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  1. Been said a few times already Black Mirror.
  2. What a moment that was.
  3. Man what a moment. Luongo with the props to Henrik after the goal. Edler and Daniel just looking so damn happy starting that celebration off. After all that these guys have been through together, it was perfect. Sedins you are appreciated.
  4. lol this used to be the best thread...it needs to come alive again
  5. ZIIIIIIIIIIINGGGG At first I kind of believed the jilted ex story but man has that changed and WTF is up with that teddy bear thing. The guy is a straight up weirdo.
  6. major LULz
  7. It wouldn't make sense from Iggys point of view. He wants a cup why would he come here?
  8. anahiem is going to be a scarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy team
  9. aww man toronto got him
  10. hey, grow a pair and stop being such a depressive dick
  11. man i wanted draisaitl
  12. yeah but to suggest he has a great chance of making the HHOF before he's played a min is a bit premature
  13. lol cool the jets
  14. our offer was overpayment fck tallon anyways