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  1. Jake should be LW and it would solve one of our problems!
  2. when they started with Sutter and yes we were well in a playoff spot!!!
  3. wow again how little they know about us and what we have yet when it comes to them they are going to rule in a few years (more like never in our lifetime)
  4. yes but that is like every team needs things to go right to make it,just our injuries were worse then most teams,if that does not happen and with new players we should be right in the mix and if people do not think so they should cheer for another team!
  5. that is different as benning when he knows players and knows we needed goals got player both him and the twins know.But right now with nothing left in fee agents he has to trade and then the age comes into play unless he can get rid of a big contract or same aged player!
  6. again the age does not fit to what benning wants,stop putting names in here that are 30 plus as that will never work for us!!! try 23 to 26 and that is about the age Benning wants to bring in!!
  7. funny how these people think the canucks are bottom feeders.Till injuries we were top 4 in the western conference ten playing with 6th to tenth D men we were losing games by a goal yet we are not very good,OMG I just have to say we will be 6th to 10th at worst with injuries!!!!
  8. Edler wants to stay but I think it would be a good trade for both if possible but not so much for us for the future unless we want to trade the twins end of season at the draft!!!We could then put Sutter with the twins and Eriksson with Krejci.They would have to eat 2 mill a season for this to work!!!
  9. yes but lets say we get over 20 goals from Sutter which he does every year,baer and horvat are better,our D group will be bigger and faster meaning teams will have a harder time to score and most games last year we were in till the end meaning this year we will be better so i see us fighting for a spot.
  10. maybe 7 years ago i would have said yes but no way not now at all!!!
  11. garbage??? we got better and before Sutter and our D got injured we were in a good spot to be in the playoffs,but injuries and only injuries made us miss the playoffs.Since we got faster and bigger on D we will be better and if we stay healthy we will be in the mix of being in the playoffs. .I just do not understand how fans see us being worse then last year or not fighting for a playoff might be the eastern analyst's not watching us and having no clue about western teams hat put us down that fans here buy into.
  12. he more then likely wanted to stay close to home and in canada!!!I doubt he will be in the NHL any time soon if ever,but still there is a chance he will like any young player.Good for the Oil getting a home town guy.
  13. yes we do but again trades like that happen as GM's want someone and will over pay,we will see another sooner then later!
  14. yes learn how to hug another guy,lol
  15. That makes sense but again we are not the coach and why I think Benning is working on a trade maybe including Edler or Tanev to get us a scoring winger we want.I would rather us keep what we have and do exactly that make the top two lines work for balance rather then load up cause we know the third will be good with baer and Horvat!!!