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  1. Makes me want the Canucks to draft Pettersson now for the 2017 draft.
  2. There you go: http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/nhl/canadian-nhl-teams-draft-results-grade-well-given-all-the-high-picks http://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/hockey/news/prospects-analysis-nhl-draft-first-round-review/
  3. Just to make sure it's clear, I like OJ. I actually still like him as a pick more than MT. I just took issue with the view that MT was not the consensus BPA at #5 before the pick was made. It wasn't my intent to misconstrue your words, but I'm sure you can understand how I came to the conclusion that I did. I hate being strawmanned and I definitely don't want to do it to others. However, even based on commentary by analyst on draft day, MT was favoured over OJ. You are correct in stating that nobody was surprised by our pick of OJ, but that is because Benning made comments prior suggesting he will pick a Dman. Another poster has already posted the Draft #5 video and it isn't with the kind of excitement shown for #6 where MT was picked up. The analyst himself stated it's tough to pass up on MT in the #5 draft video. Beyond that, there is no fabled 4-6 tier. In that very video the analyst questioned who exactly was the top defenseman in this draft listing OJ or Sergachev. If there really was a 4-6 tier consensus among the analysts on draft day, where OJ was the only dman, why did he question if he was better than the other guy? The person OJ was lumped in with was picked all the way at #9. Unless you are a Canuck fan with rose coloured glasses or OJ's family member, I don't know how you look at that video and not think the analyst felt MT was the superior pick.
  4. +1 for giving me a good chuckle. I just said that so someone doesn't link me to some random blogger. With that being said I do agree with you, I just took issue with the claim that no one put MT over OJ. They were definitely in a similar tier. However, what worries me is that Benning definitely didn't expect the kind of breakout MT had. I recall Benning himself stating he didn't think there were any #1 dmen in this draft yet he still picked OJ.
  5. The poster I quoted claimed not one analyst put MT over OJ. That is absolutely not true and could not be farther from the truth. I couldn't find one credible listing that put OJ over MT.
  6. That is quite some revisionist history. Here is what reality showed: http://www.tsn.ca/matthews-goes-wire-to-wire-as-tsn-s-top-prospect-1.511597 http://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-canadian-teams-will-fare-well-with-this-class-1.457738 In fact, I can't find one credible analyst listing OJ over MT. Don't get me wrong, I like OJ, but I think JB is a little too obsessed about picking players who fit his terribly boring system. I believe you should always pick BPA and trade the prospect later down the line if you want to someone who better fits the system.
  7. I bought CGC back when it was 2.20 right after Trudeau got elected. It's sitting at 12ish dollars now =D
  8. I picked Gillis because he did more than just take us to the Cup Finals, he made the Canucks into a top contender for a period of 4ish years. I think bringing a below average team to consistent cup contenders takes more skill than just bringing a mediocre team to average/above average. The Canucks were to some degree a fluke team in their 93-94 seasons and Quinn suffered the same problem in not being able to maintain expectations for the team.
  9. That's some revisionist history there. Here were the poll number son this board at the time of the draft: The numbers I'd actually say were skewed in favour on JV because it wasn't closed until I believe after he was already picked. I recall back then that Nylander was #1 and Ehlers was #2. The numbers now still show Nylanders on top.
  10. I look forward to being in his class next year!!!!
  11. The real reason Benning and Linden made this public was to pressure Higgins to open up his list of teams he'd allow a trade to.
  12. Sedin-Sedin-Burrows Baertschi-Bonino-Vrbata Higgins-Horvat-Hansen Kassian-Vey-Dorsett I see Richardson and Matthias let go. They would no longer fit on our team with the new salaries for Dorsett and Sbisa (which were terrible cap hits!).
  13. He plays identically to David Booth.
  14. You're crazy. At the very least at this point in their development Nylander and Ehlers have surpassed him.
  15. This is revisionist history, Bernier played less then 5 games with them when he joined our team and was basically stapled to the third line after he did. Anson Carter played worse with the twins when he started with them but the difference was that the coach still stuck them together to work through it. However, I do think that Kassian should be on the top line and bring more offensive depth to the second line. Defense just isn't Kassian's game; we gave up on it with Bertuzzi as well and just let him play to his strengths.