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  1. It's a genuine question I have. I was under the impression Tanev was a better player, do others also believe Larsson is better? I honestly watched more Comets games over the last year than Canuck games lol.
  2. Perhaps my value perception of Tanev is off but he is a better player than Larsson who went for Hall. I would think that would be worth a top 15 pick and a blue chip prospect.
  3. That's not how the temporary foreign worker program works. You cannot hire a temporary foreign worker and pay them less than what the prevailing wage is. It literally states it in the application that the wage has to be the prevailing wage (or median wage within your company if it's higher): https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/foreign-workers/median-wage/low/requirements.html#h2.7
  4. So there are some misconceptions here about the TFW program. It should be noted that there were significant changes to the TFW program in 2013-14 that dropped applications by about 75%. This is largely due to $1000.00 fee the employer has to pay just to apply and the increased time period for processing. The TFW program was largely dead before this recent announcement. I suspect this policy is more about scoring some political points than making any actual real change. This is incorrect. The policy you describe already exists. In order to hire a TFW you need to prove there are no Canadians available for the job. This new policy is an outright ban for the specific positions. One of the restrictions on the TFW program has been that they must be paid the median wage for their job in their region. There is no cost savings directly through wage in hiring a TFW as opposed to Canadians. If it turns out the employer is lying, they could be fined tens of thousands of dollars.
  5. Excellent post!
  6. I don't understand the irrational hate on this guy. He's played players who were a lot less prepared for the NHL than Tkachuk (McCann, Virtanen, Hutton, Stetcher, Horvat).
  7. Based on what? We had an even easier roster to crack then Calgary.
  8. I'm incredibly low on Liljegren. There are about 4 dmen from the last draft (Joulevi, Sergachev, McAvoy, Chychrun) I'd rather pick over him. Even if Tkachuk turns out the better player over Joulevi, I consider drafting Liljegren too much of a handicap.
  9. If he scores 60 points in his first full NHL season, it's something I can look over. Regardless, even if there is problems with his "perimeter" play, you're being overly critical of a player in his first full season. It would be like complaining that Horvat has no offense based on his first year in the NHL.
  10. Literally the only thing that makes him a likely NHLer is that he was a former top 10 pick. That's it, he's not even an average AHLer at this point and among the five worst picks thus far in his 1st round. IMO I can say he's played better Connor Bleackly and that's all. It is perfectly acceptable to say he is unlikely to be an AHLer.
  11. My ranking is: 1. Patrick 2. Hischier 3. Vilardi 4. Tippett 5. Necas (I'm a big fan of players you can plop into the AHL immediately after the draft. I thought it did wonders for Nylander)
  12. I'm definitely against Mittelstadt being drafted #3. His defensive game is terrible and I'm concerned how much of his scoring comes from the powerplay. You take away empty net goals and he is hovering around 65-70% of his points coming from the man advantage. He doesn't sound like he is contributing enough even strength points for him to be considered 3rd overall. Also, he's getting points playing relatively few games in the USHL with only 25 games played. He will also be playing in the NCAA after draft so we definitely won't be seeing him for at least a couple years.
