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  1. I picked Gillis because he did more than just take us to the Cup Finals, he made the Canucks into a top contender for a period of 4ish years. I think bringing a below average team to consistent cup contenders takes more skill than just bringing a mediocre team to average/above average. The Canucks were to some degree a fluke team in their 93-94 seasons and Quinn suffered the same problem in not being able to maintain expectations for the team.
  2. That's some revisionist history there. Here were the poll number son this board at the time of the draft: The numbers I'd actually say were skewed in favour on JV because it wasn't closed until I believe after he was already picked. I recall back then that Nylander was #1 and Ehlers was #2. The numbers now still show Nylanders on top.
  3. I look forward to being in his class next year!!!!
  4. The real reason Benning and Linden made this public was to pressure Higgins to open up his list of teams he'd allow a trade to.
  5. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Baertschi-Bonino-Vrbata Higgins-Horvat-Hansen Kassian-Vey-Dorsett I see Richardson and Matthias let go. They would no longer fit on our team with the new salaries for Dorsett and Sbisa (which were terrible cap hits!).
  6. He plays identically to David Booth.
  7. You're crazy. At the very least at this point in their development Nylander and Ehlers have surpassed him.
  8. The phrase "innocent until proven guilty" seems to be lost on most CDCers.
  9. I've seen you make posts like this before and it's really odd. Are you related to/ friends with the guy?
  10. I remember Bertuzzi being traded from Florida to Detroit while still injured.
  11. I used to hate Bettman as a kid because people told me he didn't care about Canada. Then I grew up and realized that he has been probably one of, if not the best, commissioners in NHL history.
  12. This is revisionist history, Bernier played less then 5 games with them when he joined our team and was basically stapled to the third line after he did. Anson Carter played worse with the twins when he started with them but the difference was that the coach still stuck them together to work through it. However, I do think that Kassian should be on the top line and bring more offensive depth to the second line. Defense just isn't Kassian's game; we gave up on it with Bertuzzi as well and just let him play to his strengths.
  13. That was not possible at the time because Grabner was waiver eligible. If we had no place for him in the roster he was as good as gone. The mistake was not giving him space and trading Raymond when his value was at it's highest.
  14. Okay I'm getting more heat for my comment than I expected. With that being said, Henrik Kesler thanks for bring that to my attention, my opinion of his defensive game has improved because of it. My poor opinion of Jensen's defensive game (which I admit I may have already had a bias to expect) came from Torts being critical of Jensen's defensive game and his subsequent action in putting Jensen in the dog house. I understand that agreeing with anything torts ever said here is currently blasphemy but he is still an NHL coach and wouldn't be hired as one if he couldn't tell if a player was bad defensively. It also come from Travis Green also being critical of Jensen's game in the d-zone. Also, based on advanced stats it didn't look like Torts ever trusted Jensen's defensive play with the way he deployed him. Yes he has the team highest CF% but he also had the team's second highest offensive zone start%. His deployment was even more offensively-centered than Hodgson during his last season here. Although I am generally supportive of using advanced stats to back up points, in this case I think the sample is too small to be meaningful (17 games) especially considering he had a hot streak during that period. By the end of his 7 game streak his PDO% was 111.5 and then fell off a cliff down to 48.5% by the end of the season. It's very likely it would've dove further if more games were played.
  15. Jensen was easily the worst forward defensively during his call-up.