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  1. Every GM has made mistakes....every GM. All you Benning haters need to take a timeout and let him finish with his plan then you have a chance to say your piece. We have never drafted as good as we have with JB. He started with an empty cupboard but "hey look" we have a pretty good stable of youth coming (it takes time not over night). He has a team that is playing fairly consistent entertaining hockey (getting better every year). I don't agree with very move he has made but I'm willing to wait and see the end result, so far I can't and won't complain....too loud...hahaha. Just my 2 bits, for what it is worth.
  2. No I wouldn't but I would be against a team full of smaller players. We have some talented young players who are good but we still need some balance in the size with talent department. The Vegas games showed that quite well.
  3. Hughes is too small for us. We need bigger, faster and skilled forwards.......Kaako, please.
  4. Not sure how you figure it is a loser point involved???? The old system with no OT was 1 pt. each for a tie, is it not the same now? The only difference is you get a bonus pt. for OT win. I don't mind if they get rid of the shoot-out and keep the OT going till a team scores, at least that is really exciting.