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  1. Myers is a terrible player, he'd be 3rd on our RHD depth chart after Stecher and Tanev. We need to stop signing mediocre players at UFA prices.
  2. This is definitely one of the more interesting ideas I've seen.
  3. Agreed, in hindsight it would have been better if he went to Europe that year to challenge himself. I've definitely been more weary of drafting dmen high who have to go back to the CHL if they can't cut it at the NHL upon being drafted. This is part of the reason I'm happy we picked up Hughes over Dobson/Bouchard.
  4. I have to give credit to UticaHockey and others who actually watch the AHL team. Your observations about Dahlen not seeming to want to be there appear to have been true with him being traded today.
  5. Lol I can't believe you sigged that, by any chance do you remember what topic I posted that?