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  1. think he will win over the vets pretty fast but also be tough on the young guys to preform I am excited to see Green take over as WD just did not have what it takes
  2. well as a leader for the team and management Linden should see younger players this off season to make sure they know what is needed from them to take the next step and I think if sbisa is gone that does open the door for Olli to step up if he has a good off season of training, same with Dahlen
  3. wow the stars would hang up and laugh
  4. I just do not get how people or fans can not see this has been a rebuild look at how many younger players we have had this year and now moving forward
  5. no he made a bad hit we never came back from and lost!!!
  6. I see him coming back after not getting paid or getting paid way less then he would here
  7. depends if all teams agree he can play with the NJD getting nothing as he is still their property for now, so they would want something back
  8. we won't get a first from them
  9. wow so young she was good in the shop just not much after that
  10. we can all hope with his shot he makes at worst the third line
  11. way more value useing the two seconds as ours will be a very high second,so to move up ten spots or so would not be worth both our picks
  12. they do not want Miller
  13. LOL I agreed with they do and know they do but just do not see us doing it this year with our seconds and do not know if we will get one from columbus this year, we need youngsters more then a two for one at this point so not worth it for us
  14. I agree but Dahlen seems to be ready and I think if he can prove himself and a couple others step up like Jake and so on we will be better
  15. one thing we could do is keep the door open and after the olympic games or end of the KHL season revisit him coming back, if not trade his rights away