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  1. What's the likelihood Woo makes the cut for Utica next year assuming they have another season this year?
  2. I was definitely on board when his number was being raised as the WCE was really my introduction to the Canucks. In hindsight, I think a ring of honour would have made more sense. He wasn't the leader, had the intangibles, or made significant strides into the post season like Linden and Smyl. Naslund also wasn't a HOF player like the Sedins and Bure.
  3. I think people here are giving the Wild a bit too much benefit of the doubt. Who cares if the Wild were hot before the season ended? It's not like that momentum is going to continue after a 2 month hiatus. It's the same silly logic that a team will start a season well because they ended the last season hot. We've never had a team with both Boeser and Toffoli, we may be one of the most stacked teams on wing in the league. A playoff starting Canucks team looks like: Miller Pete Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Virtanen Gaudette Sutter Ferland/Motte Beagle Roussel Edler Stecher Hughes Tanev Benn Myers Markstrom We are pushing legitimate 3rd line wingers into our 4th line. Their PK is atrocious, we should be eating them alive during special teams. If anything this playoff replicates the beginning of the season more than the latter. With our key players being younger, they should be better able to shake off the rust. Their key players, Staal, Suter, and Parise looked awful to start the season.
  4. I definitely interpreted that conversation between Sekeres and Dhaliwal differently than most. I think Dhaliwal's main source for his opinion that Tryamkin would be signed is from Tryamkin's camp. However, considering the surprise to Try's camp that they haven't received an offer, Dhaliwal's opinion has changed to not being sure he will sign. Sekeres I believe heard, albeit awhile ago whenever this bet was made, likely from the Canucks camp that Tryamkin would never wear a Canucks jersey. That's an incredibly strong statement to be made. I do think trying to trade him would make sense of why he isn't signed yet. His camp's signing range of 2-3 mil for a year or two is a perfectly reasonable amount, not sure why he isn't signed when other teams have been willing to do short term contracts. With that being said, I hope I'm wrong because Tryamkin was my favourite player on this team the year he played a full year for the Canucks.
  5. At 42:50 Dhaliwal and Sekeres talk about Tryamkin: https://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040/sekeres-price-may-14-2020-hour-3-1.1476010 Dhaliwal stated he's not 100% sure if Tryamkin will be signed and Skeres mentioned, "they are working on a trade" and that a little birdy told him Tryamkin would never wear a Canucks jersey.
  6. It doesn't look like he's going to receive a contract from the Canucks: https://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040/sekeres-price-may-14-2020-hour-4-1.1476013
  7. AK_19

    Judd Brackett

    Normally I would say BS to that but you have been remarkably consistent about that since even before Hughes got drafted by us. A poll happened before that draft on who was the 2nd best D after Dahlin and Hughes came in 3rd place after Boqvist and Bouchard. You were one of the few that picked Hughes.
  8. I'm honestly still surprised that Eriksson had a place on our roster and not Baertschi. Baertschi may not have been as hard on the puck as Pearson, Miller, and maybe Roussel, but I saw no downside in him compared to Eriksson. Baertschi has shown good offensive chemistry with Hovat in the past and is a good defensive player as well. He played on our previous shutdown line well when he was paired with Horvat. Furthermore, it was more important to showcase Baertschi to be able to trade him whereas Eriksson was already a hopeless cause. Virtually nothing he was going to do was going to change the impression he was a pure cap dump. Perhaps there is something to Alf's theory that there is a hand shake agreement for Erikkson to retire after his July 1 bonus and the Canucks are trying to keep him happy by not sending him to the AHL or making virtually any negative comments about him to the press. For a player as bad as him, it's amazing the amount of positive feedback we get from the coach, management, and fellow teammates.
  9. https://www.tsn.ca/sven-baertschi-it-s-up-to-vancouver-canucks-what-to-do-next-1.1475219
  10. AK_19

    Judd Brackett

    Even if you don't agree that Brackett is as good as he's made out to be, I'm not sure anyone here would risk losing him to keep Weisbrod as AGM. I feel like Weisbrod's only benefit to Benning is that he's confident he won't be replaced by Weisbrod. I firmly believe that the change in our amateur scouting success and Brackett being promoted to head scout are not a coincidence
  11. AK_19

    Judd Brackett

    No, it has everything to do with minutes played: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goals_against_average If you played 1 minute in a game and let in one goal, your GAA is not 1.00, but 60.00.
  12. Is this guy good enough to make the cut for the AHL team next year?
  13. I found the Hughes/Myers pairing to be pretty good from what I saw this season. According to this they performed better than the Hughes/Tanev pairing: https://www.vancourier.com/pass-it-to-bulis/quinn-hughes-and-tyler-myers-have-more-similarities-than-differences-1.24031488 Although it may make sense to swap Stecher and Rafferty.
  14. I'd be okay going into next season with this: Edler Rafferty Hughes Myers Tryamkin Stecher Benn I think if it came down to Tanev or Toffoli we'd go the latter from what we've seen.
  15. I mean one can't really say they didn't give him a shot. He had solid top-6 playing time for awhile with Petey. He's top 6 or bust and he doesn't displace Pete, Horvat, Miller, Boeser, Toffoli, or Pearson. Even Virtanen is more worthy of a spot there. I just never saw something more than a Sam Gagner level player.