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  1. true but wow we do not need another smaller D man when we have two unless one ( stetcher) goes the other, but then again I would want more coming back as Barrie is not good at all in his own end and gets caught up ice more then anyone on our team!
  2. well hope he shows up to play as now he has a chance to win
  3. Source: Bob Mckenzie: well then it will not happen might as well keep stetcher as they are the same size and so far seems stetcher is better in his own end of the ice, plus shoots the puck
  4. well we will see but a good list and one thing JB did is open up a roster spot which at this time of year is gold!
  5. you always overpay, but getting a player that has played with another and done awesome is an instant upgrade to the team Madden would have been moved sooner then later as we have three centers that take the top three spots and three others on the team in case of injury a top 6 player that is a 20 plus goal scorer is what we paid, but like said above should work out better for us I think people are mad and going to be but think about it, this is a team game and we needed the player now and we still have other younger players that are as good if not better still in our system, which again one or two might have to be traded in the next couple yeas to upgrade the team or so they can play as our roster is full
  6. we needed another top 6, we got it, we now in my mind need a right handed shot D man for the PP , if we get that we should with TT be able to win every game
  7. lots of adrenaline after the TT trade, so should be a good game to watch Go NUCKS Go!!!
  8. I could not agree more, and why do so many think the worst first always??? That is not Canadian or what we are about!
  9. I think JB did a great job as Fer and Brock are out plus instant chemistry for Bo with TT and Tanner we now have two good lines and should make the playoffs. If we do not resign him then at the draft we could get something back so I am ok with this
  10. so true, plus yes what was accepted 20 years ago,even 10 is not now. I think people are way to sensitive and since it is not face to face, misread what others mean
  11. true but think they want to get pearson going is the only thing I can think of but again the coach is the one that makes the calls and sometimes we all shake our heads but it seems to work this year