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  1. Boeser for Dumba seems too perfect. If Virtanen can continue to show he belongs on the top line, the trigger should be pulled.
  2. Not sure why Baertschi for a 2nd is heralded here as a good trade (especially considering who Calgary picked up). He's taking up 3+ million in cap space while in the AHL. Other than that, I definitely agree.
  3. Not the SHL but the league below there. Like the poster above said, the equivalent of the ECHL.
  4. I mean, he wasn't really drafted for his offense. How has his defensive play been?
  5. I voted Babcock but I'd change that now in light of the recent news.
  6. I don't think Gaunce was ever as dominant in junior as Focht is looking right now.
  7. What's the source for the rumour?
  8. No, its based off the fact that: -he left the team to play for the KHL for three years -he expressed he was unhappy with the team when he left -he expressed he was unhappy about the marijuana smell of Vancouver -the lack of effort in learning English -the only Canuck player he seemed close with, Goldobin, is basically no longer on this team -there's no other russian presence on this team and -Benning's admission that he didn't know why he left to the KHL. But sure, he actually wants to be a Canuck because of his instagram avatar. I hope you're right.
  9. I have a feeling we're going to trade him away. I think he wants to play in the NHL, just not for the Canucks, but instead on a team with more russian support like the Caps.
  10. One thing nice about having Ian Clarke is that Markstrom will probably sign to a reasonable contract considering otherwise he'd have to leave Clarke.
  11. I can't imagine his salary being particularly good in the VHL (I'm assuming they have two-way contracts?). He might as well be moved here to the Comets where he'll be challenged much better.
  12. Unless we are running into contract limit problems, always worth trying out these undrafted college guys. Who knows, maybe he ends up as the next Tanev.