  13. I have been incredibly surprised at the amount of support Travis Green is getting from fans as someone who would be a good coach to replace WD. I am absolutely opposed to Green becoming the next head coach of the Canucks for the following reasons: WD's resume before joining the Canucks: 9 years experience as WHL Head Coach 2 years experience as a AHL Head Coach 2 years experience as an Associate Coach with Dallas Stars WHL Championship CHl/WHL Coach of the Year 2010 World Junior Head Coach (Canada) AHL Championship Green's resume currently: 1/2 season experience as a WHL Head Coach 4 seasons as an AHL Head Coach WHL Championship I have some major red flags with Green which include: 1) Not getting hired as a coach last year when there were a number of openings. Of note, he was in the running for Colorado and lost out to whatever bozo is running that team. 2) His unwillingness to be an assistant coach. This one bothers me because it makes him seem pretty arrogant especially considering his lack of experience compared to many of his peers who made the jump to the NHL as a head coach. 3) Like Willie, he appears to also not promote players unless forced to by injuries. Of note, Demko has played significantly less games than I would've hoped this year. It wasn't until call-ups/injuries that he started getting longer strings of games and getting a much improved groove for the game. The players that seem to be getting the most minutes are fringe-NHLers or not Canuck property. 4) Green's teams have been as offensively choked as the Canucks team. In general, the Comets play quite a similar game to WD. 5) There are so many more accomplished and skilled coaches available right now with better track records including: Sutter, Maclean, Gallant, Ruff, and Crawford. There were a number of comments others have made about Green that I would like to dispel: 1. Travis Green has done a great job developing our players. I would challenge this position greatly. The players that have developed the best in the last few years spent little to no time in the AHL. This list includes Horvat, Tryamkin, Hutton, Stetcher, and to a lesser degree Boeser. Sven Baertschi spent a total of only 15 games with the Comets. Sven did not adjust very well when he joined the Canucks the next season full time and took a significant amount of games to adjust and score points at the NHL. The Canuck players Green has had the most involvement with include Subban, Cassels, Gaunce, Pedan, and Virtanen. Thus far, Subban has regularly been one of the first cuts at training camp. After coming out of the OHL scoring roughly at a 2.0 ppg rate, Cassels is currently trending to not become an NHL player IMO. Pedan has regressed from his earlier seasons. Gaunce has not produced very well in the AHL and has been only 4th line material thus far in the NHL despite already being 23 years old. Virtanen is currently one of the worst performing 1st rounders of his draft year. Although one could still point to improvements in everyone's game, they have, IMO, been only incremental. I would not credit a head coach for the development of Markstrom and Demko which has been the duty of the goalie coach, Rollie Melanson. Rollie has been the one constant with our goalies for at least the last half decade and transformed Vancouver from a goalie graveyard to a goalie factory. He has had a significant hand in developing the games of Luongo, Schneider, Lack, Markstrom, and now Demko. One could argue that the Canucks have not given much to Green to work with but it still doesn't give us much positive evidence that he has done a great job developing players. 2. Travis Green is like AV when he was our farm team coach. He deserves a promotion + similar to the situation that AV was in many years ago. Giving someone a promotion because they are next in line is silly. Our next head coach should be selected because he is the best person for the job. Period. If we went by this logic we would never bring in people outside of our system. Also, this would have been a terrible line of thought considering after Nonis was fired, Steve Tambellini was next in line. Another similarity brought up is that AV "grew up" with a number of our important prospects with the Moose and that let to an overall positive development of these players when they reached the NHL with AV. I have heard AV credited for developing on the Moose Burrows, Kesler, Bieksa, and Raymond. The only player that was a regular roster player when AV coached the Moose was Burrows. That's it. Furthermore, there isn't a single player that Green has developed better for the Canucks over 4 seasons as a Comets coach than AV did with just Burrows that one Moose season. Also, Green's situation is nothing like AV's before he was promoted. AV was already a Jack Adams runner-up and coached the Montreal Canadiens for a couple years. 3)Travis Green was a former player. I've seen this a few times and I find this reasoning silly. I genuinely have not seen any sort of correlation to how many NHL games an NHL coach has played and their ability to coach. Scotty Bowman is generally regarded as one of, if not the best coach in NHL history and he never played as a player. In current times, Mike Babcock is generally ranked as the best coach and he also was never an NHL player. On the flip side, Wayne Gretzky is considered one of the worst coaches in modern NHL history. With all that being said, I fully suspect he will become our head coach due to having a cheaper contract than other coaches and the Canuck owner rumoured to be trying to sell the team (less overhead cost).
  14. This is loaded with so much revisionist history I don't know where to start. AV was experienced NHL before he coached for us. He already had been an NHL coach for the Canadiens and was a Jack Adams runner-up before he was our coach. On top of that, AV never coached Bieksa or Kesler until he was the Canucks coach.