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  1. agreed Benning was looking at Dubois then Olli who we got!!!! I am glad we did not get Hudler as we have many players to fill gaps that we would have had to make a bad trade to get rid of someone to make room!
  2. wow way WAY over payment for Yak!!!Hansen would get more then yak would at the TDL!! Kane has always got injured he plays about 60 games or so a season and has only got 20 goals once and a 30 one year,rest are all sub 20 so why trade for a guy who can not play a full season and out of 7 years only had 20+ twice???
  3. never happen those are dreams and why would we give up so much for Kane????
  4. about time here is a beast!!
  5. I agree our D will be anything but slow those who think so play to much EA Hockey!!
  6. would rather keep sbisa and the 2nd or 1st which would be a total over payment by far!!!!
  7. great signing for not to much!!!
  8. any one cept a rw to play with the twins or be a captain YES it is.Any second or third line guy then YES they do want to come here.It was suggested that young stars and stars do not want to come and I agree and gave you a reason why.If you are blind to it so be it!
  9. wow this was started so long ago and no signing !!!I can not believe people are sitting here still waiting,lol
  10. decent for a back up!!!!
  11. well prust will play some place but the leafs really???
  12. are you smoking something??? Sbisa's contract is what he deserves and he played better then most D from xmas break on and a main reason hamhuis never came back and you want him in the minors???
  13. If it helps the team they would move.
  14. nice to see the flames spend money but like said a bit to high right now,but if he ends up being a kesler type then in a year or two will be worth it!I remember people here crying about how much we paid him and then he broke out and after fans were like what a good deal.might happen here in theis signing!