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  1. This would be an interesting idea.
  2. I think we need to keep in mind the team we are facing. It doesn't make sense to have a pure shutdown line when there really isn't any high end offensive players on their team. Their offensive strength is in their depth. The other issue is to key in on their weak PK. I don't think its a good idea to weaken that excellent second PP group we have which has players like Gaudette and Virtanen there.
  3. Myers will be with us for awhile. I'm expecting: Rathbone Hughes Joulevi Myers Edler Rafferty Woo
  4. I think people forget that Hughes plays both sides and he mentioned his shot was better on the right side. On the main topic, glad to hear Hoglander has an out clause to join Canucks training camp!
  5. I haven't seen either players play but based off of stats, Focht isn't remotely keeping up with Cassels. Focht got 56 pts in 61 games, at the same age Cassels got 81 pts in 54 games. Those offensive stats are horrible coming from the CHL at that age. Maybe he's an elite defensive player at least?
  6. If he wanted to continue playing hockey (like he stated), another way we could get rid of him is to agree to terminate his contract (2.5 mil per year for the next 2) and he signs for that amount with another team. We can have a side trade with that team to give them some pick of value (I don't think it would take more than a 2nd) for future considerations which would be for them to sign Eriksson to that contract. The benefits are: Team Taking Eriksson: team taking him doesn't take as big of a cap hit (2.5 vs. 6), gain a draft pick, gain a pretty good defensive forward for PK, Eriksson: gets a change of scenery, gets to continue to play in the NHL Canucks: more options for teams that can take him, gets rid of his cap hit, don't lose as much trying to get rid of him.
  7. It's not like he's going to openly state he's going to run the time out. Even if he did want to come back, our cap situation is going to be even worse with Pete's and Hughe's ELCs expiring.
  8. Is it fair to say we've basically lost Tryamkin? From what I've read here we have his rights until August 2021. I don't see why he would sign before that since if he waited until after the rights are gone he could have all the NHL teams bidding for his services and perhaps play somewhere he prefers (Ex Washington where there's a ton of Russian players).
  9. His cap hit while in the minors next year is about 2.3M anyways, only about 600k more. It makes more sense to just let him play in the AHL and not deal with the 800k the year after.
  10. Agreed. I could see a three way trade: To Van: Ehlers To Minni: Boeser To Peg: Dumba Boeser fits much better on the Wild and their play style. The Jets need Dmen badly after the loss of Trouba, Buffy, Chariot and Myers.
  11. That's certainly a trade I hadn't considered before, Boeser for Ehlers. You make some compelling arguments for it.
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-sven-baertschi-opts-out-of-return-to-play-1.1494484 Very disappointing to hear.
  13. How does any of this make sense? 1)Marian Hossa isn't even retired, he's on LTIR! 2)Is the bar so low that even Kevin Lowe got in? He's such a meh player. I'd put him as somewhere between Ohlund and Edler. This induction reeks of NHL politics more than actual ability. 3) Ken Holland isn't retired and is still actively working in the league. Perhaps its permitted for those in the builder category but it does still seem odd to me. 4) Jarome Iginla is the only one probably universally accepted to being there 5) No clue who Kim St. Pierre is.
  14. Ignoring the portion about Tanev, this is probably one of the better proposals I've seen. I'd rather move some of our offensive depth for defensive help. A top 6 of: Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Russell Stecher Benn Looks really solid to me.