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  1. yes they would if an injury happens and he is the main guy left at TDL for their chance to make a run
  2. people keep saying Edler over Tanev but Edler has say and he will not play for the Leafs So that means Tanev with what we have makes the most sense at this time
  3. ok then just pointing out the obvious in a way a kid would understand where grammar does not matter
  4. bad effort and we got out played badly,this teams needs to always play strong if we hope to move forward and be better
  5. I'd do baer and tanev for JVR and TML's 1st this year and 2nd next year
  6. Barkov will not be trades for what we have to offer with out us having not many left
  7. then you need to take more schooling they can make trades with their picks, they can also take trades of picks to secure other teams keep players they want which is what I just said, meaning they will be active
  8. we would need more and RH D's that are big are hard to get so I agree maybe that plus their best young forward and a 1st at very least
  9. many but none I can say here but they are only names
  10. No because they will be active March 1st so they could make a deal or two or what ever they want with picks from those teams to protect the players they want to keep and yes it has happened in the past with new teams!
  11. then that makes no sense as they are from the US and can use it there so why not in both???If it was me I would use it anyways!
  12. and in a year or two if Horvat keeps getting better will be a number 1 C so why trade t this point???
  13. we already said NO to Kane time to move on!