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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I haven't seen our former prospect Daniel Rahimi's name in a looong time.
  2. Great Post. It makes me wonder why Benning had a reputation as a great scout when he first arrived here. I'm happy his drafting for the Canucks is at least better than during his time with the Bruins.
  3. [2017-2018] Canucks Prospect Stats Tracker

    I can't remember a time so many of our prospects were doing so well.
  4. You have $15 to spend, build your lineup

    Gretzky (5) Bure (2) Leclair (1) Pronger (4) Neidermeyer (2) Joseph (1)
  5. [Waivers] Jason Garrison

    He's an upgrade IMO on our 7th dman which we will inevitably always be using since we always have a dman injured. The cap space is irrelevant to us and we could trade him at TDL or maybe take a hometown discount to play with us after this season on the third pairing.
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    If you actually watched them you'd know he's on the 2nd PP which doesn't have Kuch, Stamkos, Namestnikov, Hedman, and Killorn. He's still putting up points even there. Sergachev is now at 6 points
  7. Olli Juolevi | D

    ....meanwhile Sergachev has what would be a team leading 4 points this season and having a major impact on the TB's PP.
  8. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    I guess I am expecting that the lines are rolled more evenly so the 4th line is getting more minutes than normal. Also, it gives him ann opportunity to jump to the third line if there's an injury which there inevitably will be. Getting those top line minutes in Utica were more relevant when I thought he had top6 potential, at this point I'm just happy he's a quality 3rd line winger.
  9. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Dorsett looked pretty bad that first preseason game. I think the forward lineup is: Sedin Sedin Vanek Baertchi Horvat Gagner Granlund Sutter Eriksson Rodin Burmistrov Virtanen I'm just not seeing the room for Boeser unfortunately.
  10. 1) I hate playing team sports. In the long run I found I'm terrible with big groups of guys. 2) It is a terrible feeling to be benched for 3/4 of a soccer match virtually every match. From this I took that I shouldn't waste my time on activities I'm not good at. Work on my strengths. Despite how negative my comments are, my life at this point (turning 27) turned out better than anything I had even dreamed for myself.
  11. As much as I disliked the pick even at the time, he was touted as having the highest floor of the Ehlers/Virtanen/Fleury/Nylander/Ritchie group.
  12. Bo Horvat | #53 | Centre

    ^^This. Bo slowed down his point pace near the end of the year when other teams started matching their top checkers against him.
  13. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | Centre

    Glad to hear he isn't being taken. In general I am pretty critical of most of the Canucks prospects but for some reason I've got a soft spot for Gaunce. There's this Burrows-like quality to him (back when Burrows first played with us). He just seems like a guy who's worked his butt off to even get to this point and I think its good for the team as a whole to have someone like him. Also, worst case scenario we have a cheap, young 4th line centre.
  14. Ahh, this reminds me so much of the Patrick White defenders back in the day. Back on topic, I can't think of two players with less in common with each other.
  15. In his draft+1 season he got 40 points in 35 games in the OHL. This is after getting 75 points in 60 games the year before. I can't imagine Ottawa's management being happy with that. I think CDC got that one right (although I do think Rasmussen will be a good player, just not as a #5 draft pick).