey all over again. Sorry but we would lose less games to them that way then how it turned out with getting the 2 studs they got (and Jesse P. as well).
  15. [Speculation] Canucks exposing Biega as a forward?!

    Thank you!! Wondering where people come up with this stuff but I wish it would stop.