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  1. No, its based off the fact that: -he left the team to play for the KHL for three years -he expressed he was unhappy with the team when he left -he expressed he was unhappy about the marijuana smell of Vancouver -the lack of effort in learning English -the only Canuck player he seemed close with, Goldobin, is basically no longer on this team -there's no other russian presence on this team and -Benning's admission that he didn't know why he left to the KHL. But sure, he actually wants to be a Canuck because of his instagram avatar. I hope you're right.
  2. I have a feeling we're going to trade him away. I think he wants to play in the NHL, just not for the Canucks, but instead on a team with more russian support like the Caps.
  3. Glad I'm eating crow about the Myers signing. He's been great!
  4. One thing nice about having Ian Clarke is that Markstrom will probably sign to a reasonable contract considering otherwise he'd have to leave Clarke.
  5. I can't imagine his salary being particularly good in the VHL (I'm assuming they have two-way contracts?). He might as well be moved here to the Comets where he'll be challenged much better.
  6. Unless we are running into contract limit problems, always worth trying out these undrafted college guys. Who knows, maybe he ends up as the next Tanev.
  7. I don't buy this "the prospects were garbage to begin with" attitude. Lind and Gadjovich were 2nd round picks, just like Hoglander. They both performed very well in the CHL the season before going to the AHL.
  8. I'd prefer he avoid Utica and stay in the SHL until he's ripe for the NHL. The past year hasn't provided me a lot of confidence in our forward development in Utica. Obviously my opinion would change if Lind/Gadjovich/Jasek/Palmu significant steps forward there this year.
  9. **** that's a great deal. With that being said, I don't blame Benning for not signing him, it would have been a significant gamble to save cap space this long on the hopes he'd sign. It just sucks because if not for the Luongo cap hit, we probably could have offered a better deal even now. This D-core would have been fantastic: Edler Myers Gardiner Stecher Hughes Tanev Benn, Biega There is so much more offensive coming from our back end.
  10. You're overvaluing Podkolzin. If they want him for Pasce/Slavin (drafting a top 4 D for a 10th pick would generally be fantastic), you take that deal and run.
  11. Hockey sense is more complicated than that. When JV is criticized for hockey sense, it's because he has a lack of sense of what to do in the offensive zone. He is one of our least creative players and doesn't know how to use his line mates. I see no issues with hockey sense with defensive situations. The reason I use Grabner is because they actually are remarkably similar players. Neither have particularly good offensive hockey IQ or use their linemates particularly well which is largely irrelevant on the PK anyways. I'd argue Virtanen is already better defensively than Grabner was at the same age. Merely having Virtanen out there makes other teams more hesitant to play aggressively because of his speed.
  12. I was disappointed that we didn't try out Virtanen on the PK last year. I can see him having a PK-style like Grabner with off the rush break-aways
  13. Way too early to consider Lind, Hoglander, Madden, MacEwan, Goldobin, and even Podkolzin "likely NHL Players". In past years you would have considered Shinkaruk, Schroeder, Gaunce, Jensen, Cassels, and Fox "likely NHL players". Lets not count our chickens before they even hatch.
  14. Sutter's last two seasons were night and day. I think we can just chop it up to injuries. As far as having too many shutdown lines, who cares? It'll free up Horvat and Pete's line for more offense.
  15. You don't get a plus if you're on the ice on the PP (but you can get a minus if you let in a shorthanded goal). You also don't get a minus if you're scored on during a PK (but you get a plus if you score short handed). My position has always been that the stat is useless when cross comparing players on different teams but it can useful within a team. I recall Joulevi's plus/minus was middle ground at the time of his injury compared to the rest of the team.