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  1. I guess I am expecting that the lines are rolled more evenly so the 4th line is getting more minutes than normal. Also, it gives him ann opportunity to jump to the third line if there's an injury which there inevitably will be. Getting those top line minutes in Utica were more relevant when I thought he had top6 potential, at this point I'm just happy he's a quality 3rd line winger.
  2. Dorsett looked pretty bad that first preseason game. I think the forward lineup is: Sedin Sedin Vanek Baertchi Horvat Gagner Granlund Sutter Eriksson Rodin Burmistrov Virtanen I'm just not seeing the room for Boeser unfortunately.
  3. 1) I hate playing team sports. In the long run I found I'm terrible with big groups of guys. 2) It is a terrible feeling to be benched for 3/4 of a soccer match virtually every match. From this I took that I shouldn't waste my time on activities I'm not good at. Work on my strengths. Despite how negative my comments are, my life at this point (turning 27) turned out better than anything I had even dreamed for myself.
  4. As much as I disliked the pick even at the time, he was touted as having the highest floor of the Ehlers/Virtanen/Fleury/Nylander/Ritchie group.
  5. ^^This. Bo slowed down his point pace near the end of the year when other teams started matching their top checkers against him.
  6. Glad to hear he isn't being taken. In general I am pretty critical of most of the Canucks prospects but for some reason I've got a soft spot for Gaunce. There's this Burrows-like quality to him (back when Burrows first played with us). He just seems like a guy who's worked his butt off to even get to this point and I think its good for the team as a whole to have someone like him. Also, worst case scenario we have a cheap, young 4th line centre.
  7. Ahh, this reminds me so much of the Patrick White defenders back in the day. Back on topic, I can't think of two players with less in common with each other.
  8. In his draft+1 season he got 40 points in 35 games in the OHL. This is after getting 75 points in 60 games the year before. I can't imagine Ottawa's management being happy with that. I think CDC got that one right (although I do think Rasmussen will be a good player, just not as a #5 draft pick).
  9. I'm a bit surprised to see Glass as the top pick. His greatest strength, playmaking, is not at the level of a 1st line forward IMO. If Glass and Vilardi are both 2nd line talents, Vilardi definitely has the better make-up for a second line centre and he is more flexible in that he can play wing. The first line talent players available are Mittlestadt and Pettersson but they are less of a safe bet.
  10. Although we may squabble whether he should be ranked dead last, at least we can all generally agree he's in the bottom 1/4?
  11. I hope we draft a dman. We will have many more years of as a lottery pick, the development of our prospects would line up better if we pick up dmen first. 1) Heiskanen 2) Vilardi/Glass (too hard to decide between them) 3) Glass/Vilardi I'm against Liljrehen since he appears to have terrible hockey IQ, Mittlestadt because he's too difficult to project with limited viewings against other talent + risk he doesn't sign with us due to being a college player + projects to be a winger, and Makar due to poor competition and size.
  12. It's a genuine question I have. I was under the impression Tanev was a better player, do others also believe Larsson is better? I honestly watched more Comets games over the last year than Canuck games lol.
  13. Perhaps my value perception of Tanev is off but he is a better player than Larsson who went for Hall. I would think that would be worth a top 15 pick and a blue chip prospect.
  14. That's not how the temporary foreign worker program works. You cannot hire a temporary foreign worker and pay them less than what the prevailing wage is. It literally states it in the application that the wage has to be the prevailing wage (or median wage within your company if it's higher): https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/foreign-workers/median-wage/low/requirements.html#h2.7
  15. So there are some misconceptions here about the TFW program. It should be noted that there were significant changes to the TFW program in 2013-14 that dropped applications by about 75%. This is largely due to $1000.00 fee the employer has to pay just to apply and the increased time period for processing. The TFW program was largely dead before this recent announcement. I suspect this policy is more about scoring some political points than making any actual real change. This is incorrect. The policy you describe already exists. In order to hire a TFW you need to prove there are no Canadians available for the job. This new policy is an outright ban for the specific positions. One of the restrictions on the TFW program has been that they must be paid the median wage for their job in their region. There is no cost savings directly through wage in hiring a TFW as opposed to Canadians. If it turns out the employer is lying, they could be fined tens of thousands of dollars.